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Jørgen Ingmann (born April 26, 1925) is a musician from Copenhagen, Denmark.

He worked with Svend Asmussen, the jazz violinist, during the 1940s and join in of the 1950s.

During the new 1950s he changed his trump up name to Jørgen Ingmann and his guitar. Under this name he recorded «Apache» in 1961, which charted at no.4 in Canada, no.2 in the Communal States and no.6 in Germany. He remade Silvana Mangano«s »Anna« with middle US map star. In the first half of the 1960s he had many hits in Germany like »Pepe« (1961 no.15), »Anna« (1961 no.19), »Violetta« (1962 no.16), »Drina Marsch« (1964 no.5) and »Zorba le Grec« (1965 no.14). Billboard journal reported that he charted at no.2 on the Denmark pop singles map with his recording of »Marchen Til Drina' on December 7, 1963. His recording reached no.1 on December 17, 1963.

Songs of his included «Tequila» (which he also recorded during the 60s, with the Champs) and a rendition of Pinetop Perkins« »Pinetop«s Boogie Woogie» (from 1962).

He worked as a fellow of the duet, Grethe og Jørgen Ingmann, together with his chain Grethe Ingmann. After friendly the Dansk Melodi Majestic Prix tournament in 1963, they went on to pose as Denmark at the Eurovision Bother Contend where they won with the bother «Dansevise» (Cut A Rug Ballad), music by Otto Francker and lyrics by Sejr Volmer-Sørensen.

He and Grethe met in 1955, married in 1956, and divorced in 1975. (wikipedia)

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Jørgen Ingmann — Apache 1960-1977
(CMC Harlekin 1999)

1. Apache
2. Pepe
3. Blå Ballon
4. Camilla
5. Dolannes Melodi
6. Zorba
7. Den Gamle Guitar
8. Drina-Pace
9. Simulation Boogie
10. Amorada
11. Sikken Dejlig Dag
12. Wheels
13. Bonanza
14. Temaet Fra Olsen Banden
15. Violetta
16. Valencia
17. Far, Jeg Kan Ikke Få Hul På Kokosnødden
18. Korfu
19. Leading
20. La Mer
21. Anna
22. Cherokee
23. Trompet Polka
24. Kind Talk
25. Requital Pace

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