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Scorpions are a esoteric metal/hard astound tie from Hanover, Germany, probably best known for their 1980s astound anthem «Rock You Like a Hurricane» and their singles «No One Like You», «Still Loving You», and «Wind of Change». The tie has sold over 75 million albums worldwide and were ranked #46 on VH1's Greatest Artists of Insoluble Astound program.

Rudolf Schenker, the band«s cadence guitarist launched the tie in 1965. At first, the tie had drub influences and Schenker himself did the vocals. Things began to come together in 1969 when Schenker»s younger companion Michael and caroller Klaus Meine joined the tie. In 1972, the corps recorded and released their enter album Rejected Crow, with Lothar Heimberg on bass and Wolfgang Dziony on drums. During the Rejected Crow walk, the Scorpions opened for upcoming British tie UFO. Near the end of the walk, the members of UFO offered guitarist Michael Schenker the produce lead on guitar job; an presentation which he soon accepted. Uli Roth, a also pen-friend of the Schenker brothers, was then called in for the term being to accomplish off the walk.

The departure of Michael Schenker led to the breakup of the tie. In 1973, Uli Roth, who had helped the Scorpions undivided the Rejected Crow walk, was offered the r as produce lead on guitarist, but turned the tie down, preferring instead to wait in the tie Commence Avenue. Schenker sooner solid that he wanted to labour with Roth, but did not want to regenerate the last Scorpions lineup. He attended some of Commence Road's rehearsals and done solid to coincide with the tie, which consisted of Roth, Francis Buchholz (bass), Achim Kirschning (keyboards) and Jurgen Rosenthal (drums). Roth and Buchholz persuaded Rudolf Schenker to invite Klaus Meine to coincide with, which he soon did. While there were more members of Commence Avenue than Scorpions in the tie, they solid to use the Scorpions name because it was well-known in the German insoluble astound organize setting and an album had been released under that name.

In 1974 the new tack-up of Scorpions released Fly to the Rainbow. The album proved to be more pre-eminent than Rejected Crow and songs such as «Speedy«s Coming» and the head footpath began to constitute the band»s judicious. Achim Kirschning solid to say goodbye after the recordings. Soon after, Jürgen Rosenthal had to say goodbye as he was being drafted into the army. Later, in 1976, he would coincide with a German gradual astound tie called Eloy and three albums with them. He was replaced by a Belgian drummer, Rudy Lenners.

In 1975 the tie hit their stride with the publicity release of In Stupor, which unmistakable the origination of Scorpions' big collaboration with German business Dieter Dierks. The album was a mountainous reduce intervene impertinent for Scorpions and unhesitatingly established their insoluble astound directions, while at the same term garnering a wide fan coarse, both at placid and far. Cuts such as «Dark Lady», «Robot Man» and the head footpath are still considered classics by fans today.

In 1976, Scorpions released Virgin Lulu. The album's sufficient for featured a starkers prepubescent gal covered with fragmented tumbler. The sufficient for art was designed by Stefan Bohle who was the artefact chief for RCA Records[11], their at the term. The sufficient for brought the tie large critique and was pulled or replaced in several countries. Despite the questioning, the album itself garnered important adore for its music from critics and fans way.

The following year, Rudy Lenners resigned due to fitness reasons and was replaced by Herman Rarebell.

For the ape-up Taken by Wring, RCA Records made a strong-minded application to stimulate the album in stores and on the trannie. The album«s distinct, «Steamrock Fever», was added to some of RCA»s trannie promotional records. Roth was not lucky with the commercial operating the tie was winsome. Although he performed on the band's Japan walk, he departed to concoct his own tie, Stirring Sun until to the publicity release of the resultant duplicate combustible album Tokyo Tapes. Tokyo Tapes was released in the US and Europe six months after its Japanese publicity release. By that term in mid 1978, after auditioning around 140 guitarists, Scorpions recruited new guitarist Matthias Jabs.

Following the beyond of Jabs, Scorpions socialistic RCA for Mercury Records to their next album. Just weeks after being evicted from UFO for his moonshine objurgation, Michael Schenker also returned to the corps for a cut in on term during the recordings for the album. This gave the tie three guitarists (though Schenker«s contribution to the closing publicity release was reduced to only three songs). The conclusion was Lovedrive, an album which some critics consider to be the maximum of their life»s work. Containing such fan favorites as «Loving You Sunday Morning», «Always Somewhere», «Holiday» and the helpful «Coast to Coast», the «Scorpions formula» of insoluble astound songs tainted with melodic ballads was unhesitatingly cemented. The album's stinging artwork was named «Best album sleeve of 1979» by Man About Town publication though it was done changed for American publicity release. Lovedrive peaked at #55 on the US charts proving that Scorpions were convention an global following. After the end and publicity release of the album, the tie solid to hang on to Michael in the tie, thus forcing Jabs to say goodbye. However after a few weeks of the walk, Michael, still coping with alcoholism, missed a many of gigs and at one bottom collapsed on organize and Jabs was brought slyly to take over in for him on those occasions when he could not pull off. In April, 1979, during their walk in France, Jabs was brought in once to dispense good on Michael.

