Frankie Goes To Hollywood (The Collector's Number)

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Artist: Frankie Goes To Hollywood
Album: Discography
Released: 1983 — 2009
Kind: Skip, Pop sway, Synthpop, New Upsurge, Hi-NRG
Mountains: UK
Beginning: CD Rip
Codec: FLAC (image/tracks + .cue)
Channels: 2
Bits per specimen: 16
Specimen Take To Task: 44100 Hz
Common bitrate: 900 kbps
Compression Correlation:~64%



1984 - Welcome to the Pleasuredome (20th Anniversary Issue)(2003)
01.The Exactly is My Oyster a) Well b) Get of Virago(2:00)
02.Welcome to the Desire Dome(13:41)
03.Decrease(3:58 )
05.Two Tribes(3:24)
08.Born to Run(3:57)
09.San Jos(3:10)
10.Wish the Lads Were Here(2:48 )
11.The Ballad of 32(4:49)
12.Krisco Kisses(2:59)
13.Black Continually Spotless Be Unearthed(4:07)
14.The Only Superstar in Eden(4:16)
15.The Power of Honey(5:30)
17.One September Monday(4:50)
18.One February Friday(4:57)
Duration: 01:13:47

1986 - Liverpool (JP deluxe issue)(2009)
01.Warriors Of The Wasteland(4:54)
02.Paddy Indurate(5:08 )
03.Kill The Distress(6:16)
04.Apex Joy(5:30)
05.Watching The Wildlife(4:19)
06.Lunar Bay(5:42)
07.For Heaven's Purposes(4:30)
08.Is Anybody Out There?(7:34)
09.Paddy Indurate (Montreaux Popfest/Live)(5:37)
10.Watching The Wildlife (Die Letzten Der Menschheit)(10:14)
11.Warriors Of The Wasteland (Twelve Reckless Disciplines Mix)(9:44)
12.(Don«t Succumb What»s Heraldry Sinister) Of Your Little Dress Down (12 Inch Mix)(6:41)
Duration: 01:15:52


1993 - Bang! The Greatest Hits
02.Two Tribes(3:56)
04.Ferry Rood the Mersey(4:06)
05.Warriors of the Wasteland(3:56)
06.For Heaven's Purposes(4:29)
07.The Exactly Is My Oyster(1:58 )
08.Welcome to the Pleasuredome(13:41)
09.Watching the Wildlife(4:00)
10.Born to Run(4:07)
11.Paddy Indurate(5:06)
12.The Power of Honey(5:31)
Duration: 01:00:01

2000 - The Team Up Mixes
01.Decrease (Team Up 69 Expected Athem Character 1)(11:16)
02.Welcome To The Pleasuredome (Nalin And Kane Remix)(11:19)
03.The Power Of Honey (Rob Searle Team Up Mix)(8:40)
04.Two Tribes (Apollo Four Forty Remix)(6:11)
05.Warriors Of The Wasteland (Paralyzer's Warriormix)(5:11)
06.Welcome To The Pleasuredome (Stripped Down Mix by Thomas Schumacher)(6:57)
07.Decrease (Marc Et Claude's Value Remix)(7:50)
08.Two Tribes (Olav Basoski Tiberium Power Mix)(9:45)
09.Paddy Indurate (Kay Cee Remix)(7:45)
Duration: 01:14:53

01.Welcome To The Pleasuredome (Paralyzer's Pleasuremix)(5:19)
02.Two Tribes (Rob Searle Team Up Mix)(8:30)
03.Apex Joy (DJ Rene Team Up Mix)(9:45)
04.Welcome To The Pleasuredome (Sander's Coming Peaceful Mix)(10:18 )
05.Two Tribes (Successful Stroke Megamix)(5:28 )
06.Welcome To The Pleasuredome (Sleaze Sisters' Remix)(7:32)
07.The Power Of Honey (Minkys Yaba Mix)(8:12)
Duration: 00:55:33

2000 - Apex Joy
01. Decrease (Come Fighting) (1983) (3:58 )
02. Two Tribes (1984) (3:25)
03. Ferry 'Cross The Mersey (1983) (4:06)
04. The Exactly Is My Oyster [incl. Get Of Virago] (1984) (1:58 )
05. Welcome To The Pleasuredome (1984) (13:41)
06. Apex Joy (1986) (5:32)
07. San Jose (1984) (3:09)
08. Warriors Of The Wasteland (1986) (5:00)
09. Paddy Indurate (1986) (5:04)
10. War (And Suppress) (1984) (6:15)
11. Watching The Wildlife (1986) (4:19)
12. Born To Run (1984) (4:08 )
13. The Power Of Honey (1984)

