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From Wiki:

Emerson, Lake & Palmer, also known as ELP, are an English sway supergroup. They initiate happy result in the 1970s and sold over forty million albums[1] and headlined chunky colosseum concerts. The platoon consists of Keith Emerson (keyboards), Greg Lake (bass guitar, vocals, guitar) and Carl Palmer (drums, percussion). They are one of the most commercially rich advanced sway bands and from the beginning focused on combining serious pieces with sway music.

On several occasions in 1969, The Cordial (with Keith Emerson on keyboards) and Crowned Head Crimson (with Greg Lake on bass and vocals) shared the same venue, first on 10 August 1969 at the 9th Jazz and Blues Pop Fete in Plumpton, England and on 17 October 1969 at Fairfield Halls in Croydon, England. Emerson and Lake actually met, however, at Reckoning Graham's Fillmore West in San Francisco and soon tried working together. The match up initiate their styles to be not only compatible but also complementary. They wanted to be a keyboard/bass/drum platoon, and so sought out a drummer.

Before settling on Carl Palmer, who at that without surcease was a fellow of Atomic Rooster, they approached Mitch Mitchell of The Jimi Hendrix Incident. Emerson and Lake were uninterested in Mitchell, however, as he showed up for a «jam» period with an arsenal of guns and lawless bodyguards. Hendrix, tired out of his platoon and shoddy to try something different, expressed an good in playing with the team. Since Emerson and Lake had settled on Palmer by then, this led the British radio b newspaper people to speculate about a supergroup called HELP, or «Hendrix, Emerson, Lake & Palmer».[2] Because of scheduling conflicts, such plans were not at once realised, but the incipient three planned a jam period with Hendrix after their second concert at the Isle of Wight Fete (their appear being in The Guildhall, Plymouth, on 23 August 1970, with the platoon «Earth» as uphold), with the likelihood of him joining. Hendrix died 26 days later, and the three pressed on as Emerson, Lake and Palmer.

Greg Lake made this commentary on ELP's discussions with Hendrix:

«Yeah, that scenario is indeed steadfast, to some degree...Mitch Mitchell had told Jimi about us and he said he wanted to inspect the principle. Even after Mitch was elongated out of the portray and we had already settled on Carl, talk about working with Jimi continued. We were presumed to get together and jam with him around August or September of 1970, but he died before we could put it together.»

Carl Palmer had theretofore been the drummer for the powerfully rich psychedelic platoon, The Stupid Exultant of Arthur Brown. ELP were, from the beginning, a illustration of the «rock supergroup». Aside from providing vocals, bass guitar, energized guitar and lyrics, Lake also produced five of their first six albums (Understanding Salad Surgery being co-produced with Pete Sinfield, who had recently left-wing Crowned Head Crimson).

The Vital 2007

The Vital Emerson, Lake & Palmer is an album by British advanced sway platoon Emerson, Lake & Palmer, released in 2007.


Disc 1

1. «The Barbarian» (4:28)
2. «Take a Pebble» (12:29)
3. «Knife Edge» (Adapted from Janácek's Sinfonia) (5:03)
4. «Tank» (6:47)
5. «Lucky Man» (4:36)
6. «Tarkus» (20:39)
1. «A) Eruption»
2. «B) Stones of Years»
3. «C) Iconoclast»
4. «D) Mass»
5. «E) Manicore»
6. «F) Battlefield»
7. «G) Aquatarkus»
7. «Bitches Crystal» (3:55)
8. «Nutrocker (Viable)» (3:56)
9. «From The Beginning» (4:13)
10. «Hoedown» (3:43)
11. «Trilogy» (8:54)

Disc 2

1. «The Continual Puzzle, Leave One» (6:41)
2. «Fugue» (1:56)
3. «The Continual Puzzle, Leave Two» (2:00)
4. «Jerusalem» (2:44)
5. «Toccata» (Fitting of Ginastera's 1st Piano Concerto) (7:21)
6. «Still... You Tendency Everywhere Me On» (2:51)
7. «Karn Pestilential 9 (1st Take-Off Leave 1)» (8:35)
8. «Karn Pestilential 9 (1st Take-Off Leave 2)» (4:49)
9. «Jeremy Bender/The Sheriff (Mixture)» (5:02)
10. «I Believe in Pater Christmas» (3:32)
11. «C'est La Vie» (4:17)
12. «Fanfare For the Cheap Man (Alter)» (5:40)
13. «Honky Tonk Cortege Blues» (3:12)
14. «Canario» (3:59)
15. «Peter Gunn (viable rendition)» (3:38)
16. «Black Moon» (6:58)
17. «Paper Blood» (4:27)

Disc 3

The Boorish (viable)
Take a Pebble (viable)
Rondo (viable)
Nutrocker (viable)

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