The Scorpions' logo
In 1980, the tie released Brute Attraction, again with a stinging sufficient for, this term showing a gal kneeling in face of a man. Brute Attraction contained classics such as «The Zoo» and «Make It Real». Soon after the album's publicity release, Meine began experiencing throat problems. He required surgery on his vocal cords and doubts were raised about whether he would ever squeal again.

Meanwhile, the tie began working on their next album, Blackout in 1981. Don Dokken was brought in to demand produce lead on the way and aid vocals while Meine recovered. Meine sooner healed barrel and was able to accomplish the album. Blackout was released in 1982 and swiftly became the band«s best selling to also pen-friend, sooner going platinum. Meine»s expression showed no signs of feebleness and important comeback to the album was esteemed. Blackout spawned three hit singles: «Dynamite,» «Blackout» and «No One Like You».

It was not until 1984 and the publicity release of Pleasure at First Defraud that the tie conclusively cemented their station as astound superstars. Propelled by the distinct «Rock You Like a Hurricane», Pleasure at First Defraud climbed the charts and went duplicate platinum in the USA a few months after its publicity release. However, Scorpions did control to stir up questioning once again with their stinging album sufficient for. This term it was a man kissing a missus while at the same term planting a tattoo on her starkers thigh, mimicking a gag from the cartoon film This Is Spinal Tap that was released the same year. Some stores refused to rat on the album. MTV gave the album«s videos «Rock You Like a Hurricane», «Bad Boys Management Wild», «Big Big Apple Nights», and the power ballad «Still Loving You» important airtime, greatly contributing to the album»s outcome. The artery even supplied Scorpions with the moniker «The Ambassadors of Rock». The tie toured extensively behind Pleasure at First Defraud and solid to and publicity release their second combustible album, Just Ecstatic To The Utmost Combustible in 1985. Recorded over a year-big just ecstatic walk and released at the high point of their vogue, the album was another outcome for the tie, peaking at #14 in the charts in the US and at #18 in the UK.

After their big just ecstatic tours, the tie conclusively returned to the studio to Sadistic Recreation. Released in 1988, four years after their one-term studio album, Sadistic Recreation represented a more skilful pop judicious almost identical to the rage Def Leppard had organize outcome with. The album sold well, but was considered somewhat of a important frustration. However, British esoteric astound publication Kerrang! did awarding the album five K's out of five.

On the Sadistic Recreation walk in 1988, Scorpions became only the second Western corps to place in the Soviet Fellowship (the first being Uriah Heep in December, 1987), with a exhibition in Leningrad. The following year the tie returned to pull off at the Moscow Music Unbelligerent Gala Day. As a conclusion, Scorpions developed a talented Russian fan coarse and still crop up again regularly to pull off throughout the section.[14]
Wishing to separate themselves from the Sadistic Recreation rage, the tie separated from their big-term business and «Sixth Scorpion,» Dieter Dierks, replacing him with Keith Olsen when they returned to the studio in 1990. Bonkers Just Ecstatic was released that same year and displayed a less skilful judicious. The album was a hit, propelled in wide put asunder assign up by the massy outcome of the ballad «Wind of Change». The at a bargain price a fuss muses on the socio-bureaucratic changes that were occurring in Eastern Europe and in other parts of the just ecstatic at the end of the Uncordial War. On July 21, 1990 they joined many other guests for Roger Waters« massy exhibition of The Thorough Off in Berlin. Scorpions performed both versions of «In the Flesh» from The Thorough Off. After the Bonkers Just Ecstatic walk Francis Buchholz, the band»s big-serving bassist, socialistic the corps.

In 1993, Scorpions released Aspect the Warm Up Excite. Bass was handled by Ralph Rieckermann. For the recording proceeding, Scorpions brought in business Bruce Fairbairn. The album«s judicious was more metal than melodic and divided the band»s fan coarse somewhat. Many «headbangers» responded without a shadow of a doubt to the album while many longtime fans were put off. Neither the insoluble astound distinct «Alien Nation» nor the ballad «Under The Same Sun» came thorough to comparable the outcome of «Wind of Change». Aspect the Warm Up Excite was a non-reactionary outcome.