01. The Power Of Honey [Rob Searle Team Up Mix] (8:40)
02. Decrease [Team Up 69 Expected Anthem Character 1] (11:30)
03. Welcome To The Pleasuredome [Nalin & Kane Remix] (11:25)
04. Apex Joy [Dj Rene Team Up Mix] (9:48 )
05. Two Tribes [Rob Searle Team Up Mix] (9:21)
06. Welcome To The Pleasuredome [Sander's Coming Peaceful Mix] (10:21)
07. Two Tribes [Apollo Four Forty Remix]

2001 - Paddy Indurate The Sonic Collection
02.Two Tribes(3:25)
03.Ferry Rood The Mersey(4:06)
04.The Exactly Is My Oyster(1:58 )
05.Welcome To The Pleasuredome(13:46)
06.Apex Joy(5:36)
07.San Jose(3:11)
08.Warriors Of The Wasteland(5:01)
09.Paddy Indurate(5:05)
11.Watching The Wildlife(4:20)
12.Born To Run(4:08 )
13.The Power Of Honey(5:49)
Duration: 01:06:25

2009 - Frankie Say Greatest
01.Decrease (Imaginative 7«»)(3:54)
02.Two Tribes(3:23)
03.Welcome To The Pleasuredome (Do A Bunk Act Video Mix)(5:11)
05.The Power Of Honey(5:30)
06.Ferry Rood The Mersey(4:03)
07.Is There Anybody There? (Displacement 2)(7:33)
09.Born To Run(3:56)
10.Warriors Of The Wasteland(4:53)
11.Paddy Indurate(5:09)
12.Watching The Wildlife(4:19)
13.Happy Hi!(4:04)
14.The Waves(2:44)
15.Decrease (Chicane Transmit Compress)(3:12)
16.Two Tribes (Hibakusha)(6:36)
17.Decrease (Lookout's Transmit Compress)(3:30)
Duration: 01:12:43

CD2:(Extraordinary Issue Mixes & Rarities)
01.Decrease (Sex Mix)(16:22)
02.Two Tribes (Annihilation)(9:09)
03.War (Occult)(8:33)
04.Welcome to the Pleasuredome (Fruitness Mix)(12:12)
05.Paddy Indurate (Freddie Bastone Remix)(6:59)
06.Watching the Wildlife (Hotter)(9:07)
07.Decrease (Scott Storch Mix)(3:40)
08.Suffragette Bishopric(3:34)
09.Our Sweet Turns to Gold(3:39)
10.Get It On(2:33)
Duration: 01:15:49


1983 - Decrease (Maxi-Apart)
02.Ferry Across The Mersey(4:08 )
03.Decrease (From Indurate To Shape)(4:35)
Duration: 00:16:09

1983 - Decrease (Imaginative Apart Manifestation)(1993)
01.Decrease (Imaginative Apart Manifestation)(3:57)
02.Decrease (MCMXCIII)(3:43)
03.Decrease (The Ollie J Remix)(6:31)
04.Decrease (Jam & Spoon Tour-O-Matic Fairy Falsification Mix)(7:50)
05.Decrease (Jam & Spoon Hi N-R-G Mix)(7:54)
06.Decrease (New York Mix — The Imaginative 12«» Manifestation)(7:26)
Duration: 00:37:20

1984 - The Power Of Honey (Maxi-Apart)
01.The Power Of Honey (Discontinue The Lie Down To The Slothful)(9:32)
02.The Exactly Is My Oyster(2:47)
03.(scrapped) And (trapped)(4:40)
04.Holier Than Thou (No Lie Down For The Best)(4:27)
Duration: 00:21:26

1984 - Two Tribes (Maxi-Apart)
01.Two Tribes «Lovers And Haters» (Annihilation)(9:10)
02.War (Suppress Yourself)(Submission)(6:00)
03.Two Tribes (Submission)(3:45)
04.One February Friday «Brothers And Sisters»(1:16)
Duration: 00:20:11

1986 - Paddy Indurate (Maxi-Apart)
01.Paddy Indurate «»Slam Bam«»(12:13)
02.Suffragette Bishopric(3:34)
03.(Don«t Disordered What»s Heraldry Sinister) Of Your Little Dress Down «»Suffer Brother«»(6:36)
Duration: 00:22:20

2000 - The Power Of Honey achievement. The Rob Searle Mix (Maxi-Apart)
01.The Power Of Honey (Rob Searle Compress)(4:14)
02.The Power Of Honey (Rob Searle Mix)(8:41)
03.The Power Of Honey (Minkys Yaba Mix Compress)(5:06)
Duration: 00:18:01

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