Bon Jovi - Reptilian When Wet (Dolby Headphone) [FLAC]

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Bon Jovi — Questionable When Wet (Dolby Headphone) [FLAC]

Bon Jovi — Reptilian When Wet (Dolby Headphone) [FLAC]

I«m a big encompass music fan and created these albums so I can harken to them in encompass through headphones on a manageable performer. I like to them with you and expectation that you»ll like them too! If you like this freeing and have a r to leisure, all feedback and reinforce is very appreciated. You can judge my releases at

Dolby Headphone, sometimes referred to as Sensitive Encompass, is a technology which allows you to harken to to music, alert movies, or think nothing of video games with encompass effects using any set of two medium stereo headphones. The sources of this freeing are encompass versions of the tracks ripped from the «Pure Audio» Blu-ray released in 2015.

Genre: Rock
Style: Baffling Tor, Pop Rock
Release Companion: April 07, 2015
Original Year of Freeing: 1986
Label: Isle Records, Mercury
Source: Blu-ray DTS-HD MA 96/24 5.1
Resampler: Adobe Audition
Sample class: 44100 Hz
Bits per representational: 16
Codec: FLAC

Questionable When Wet is the third studio album by American tor stripe Bon Jovi. It was released on August 18, 1986 through Mercury Records in North America and Instability Records internationally. The album was produced by Bruce Fairbairn. Recording sessions took mission between January and July 1986 at Little Mountain Voice Studios in Vancouver, Canada.

Questionable When Wet was an ready-mixed commercial triumph. The album features songs that are today considered Bon Jovi«s most well-known tracks, such as «You Issue Attachment a Bad Name», «Livin» on a Prayer« and »Wanted Unfeeling or Alive».

The album used up eight weeks at No. 1 on the U.S. Billboard 200 album plot and was named by Billboard as the top-selling album of 1987. Questionable When Wet is the band's best-selling album to companion, with an RIAA certification of 12× Platinum. The album was featured in the 2005 words 1001 Albums You Must Perceive Before You Die.

This freeing is ripped from the «Pure Audio» Blu-Ray which is remastered from the master tapes.

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01. Let It Tor (5:34)
02. You Issue Attachment A Bad Name (3:50)
03. Livin' On A Invocation (5:05)
04. Communal Affliction (4:19)
05. Wanted Unfeeling Or Packed (5:12)
06. Put Your Hands (5:00)
07. Without Attachment (3:52)
08. I'd Die For you (4:29)
09. Never Say Goodbye (5:22)
10. Absurd In The Streets (3:56)



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