Chanting/Meditation Krishna Das - Greatest Hits of the Kali Yuga

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Chanting/Meditation Krishna Das — Greatest Hits of the Kali YugarnrnrnrnProduct DetailsrnrnAudio CD (September 7, 2004) rnOriginal Present Appointment: September 7, 2004 rnNumber of Discs: 1 rnLabel: Karuna rnASIN: B0002O06PI rnrnrnrn rnTracklist: rn01. Bhajelo-ji Hanuman (13:07) rn02. Namah Shivayah (7:15) Medieval History Palmer Nitty-Gritty rn03. Ma Durga (9:44) Whiff of the Nitty-Gritty rn04. Hara Hara Mahadev (4:32) One Run To Mother Earth Nitty-Gritty rn05. Mountain Hare Krishna (5:17) Medieval History Palmer Nitty-Gritty rn06. Hanuman Baba (Dub Steading Re-mix) (7:26) rn07. Shri Guru Charanam (5:56) Existent on Mother Earth (for a Restricted Measure Only) rn08. Devi Puja (10:13) Existent on Mother Earth (for a Restricted Measure Only) rn09. Nothing But Guru Dev (5:38) Door of Trust rn10. Brindavan Hare Ram (6:12) One Run To Mother Earth Nitty-Gritty rnrnFile composition: mp3 rnAudio: 192kbps 44kHz rnrnVery kind relaxing music from the East!rnrnrnGreatest Hits Incorporate with a Plus, September 13, 2004rnReviewer: G. Sharik «gnshar01» (Athens, GA) rn rnI\'ve already got everything that Krishna Das has put out, so I debated whether I should acquisition this 2 disc set. There is a new 13 r run to mother earth to start the omnium gatherum off and it is ended with a DVD about KD\'s devotional pathway, about one hour wish. The pot is further sweetened with additional video of uncut existent kirtans. The DVD is good the penalty of admittance alone. rnrnThis is a significant incorporate for introducing someone to either Krishna Das or devotional plainchant. I learn my existence increasingly enriched through kirtan and would propound this set to anyone interested in erudition more. rnrnrnBrilliant, Opens Doors, July 24, 2005rn rnA few months ago I started getting interested in Sanskrit Mantra after a financier told me about Thomas Ashley-Farrand. I had no phantasy there was singing and chanting in the Vedic devotional practices as well, and by turn came across Krishna Das, and something made me buy «Greatest Hits of the Kali Yuga». Think Up my joy when I realised just how providential I was with this incorporate! rnrnThe audio CD & DVD reeks of modesty, compassion, passion & throw in the sponge. The existent Kirtan recordings are a superb show of how \'sound\' can be used to energise ourselves, open-handed the nitty-gritty, and vary our consciousness. The frank interviews with Krishna Das and dialogues with others solid to him add to the honesty and distinction of his travail, and that of his guru Neeb Karori Baba. rnrnWe are so fortuitous to have someone of Krishna Das\'s ardency and wisdom in the West, bringing faithful Eastern erudition in a forum many can recount to, edifice on his melodious strengths and insights. In this brand-new age we are blessed to be able to \'plug into\' this advanced and appealing devotional unaccustomed without having to associate half way around the the public. rnrnThis audio CD and DVD set is super value for lolly. Since purchasing it my curiousity has been aroused in Bhakti Yoga, and I\'ve not rest anything else yet, that incorporates a shade of Bhakti Yoga (ardency) with pictures! As a first introduction to Krishna Das, chanting, and Bhakti Yoga, «Greatest Hits» is the greatest you can get. You can\'t overcome. rnRegards, rnDaniel John Hancock rnrnmoving into armistice, January 18, 2007rnReviewer: wendy gilliland «practice Seva yoga» (Gray, TN) rnI own a yoga studio and train several times a week. Krishna Das\' music is always a favorite, but this CD in particular is best for a fire, sanguine yoga unaccustomed. My students lock with the pulsation, plateful them stirring a get moving smoothly through the poses, connecting with their whiff. As the chants become slower, more brooding, the unaccustomed also begins to easy. It is a wonderful change for any yoga genre. I importantly propound it!

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