In 1995, a new combustible album, Combustible Bites, was produced. The disc documented combustible performances from their Sadistic Recreation Walk in 1988, all the way through the Aspect the Warm Up Excite Walk in 1994. While the album had a much cleaner judicious in similarity to their best-selling combustible album, Just Ecstatic To The Utmost Combustible, it was not as pre-eminent.

Until to recording their 13th studio album, 1996s Virtuous Knack, drummer Herman Rarebell socialistic the tie to set up a recording . Snappish Cress took safe keeping of the drumsticks for the album before Kentucky-born James Kottak took over once. Many have the impression Virtuous Knack is a comeback to the complaints levied against Aspect the Warm Up Excite. The album had many ballads. Still, the album's singles «Wild Child» and the calming ballad «You and I» both enjoyed non-reactionary outcome.
1999 saw the publicity release of Eye II Eye and a important interchange in the band«s rage, mixing in elements of pop and techno. While the album was slickly produced, fans were unsure what to dispense of the tie, responding negatively to almost everything from pop-embodiment backup singers to the electronic drums dispense on several songs. The video to the album»s first European distinct, «To Be No. 1,» featured a Monica Lewinsky look-way which did little to get better its vogue.

The following year, Scorpions had a absolutely pre-eminent collaboration with the Berlin Philharmonic that resulted in a 10-at a bargain price a fuss album named Interest of Nobility. The album went a big way toward rebuilding the band«s standing after the strident critique of Eye II Eye. However, critics accused them of following on the coattails of Metallica»s almost identical collaboration (S&M) with the San Francisco Symphony which had been released the one-term year, even though the orchestra had first approached Scorpions with the inkling in 1995.

Scorpions in 2007
In 2001, Scorpions released Acoustica, a combustible unplugged album featuring acoustic reworkings of the band's biggest hits, plus new tracks. While appreciated by fans, the deficit of a new studio album was frustrating to some, and Acoustica did little to crop up again the tie to the spotlight.

In 2004, the tie released Unbreakable, an album that was hailed by critics as a big-awaited crop up again to concoct. The album was the heaviest the tie had released since Aspect the Warm Up Excite, and fans responded well to tracks such as «New Generation», «Love «em or Say Goodbye »em» and «Deep and Dark». Whether a conclusion of below encouragement by the band«s or the big term between studio releases, Unbreakable received little airplay and did not sea-chart. Scorpions toured extensively behind the album and played as »Special Guests' with Judas Woman during the 2005 British walk — these were the Scorpions first dates in the UK since 1999.

In near the start 2006, Scorpions released the DVD 1 Gloaming in Vienna that included 14 combustible tracks and a undivided rockumentary. In LA, the tie dead drub about four months in the studio with producers James Michael and Desmond Stripling working on their new concept album titled Mortality: Hour I, which was released in new May 2007.[15] Followed by the «Humanity Just Ecstatic Tour».

In 2007, the tie saw two of their signature tracks featured in the commonplace video adventurous series, «Guitar Ideal.» «No One Like You» was featured on the «Rocks the '80s» variant of the adventurous while «Rock You Like A Hurricane» was released on «Guitar Ideal 3: Legends of Astound.»
On May 14, 2007, Scorpions released Mortality — Hour I in Europe. Mortality — Hour I became available in the U.S. on August 28 on New Door Records, entering the Billboard charts at many #63.

In a September 2007 podcast talk, Meine said the new album wasn«t so much a «concept album» as it was a accumulation of songs with a everyday study. «We didn»t want to dispense another with songs about boys chasing girls. I mean, come on, assign me a end b disengage,» Meine said.[16]
When asked if the tie plans to publicity release a Mortality — Hour II, Meine replied:
“ That is what everybody is asking. There might be. Who knows? Right now we are at the origination of the just ecstatic walk. It is sexy to place the new songs and they go very well with the classics. It is sexy that there is a whole new audience out there. There are many longtime fans but there are a lot of minor kids. We just played in London and in Paris and there were minor kids rocking out to songs that were written way before they were born. It is staggering. I don’t want to think about Hour II right now because Hour I is so sexy. It is very inspiring to see how much the audience enjoys this new music. ”
— Klaus Meine[17]

On December 20, 2007, Scorpions played at a concert for the elite of Russia’s surveillance forces in the Kremlin. The concert noted the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Cheka — forerunner of the KGB. Members of the audience included President Vladimir Putin.

On February 21, 2009, Scorpions received Germany«s COPY Ex Officio Awarding for lifetime fulfilment at Berlin»s O2 Just Ecstatic

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