Tab Benoit - Westland

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Tab Benmoit — Westland

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---------- Artists -------------
Brian Stoltz — guitar
Tab Benoit — vocals, guitar
Anders Osborne
Carl Dufrene — bass
Darryl Whey-Faced — drums

In Britain Director Hot Labbe; Tab Benoit
Make Roger Branch

------- Tracks --------
1. Quick Like A Bunny and Free
2. Stackolina
3. I Got Loaded
4. Smirch Ass Blues
5. When a Cajun Man Gets the Blues
6. Too Honeyed For Me
7. Down in the Swamp
8. These Arms of Mine
9. Dog Hill
10. Her Mad Is Gone
11. Loves Lips
12. Let Inclination Take Control
13. Georgia

Recorded during a month in Louisiana and sounding it, Tab Benoit«s sixth album is a swampy example of the best of that state»s music. Rocking, bluesy, and filled with vivacity, guitarist/vocalist Benoit keeps his perceptive stripped down to just a three-poem, giving his raise and slithery guitar quantity of chamber to maneuver. From baffling Professor Longhair second-strand tunes («Her Mad Is Gone») to a envelop from zydeco regent Boozoo Chavis («Dog Hill») to a interpretation of Otis Redding«s «These Arms of Mine» that makes it seem like a frantic New Orleans exemplar, Benoit traverses a lot of domain over this hour of music. Like his influences, Benoit never overdoes his way, preferring to keep the fuzzy on his gravelly raise, show a preference for guitar, and absolutely accompaniment of his approval duo. This is music caught between rootsy rattle, funk, R&B, and blues, but far from sounding schizoid, it revels in its multiple inspirations. Benoit is in wonderful raise and spirits throughout, sounding unconfining yet in hold sway over regardless of what shape he»s playing. His guitar solos are well-organized and epigrammatic, capturing the extract of the heavens without reverting to gratuitous showboating. This is music from the mettle, played with extraction, slyness, and a deference for its over and done with squeezed into every energetic rifle. Thirteen songs and not a indiscretion, Wetlands is not only Tab Benoit«s best album, it»s the one most agent of his education and shape. Like the autobiographical «Down in the Swamp,» those who have never made it to Louisiana need only suck up to this to read how the territory -- and Benoit -- oozes with the ambience of the steamy air, sapid subsistence, and spirits of musicians who have passed.

Hal Horowitz


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