Schubert - Winterreise - Hans Jorg Mammel, Arthur Schoonderwoerd (2006) [FLAC]

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Schubert — Winterreise — Hans Jorg Mammel, Arthur Schoonderwoerd (2006) [FLAC]
Schubert — Winterreise — Hans Jorg Mammel, Arthur Schoonderwoerd (2006) [FLAC]

Schubert — Winterreise D911
Hans-Jörg Mammel (tendency) & Arthur Schoonderwoerd (fortepiano Johann Fritz 1807-1810)

Epithet: Alpha
Catalogue No: ALPHA101
Discs: 1
Pass Out stage:30th Oct 2006
After A Long Time:68 minutes

In the initially months of 1827 Franz Schubert was not in gentle salubriousness, and his monetary lay of the land was deject. At this every now the composer was living in the Vienna billet of his baby Franz von Schober, who placed a close library at his disposal. Here, in the month of February, Schubert discovered in the pages of an almanac for 1823 the circle of poems Die Winterreise by Wilhelm Müller. Fascinated by these texts — especially as he had already successfully set the same author«s circle Die schöne Müllerin — he apace began longhand music for them. However, the almanac did not writing the unreduced Winterreise as we know it today, just the first twelve poems. It was only in the autumn of 1827 that Schubert inaugurate the whole circle of twenty-four poems in Müller»s Gedichte aus den hinterlassenen Papieren eines reisenden Waldhornisten (Poems from the posthumous papers of a touring horn gambler), published in 1824. He right away set these poems too, line this the «continuation of Winterreise». The depressing clime of the lieder corresponds exactly to Schubert«s temper of the interval. Schubert sang to his friends »a circle of unspeakable songs«, which he said had »affected him more than all those he had composed before'. Schubert worked on the circle with faithful concentration, but he was strained to convey a tons of changes under stress from the publisher; hence several lieder were transposed into a different key to convey the set easier to hawk. The German tendency Hans Jörg Mammel and Arthur Schoonderwoerd have recorded Winterreise for alpha. In their scene they have stuck strictly to the tonal system of the autograph, which means all the lieder are sung in the keys initially planned by Schubert. This ruling, allied with the singular timbres of the fortepiano Johann Fritz (1807-1810), brings out entirely new links and fractious-references between the songs, which have never been heard in this way before. Recorded 22-24 October 2005, studio Tibot Vagra, Grimisuat (Switzerland) Recording and editing : Jean-Claude Gaberel Artistic manipulation : Sibylle Kamphues

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