A Bent of Girlfriend by Deepak Chopra & Friends [Healing Meditation]

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A Give of Partiality by Deepak Chopra & Friends [Healing Meditation]

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A Give of Partiality by Deepak & Friends Deepak Chopra (Audio Cassette — 2006)
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Audio Cassette
Master Unchain Assignation: 1998
Many of Discs: 2.0
Mark: Tommy Boy Music
Run Stretch: 120.0 minutes
Audio CD (23. November 2006)
Anzahl Disks/Tonträger: 1
Mark: Intention (Megaphon Importservice)
ASIN: B00000C2QN

01. Valentine to Rumi [Dulcet Prelude]
02. My Ablaze Heart
03. Bittersweet
04. Intoxicated by Love
05. Lover's Passion
06. Do You Partiality Me
07. Come to Me
08. Desire
09. Alchemy of Love
10. Caught in the Vigour of Love
11. Awakening
12. I Am Yours
13. Behind the Scenes
14. Looking for Your Face
15. Gist of Love
16. Aroused Passion
17. Going to Love
18. Lovers
19. High-Priced Love
20. Surrender
21. Defeated by Love
22. Irreclaimable in the Wilderness
23. Fairy-Tale Lover
24. I Am and I Am Not
25. Affliction of Lovers
26. Affliction and Transport of Splendiferous Discontent
27. Mirror
28. Look at Your Eyes
29. Looking for Love
30. Some Kiss
31. Freshness
32. My Beloved
33. Hunt
34. Thirst [Conducive]
35. Lover's Mania [Conducive]
36. Lover's Passion [Conducive]

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The Partiality Poems of Rumi by Deepak Chopra
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KNOCKOUT, July 2, 2003
Reviewer: «mayagaya» (FRANCE)


Luxurious Extolling of Rabindranath Tagore's Metrical Composition, February 7, 2007
Reviewer: Rebecca Johnson «The Rebecca Critique, declaration attractiveness in the happy — www.TheRebeccaReview.com» (Washington Majestic)

«Those who met Tagore described him as one of the keen souls of our age; Einstein considered him a discerning. From what we learn in these poems, he certainly lived his own words. He kissed the infinite; he was not lily-livered to forfeit everything for partiality. In these poems he allows us to go through partiality with words and music that sweeping our souls.» ~ Deepak Chopra

Metrical Composition weaves itself through Adam Plack's appetitive music in vehement whispers and inventiveness worlds of good old days lives and unborn invitations. Unrequited partiality becomes cloudburst with pattering feet and smiles of autumn. The lover, while implacable, becomes the happy in her absence.

Visions of attractiveness, gothic and passion imagine an happy of murder story and topless moods. Metrical Composition escapes from pages and breathes through devoted to vocal interpretations. Aged echoes, jazzy escapes and electronic tribal fusion awakens a typification intoxication in «When I Kiss.»

Deepak study many translations of Rabindranath Tagore«s poems and then translated the metrical composition for our inception. The results are knockout in attractiveness. Deepak Chopra, Sinead O»Connor, Angelica Houston, Antonio Banderas, Marisa Tomei, Lisa Bonet, Milla Jovovich, Shekhar Kapur, Gina Gershon, Melanie Griffith, Jared Harris and Claued Challe combine their voices with music.

If you have study Rabindranath Tagore's poems I think you will be impressed with these new translations. I commemorate the first stretch I study one of his poems and the go through was an awakening to parnassian wonder.

Within these poems, you may feel yourself wandering in India, Africa or Spain. You may become irreclaimable walking across clouds or seduced into the pleasures of the invisible.

"...we are drifting in different streams of the world
our lives would be carried apart
and our partiality forgotten
but I'm not so balmy that I would hope
to buy your ticker with gifts"
~My Give to You

If you are a downcast visionary, this dulcet transition with metrical composition will commission you heady. If you partiality creating moods, this is immaculate while compelling a bath by candlelight. I'd very interesting something like «Dream On» from Mouth-Watering and perhaps the Flying Fox overwhelm gel and an relevancy of Flying Fox Jasmine synagogue balm. This CD whispers: «Play me in the brown with the twinkling of at least 4 magnificently scented champaca candles.» I can interesting the Ergo Champa candle or the Ergo Passion Rose de Mai.

The poems presented here allure with typification longings and bewilder you in magical stories of partiality. The complete CD is breathlessly admirable and a occur give of partiality to anyone willing to lay out the stretch diving profound into this murder story. I can also very interesting Deepak's engage: «The Typification In Partiality.»

«Say your last words in silence...»
~Flight to Freedom

~The Rebecca Review

Not a period on its forebear, February 19, 2007
Reviewer: Pamela Mcintosh (Boronia, Victoria Australia)

The first Give of Partiality album is inspiring, insightful and leads the listener on a series of adventures through inspired words and music, creating a profound connnection with something sincerely esoteric.

This second album is almost devoid of this brightness and unhappily, creates no pull. It seems like Deepak Chopra doesn't get that. There are a two of very superb pieces but the album is mainly formulaic rather than insightful and I am dismayed to say leaves me sympathies like I just listened to some music and nothing else.

If you like superb deliberate music that creates a tranquil spirit, you can«t go good old days Cafe Del Mar. If you»re looking to go through a feel of something psychical, adhere to the first Give of Partiality album.

Topless, appetitive, fantabulous metrical composition, even better than No. 1, December 14, 2006
Reviewer: TropicKat (Kula, Hi Common States)
Fantabulous film, with groovy, vulgar music and metrical composition that elevates your obey and opens your ticker.

Staunchly special-occasion throughout, even better than « A Give of Partiality 1 » in that best wishes ( No offense to Rumi, whose metrical composition I esteem also.)
All in all a work of genius!
What a wonderful stretch we viable in when high-priced aged esoteric metrical composition like this reaches out to so many today's minds in such entrancing and enticing ways.

Wonderful and palliative, February 1, 2004
Reviewer: Marjorie (Elizabeth, New Jersey Common States)
This CD is for anyone who is partiality or wishes to be. I institute the volume of this music very vulgar, although quite undefiled in liberation. It evokes the sympathies of gothic in it's purest form.

Complete Sensuality, November 19, 2003
Reviewer: Shannan Kain (Spokane, WA)

I heard this once and then played it 100 times. Doubtlessly the most luxurious album ever. With fairy-tale lyrics, the unmistakable profound and appetitive spokesperson of Deepak, and knockout music by Mr. Plack, you can't go immoral. If you are not in partiality now...you will be.

Liebevoll und anmutig, 2. Mai 2005
Rezensentin/Rezensent: Jana Janeva

Diese Cd ist wirklich ein Geschenk fⁿr die Liebe. Schon das Wrap und das Booklet sind von au▀ergewöhnlicher Anmut und Schönheit — so ansprechend wie auch die Musik, inspiriert von den Gedichten Rumis.

Insgesamt eine sehr weiche und ruhige Musik — männlicher Sprechgesang und zarte Frauenstimmen im Wechsel mit fernöstlicher Instrumentalmusik, die aber durch den Synthesizer westlich aufgearbeitet wurde.

Eine schöne Musik, die die Herzen öffnet — Zum Meditieren und Träumen besonders gut geeignet. Sehr empfehlenswert!

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