Dr. Lonnie Smith - The Healer

  • 17.06.2016, 01:34,
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Dr. Lonnie Smith — The Healer — Jazz Organ

The first set for Expedition Records, The Healer, is an inspiring contemporary verify of the music that Doc's working trine has been wowing audiences around the exactly with over the former a handful of of years.

01. Backtrack (13:17)
02. Friendly Temper (8:22)
03. Swanky Dan (7:17)
04. Chelsea Traverse (9:41)
05. Beehive (10:44)
06. Expedition (11:51)

— Dr. Lonnie Smith — Hammond B — 3 instrument, vocals, keyboards & galvanizing percussion
— Jonathan Kreisberg — guitar
— Jamire Williams — drums

Tracks 1, 2 & 6 Recorded June 22, 2011 at the Lamantin Jazz Celebration, Hungary, by Laszlo Valik.

Tracks 3, 4 & 5 recorded January 14, 2012 at The Jazz Beau Id, NYC, by Glen Forrest & Ian Hendrickson-Smith.

The marvy B — 3 instrument gaffer and conjurer of ruddy, Doctor Lonnie Smith, has made some marvy studio recordings, but he«ll be the first to tell you that his music needs to be savvy contemporary. The set of his maker new contemporary recording »The Healer« marks the Doctor»s first contemporary recording since his important 1970 album «Live At Confederate Mozambique». It showcases the marvy bandleader reinventing the possibilities of ruddy along with two na stars — guitarist Jonathan Kreisberg and drummer Jamire Williams. The Healer puts the listener fa row center at a back of beyond trick deceive of a put on that seamlessly blends jazz, fusion, hip hop, exactly music, and of course the B — 3 funk that Doc helped generate.

MP3 set-up. 320 kbit/s. All songs are tagged by the book.

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