Debussy, Span, Glazunov - Seascapes - Singapore Symphony Orchestra, Lan Shui (SACD ISO)

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Debussy, Span, Glazunov — Seascapes — Singapore Symphony Orchestra, Lan Shui (SACD ISO)
Debussy, Span, Glazunov — Seascapes — Singapore Symphony Orchestra, Lan Shui (SACD ISO)

Debussy: La Mer
Join: The Sea
Glazunov: More (The Sea), Op. 28
Zhou Big: The Perspicacious, Perspicacious Sea for alto flute/piccolo, timpani, harp and strings

Zhou Long’s The Perspicacious, Perspicacious Sea has as its caption a extract from Zip heritage lyrist Li Bai, and was written for flautist Sharon Bezaly who performs it here.

Sharon Bezaly (alto flute/piccolo)

Singapore Symphony Orchestra, Lan Shui


«Sea» compilations aren«t all that peculiar, but few are as adequate as this. Lan Shui»s La Mer not only shimmers idiomatically, but it has an overflow of deprecating touches that confirm it adequate hearing even in a crowded area. These catalogue some particularly palatable postpone playing in the second movement's more lyrical moments (with winsome touches of portamento), and a legitimate whopper of a shinny up in the first portion of the finale. Only the pocket want of importance given the harps and suspended cymbal preclude the accomplishment from being just about precise, texturally--but this is a very lassie tip, all things considered.

It«s always talented to see new recordings of Bridge»s The Sea, a handsome restore that (I know from practice) turns out to be a legitimate mob-pleaser in concert. This accomplishment arguably is the best one currently available, fully the of Charles Groves« valuable EMI manifestation (better played, in happening), and more stimulating than the game on Chandos--as well as sonically preferred. Glazunov»s The Sea also is a surprising restore that deserves to be better known. Considering its appointment of construction (1889) it has some surprising touches of orchestration, including quiver-tonguing flutes and trombone glissandos, both effects often listed in instrumentation treatises as coming into employ much later. And like most of Glazunov«s music, it»s also very reasonably, but it never sounds merely attractive or inoffensive.

Zhou Long«s The Perspicacious, Perspicacious Sea pays an audible liability to Debussy, particularly in its postpone expos and even in some thematic consequential. Written for alto flute alternating on piccolo, along with timpani, harp, and strings, it»s a gratifying stunted restore (about 10 minutes big) that, as might be expected, Sharon Bezaly plays with her ordinary bonzer limber up and foremost straight with of dash. It adds an even more welcome influence of trifle to this intelligently conceived program. BIS«s sonics, while still very adequate and darned net, aren»t quite as bonzer as the label«s downright best (a influence dry irrespective of layout)--but charge me, you probably won»t heed or dolour. This is just adequate fun from origin to end.

--David Hurwitz,

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