The Enid - Invicta (2012) [HD Tracks] 24.96

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The Enid — Invicta (2012) [HD Tracks] 24.96

Class: Rock
Dash: Symphonic Progressive
Provenance: 2012 Private Dick Seraphim HD Tracks
Codec: FLAC
Bit Reprimand: ~ 2,500 kbps
Bit Understanding: 24
Example Reprimand: 96 kHz

01+02 Anthropy — One & the Many
03+04 Who Created Me? — Killing Mob
05 Battleaxe Hunt
06 Heaven's Gate
07 Leviticus
08 Villian of Science
09 The Whispering

Come Out With Info

«A digital FLAC set-up come out with with a higher energetic number than the CD/MP3 versions. The tracks have been remixed with more mind-blowing dynamics, no energetic compression has been used and accurate 24bit 96kHz audio set-up has been retained during mixing and mastering process...Tracks 1+2 and 3+4 segue and are included as 1 fill out each to pair up the way the CD plays go — which we felt was quite noted. The snooze of the album is one tracks.»

Artist Bio

British order the Enid were formed in 1974. The topple over of the border was Robert John Godfrey (Barclay James Take In). In forming the order he was joined by Stephen Stewart and Francis Lickerish. They released their first album in 1976. Coming at the fundamentals of the barbarian dumbfound era, the jazz/progressive dumbfound-ish come out with (In the Field of the Summer Stars) certainly did not fit into that class. Two years later the order followed that come out with with Aerie Faerie Stuff. In 1979 they released Rub Up Against Me and Six Pieces came out the following year. The order, for all intents and purposes, skint up for a term after that album. However, they swaddle up continuing on as a two-disintegrate, recording Something Knavish This Way Comes in 1983. That same year saw the come out with of a two-disc actual set, Actual at Hammersmith. In 1985 the order released The Relieve and the following year saw the come out with of Salome. In 1988 the Enid performed a goodbye gig and called it a day. The a spectacle of was later released as Decisive Bawling. However, the end was not long-lived as the border reformed in 1995. Since then they have released two new albums, Tripping the Ignite Extraordinary and Sundialer.

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