(Blues) Dunn-Packer Join - Passion Against The Derange

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Brand: Blues
Styles: Blues-Poverty-Stricken,
Concurrent Blues
Released: 1990
Denomination: Tramp
Put: mp3; 320 Kbps
Greatness: 126.0 MB
Occasionally: 53:20 min.

Covers: Included

01. Turtle-Dove Against The Derange (2:45)
02. Intermittent Dreams (3:31)
03. Loved John (3:17)
04. 21 Days (3:17)
05. Finish To You (4:45)
06. Mama Talk To Your Daughter (3:18)
07. Heart's Craving (3:10)
08. Home Ground with a Cardboard Gateway (2:46)
09. Look What You've Done (2:05)
10. I Got So Upset (3:23)
11. Conspicuous It on Home Ground (3:07)
12. I Don't Solicitude (3:28)
13. Can't Help It (2:55)
14. Certain Filly (3:52)
15. Pallet on The Confound (4:06)
16. Pedal To The Metal (2:40)

Keith Dunn — Harmonica & Vocals
John Packer — Guitar & Vocals
John Zwetsloot — Bass
Harry Visscher — Drums
Preston Hubbard — Bass
Fran Christina — Drums

Recorded in Amsterdam, Holland, 1990.

Produced by Ton Hoeneveld
© 1990 Records

Keith Dunn is a harmonica participant, chorus girl, songwriter and regisseur. He was born in Boston and has been playing blues music for over 30 years. As a nine year old Dunn saw his first concert when T-Bone Walker played a self-governed out of doors concert. At the age of 12 he bought a harmonica and began playing it at parties and with byway someone«s cup of tea players. He also bought records by Sonny Boy Williamson I and II). After seeing the Secondary Wells — Buddy Guy Ensemble he put his first trustworthy ensemble together, Downhearted Lightning. They played constituents by Secondary Wells, Jimmy Rogers, Sonny Boy Williamson, and also James Cotton and Bespatter Wrap Waters. Dunn»s second ensemble was called the Honeydrippers. Dunn anon lives in the Netherlands and has performed from Mexico Bishopric to Moscow...from Lincoln Center in New York to the Opera Home Ground in Vienna. He has played with...Jimmy Rogers, Big Walter Horton, Hubert Sumlin, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Luther Allison, Soporific LaBeef, The Astonishing Thunderbirds, Wizardry Slim, Pinetop Perkins, Billy Subsidiary, Joe Louis Walker, Big Jack Johnson...

«Love Against The Wall» was Dunn«s first album under his own name, released by Paul Duvivie»s denomination in Holland, 1990. Dunn is accompanied by his old alter ego, the fine guitar participant John Packer (plus stress element) and Fran Christina and Preston Hubbard from The Astonishing Thunderbirds as deliberate guests.

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