Standup Comedy - Greg Giraldo - Salutary Day to Crucifix a River - 2006

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Consideration by David Jeffries

There are times during Assets C Incriminating Evidence Day to Splenetic a River when the audience is laughing so real you know they«re wiping tears out of their eyes. Standup funny man Greg Giraldo gets them to this inappropriate because of his unsurpassed pacing. He»s a run-down, ill-humoured guy on shatter fad, hammering his audience relentlessly with cynical, dissolute, and damned unconventional observations. Massive item about Giraldo is that despite his stable traverse and all the aversion and ire, he doesn«t reach the equanimity tantrum/nervous dissection inappropriate like Lewis Knavish, making an hour with the guy a comfort. Course, Knavish probably wouldn»t take anything as disgusting as «The Floater,» a truth direct featuring paraplegics battling it out in a lake. He can be as raw as you«d demand a Howard Unforgiving favorite to be, but his raw is more like Chauvinistic Lampoon»s raw was in the «70s with wintry wit and wc humor riding side by side. «Terrorism» is a layered performance that suggests he»s well informed of Lenny Bruce, while «Sexual Saturation» goes in a primal manipulation and foams at the trap while obsessing on bare mannequins. His about luxury brings into entertain why his appearances on Comedy Central's series of repute roasts brought him to prominence. As unconventional as they are, they seemed canned and merely amusing when compared to this superlative effectuation.

1 Greatest Metropolis on Earth/Getting Old 3:47
2 WWJD/Priests/Pope/Wal-Mart/Penguins 5:07
3 Brokeback Mountain/Gay Marriage/Siegfried and Roy 4:32
4 Area for Dessert/Death by Chocolate/Lent/Snacks 2:39
5 Fat Ass with Fingers/IllegalAliens 1:45
6 SUV/Fat Kids/Suing McDonald's/Dreammakers/Burned Genitals 3:50
7 The Floater/Maury 3:46
8 Monkeypox/Osama/Bird Flu 4:03
9 Terrorism 4:28
10 Dyslexic Luger/Civil War Letters/Kids/Baby in River 5:08
11 Katrina 2:12
12 Computer Dating/Couples Battle 3:20
13 Brian Nichols/Lil Jon/MTV Cribs/Bitches 3:31
14 Lustful Saturation 4:01

Biography by David Jeffries

Known for his volatile presentation and volatile concrete, standup funny man Greg Giraldo (December 10, 1965 ΓΓé¼ΓÇ£ September 29, 2010) became notable thanks to his proportional appearances on The Howard Unforgiving Direct, The At An Advanced Hour Direct with David Letterman, and the Comedy Essential boob tube network«s series of repute roasts. Before he roasted folks like Chevy Pursuit, Pam Anderson, and William Shatner, Giraldo was a proportional panelist on Comedy Central»s Ruffian Shove with Colin Quinn. Besides developing and starring in his own sitcom -- Customary Law, which lasted one salt in 1996 -- and his numerous talk direct appearances, Giraldo has been featured in two Comedy Essential Presents specials -- one in 2000, the other in 2004. Also in 2004, he appeared on Lazyboy«s «Underwear Goes Propitious the Pants,» an global hit that topped iTunes» electronica charts. In 2006 he released his initiation album, Assets C Incriminating Evidence Day to Splenetic a River, on Comedy Central's peg. Midlife Vices followed in 2009.


On September 25, 2010, Giraldo overdosed on recipe medication. After he failed to appear for a scheduled effectuation at the Bring Home Works, oversee officers ground him in his motel area at the Hyatt Motel in New Brunswick, New Jersey, and rushed him to Robert Wood Johnson University Nursing Home in that hamlet. TMZ reported that he had been in a coma for four days when his kinfolk had lifetime champion removed. He died on September 29, 2010.

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