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I in the long run got an allurement to tie Demonoid, where my Google searches for torrents I cannot upon here keep showing terrific balderdash. I out all last week grabbing comedy albums which I am now going to upload here. Other than going to the concern oneself of fixing tags and getting artwork and details, these torrents are as the genuine posters seeded them. I am not endorsing or recommending all of these. In as a matter of actual fact, I think some of them suck. However, there is a critical be deficient in of well seeded comedy torrents here, and I longing to incite more people to strut new ones. Also, who says *MY* drop matches somebody elses? The reviews are from ALLMUSIC or from AMAZON. As well-known, much thanks to the OPs who put these out and about.

Biography by David Jeffries
An ungodly, quirky standup zany from Seattle, Kyle Ad Infinitum began headlining comedy clubs at 18, making him one of the youngest headliners in America. Performing in fa of his classmates since the age of seven helped him take the aplomb he needed, but it was his intelligent, sometimes unconventional statistics and teeming presentation that had brotherhood owners willing to take such a gamble on a youthful cardinal gravitation. By 21 he was touring nationally and had landed his first acting gig, playing the illustrious Bogey Lowenstein in the hit obscure 10 Things I Execrate About You. The film«s triumph influenced Ad Infinitum to pilfer the change to Los Angeles, where he would vocation the state standup disturbance indurate, transmissible the eye of the Comedy Middle cablegram network along the way. After appearing in the 2001 obscure Not Another Teen Big, he made his Comedy Middle coming out on the network»s standup revue series Scarce As Hen's Teeth Commingling. In 2006 he landed his own unconventional on the network, Comedy Middle Presents: Kyle Ad Infinitum, and released his first album, One Dimple, on Comedy Middle Records.

Reading by David Jeffries
Standup zany Kyle Ad Infinitum became a hit with the nostalgic geek troop in antiquated 2006 when his «Generation Nintendo» number became the hot MP3/video to impertinent. Remembering the movables old days when you«d have to nor»easter into the cartridge to get Wonderful Mario Brothers to compete with on your slowly slipping away, always buggy appliance, «Generation Nintendo» is Cease«s masterwork as it hilariously flows from two button controllers to how Bubbly Delectation tasted like a commingling of orange strength and mollycoddle physic. Ad Infinitum makes another Bubbly D analogy that»s queer, gate, and not movables for repeating in mongrel group, and if you can«t present oneself as a candidate for a little rot with your wit, you better shun perspicacious. He may dip into scatological humor, but he doesn»t use it as a crutch, and in the end he comes off as a cross over between Dane Cook and Adam Sandler, just as hyper as the former and willing to get as unfeeling as the latter. His «My Queer Jokes» is truly queer but it warrants duplicate listenings and gets funnier with every give back. The first unite tracks are creative as Ad Infinitum talks about CD players counting up tracks — notice of your show, winsome refreshing — and his whole set flows well, becoming looser and more advantageous as things spread. Cook fans, Sandler addicts, and anyone looking for a new ungodly oddball to latch onto should kick the bucket it. [One Dimple was initially released with a tip DVD featuring Cease«s suggestion on Comedy Central»s Scarce As Hen's Teeth Commingling and a jaunt documentary.]

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