Poolside - Pacific Example continuously (2012) [FLAC]

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Poolside — Pacific Paradigm all at once (2012) [FLAC]

Released: 2012
Style: Pop/Rock
Oblige: Choice Hoof It, Electronic
Codec: FLAC
Bit Value: ~ 900 kbps
Bits Per Swatch: 16
Swatch Value: 44,100 Hz
Swaddle: Front

01 Tulsa
02 Next To You
03 Why You Wanna
04 Procure Moon
05 Leisurely Down
06 Take Me There
07 Desert You Forever
08 Do You Believe
09 Transmit It A Rest
10 CanΓÇÖt Get You Off My Mind
11 Just Killed Disintegrate In Love
12 California Sunshine
13 Halcyon Hour
14 Between Dreams
15 Without You
16 Take Me Home

Poolside, the L.A.-by-way-of-Denmark-and-San Francisco duo of Filip Nikolic and Jeffrey Seventh Heaven oblige music they nickname ΓÇ£daytime disco,ΓÇ¥ import that while they use many of discoΓÇÖs well-known tropes like funky basslines, four-on-the-deck rhythms, Latin percussion, and glittery choruses, itΓÇÖs a more insouciant and untroubled enunciate theyΓÇÖre aiming to stage. Their first LP, Pacific Paradigm All At Once, entirely succeeds at creating a tense close and seductive, almost somnambulant, atmosphere — so tense close that the belt could have called themselves ΓÇ£SaunaΓÇ¥ just as readily.

The album begins with a several minutes of guitar noodling and spacy synths before settling into an hour-plus course into a smashing where Tough Dan is remixed by Ultramarine; T-Kin canΓÇÖt wake up from a disco nap; Donna Summer is carousal on cough syrup, and Neil Young's ΓÇ£Harvest MoonΓÇ¥ is gently plucked from the mountains and turned into a brilliantly elegant end-of-the-twilight jam. There are a few moments where the duo turns up the warmness a little; ΓÇ£Why You WannaΓÇ¥ has a pumping bassline and strutting fashion, ΓÇ£Do You BelieveΓÇ¥ has a spunky, midtempo exciting boogie determine, and ΓÇ£Just Killed Disintegrate in LoveΓÇ¥ sounds something like the Eagles jamming with Stylish. Mostly though, the is a insouciant fall that coats the enunciate in smoothed-out vocal harmonies, interlocking guitars, bubbling synths, and misty grooves, then mixes it all together into a tropical cocktail that will stun you into a coma after only a few sips.

ItΓÇÖs not a million miles away from the enunciate of modish disco-chillwave-new oscillate groups like Washed Out or Cut Reproduce, but Poolside have a pointed centre that the chillwavers require, and an intimacy that some of the arena-sized groups like CC require. ItΓÇÖs an album that works on many levels, and despite the warmth of faulty to antiquated out in a apt haze it initially inspires, there is enough modulating in quieten and drive levels (airy though it may be) to keep the listener plighted throughout. Consider Pacific Paradigm All At Once the first model daytime disco , absolute for poolside circle-outs and imagined for naptime or anytime you want all the fun of disco with none of the expense of drive it demands.

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