Binaural-Beats - World's First Digital Remedy (2006) FLAC

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Binaural-Beats — World's First Digital Remedy (2006) FLAC

01 - Digital Poison CD — Welcome [02:22]
02 - Digital Poison CD — Digital Poison [60.00]

In The Long Run B For A Long Time of recording: 60 minutes
Technician: George Torrez —
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Binaural mix recordings use custom generated sounds to convert your brainwaves. Using our up on skills and the latest computer technology, we have produced the following span of binaural mix CDs, allowing you to hurriedly and indisputably set out on states of creativity, wish, or decent animation! These are the highest dignity, most virtuoso Binaural Beats products available anywhere.

Use the Digital Poison CD for:

Boosting your attitude, increased happiness
Wide Awake yet insouciant voice of mind
Inebriated ambience, without the rot-gut or difficulty!
Rocketing your visualization skills
Increased reliance, getting rid of inhibitors

Digital Poison CD — Frequencies Used
As element of our adherence to being an unsettled, patent grouping, here are the frequencies utilized in the radio show of the Digital Poison CD:

0.5 — 1.5 Hz — Endorphin release

0.9 Hz — Euphoric feeling

2.5 Hz — Radio Show of endogenous opiates (travail killers, triturate disquiet)

4.0 Hz — Enkephalin disseminate for reduced stress

10 Hz — Enhanced serotonin disseminate. Attitude exaltation, arousal, stimulant

14 Hz — Awakeness, wide awake. Concentration on tasks

20.215 Hz — Brings about sound LSD — 25 effects

30 Hz — Used for sound marijuana effects

33 Hz — Hypersensitivity, C. consciousness

38 Hz — Endorphin release

46.98 Hz — Visualization effects, when used with 62.64 & 70.47 Hz

Carriers: 90 — 110 Hz — Wish-producing beta-endorphin rise
111 Hz — Immovable beta endorphin release

Especial effects
Street Lamp panning phaser clout on the 10 Hz chord

Totally out on your stereo headphones and persuade the «Play» button on your CD actress. The binaural beats will automatically upon affecting your brainwaves, and you'll soon discern the emoluments — an ultra-cock-a-hoop attitude and an increased reliance!

Binaural-Beats — World's First Digital Remedy (2006) FLAC

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