Ben E. Crowned Head - The Very Best (1959-1975) FLAC

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Ben E. Monarch — The Very Best (1959-1975) FLAC


01. There Goes My
02. Romp With Me
03. This Hocus-Pocus Juncture
04. Lay The Last Romp For Me
05. I Total The Tears
06. Spanish Harlem
07. Survive C Jilt By Me
08. On The Limits
09. Amor
10. Childlike Boy Blues
11. Here Comes The Stygian
12. Do not Call Attention To That Ado (You Lied)
13. How Can I Dismiss From One's Mind
14. I (Who Have Nothing)
15. Supramundane Affair, Sacrifice I
16. Do It In The Name Of Love

Ben E. Monarch was still known as Ben Nelson when the circle he was fronting, the Five Crowns, began touring as the Drifters in 1958 (the card Drifters had more or less collapsed and become disreputable after the departure of leash caroller Clyde McPhatter), and he at proved his advantage in the recording studio when a ado he co-wrote and sang, «There Goes My ,» became a big hit under the Drifters name in 1959. More hits followed, including «This Hocus-Pocus Moment» and «Save the Last Romp for Me,» before Nelson fist the Drifters in 1960 to souvenir on his own as Ben E. Monarch, scoring two stupendous hits the following year with the gorgeously produced «Spanish Harlem» and another ado he co-wrote, the divine «Stand by Me.» This pleasant 16-keep up with accumulation combines his Drifters hits with his personal successes, including his mid-«70s comeback keep up with, «Supernatural Affair,» to condition a compact introduction to the saturated bow of King»s commercial livelihood in all of its incarnations. The 1960s sides are presented in the card mono distinguish mixes, a positive plus, giving them a numerous, compressed vitality even when played over stereo speakers. There are other Ben E. Monarch collections on the make available, but they often peculiarity re-recorded versions of his hits, making this set from Rhino Records the one to get.

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