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Albums, Years & Catalog # in this Deluge:

Songs of Leonard Cohen 1967 88697 04742 2 (reissued 2007) *
Songs From A Dwell 1969 (not my rip) (reissued 2007)
Songs of Regard & Animus 1971 88697 04741 2 (reissued 2007) *
New Strip for The Old Proprieties (not my rip)
Liquidation of a Ladies Man 1977 WCK 44286 *
Up To Date Songs 1979 CK 36264 *
Various Positions 1984 WCK 90728 *
I'm Your Man 1988 CK 44191 *
The Subsequent 1992 CK 53226 *
Ten New Songs 2001 CK 85953 *
Loved Heather 2004 CK 92892 *
Old Ideas 2012 88697986712 *

Cohen Persevere 1994 CK 66327 *
Jaunt of 1979 2001 CK 66210 *
Persevere In London 2009 88697 405022 *
Persevere At The Isle of Wight 1970 2009 88697 570672 *
Songs From The Course 2010 88697 75908 2 *

The Best Of 1975 CK 34077 *
More Best of Leonard Cohen 1997 CK 68636 *

* Denotes my Rip

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From Wiki:

Leonard Norman Cohen, CC GOQ (born 21 September 1934) is a Canadian choirboy-songwriter, musician, sonneteer, and novelist. His exertion has explored dogma, political science, isolation, sexuality, and private relationships.[1] Cohen has been inducted into the American Penniless and Wave Action Theatre of Celebrity and both the Canadian Music Theatre of Celebrity and the Canadian Songwriters Theatre of Celebrity. He is also a Enchiridion of the Sorority of Canada, the nation's highest civilian glory. In 2011, Cohen received a Prince of Asturias Bestow for literature.

The critic Bruce Eder assessed Cohen«s overall craft in stylish music by asserting that «[he is] one of the most fascinating and enigmatic … singer/songwriters of the »60s … [and] has retained an audience across four decades of music-making … Second only to Bob Dylan (and perhaps Paul Simon) [in terms of pull], he commands the acclaim of critics and younger musicians more steadfastly than any other tuneful physique from the 1960s who is still working at the kick-off of the 21st century.»[2]

The Academy of American Poets has commented more broadly on Cohen«s overall craft in the arts, including his exertion as a sonneteer, novelist, and songwriter, stating that «[Cohen»s] well-fixed blending of verse, fiction, and music is made most unencumbered in Outlander Music: Selected Poems and Songs, published in 1993, which gathered more than 200 of Cohen's poems … several novel excerpts, and almost 60 flap lyrics … While it may seem to some that Leonard Cohen departed from the literary in employment of the tuneful, his fans go on to make use of him as a New Dawn man who straddles the fugitive artistic borderlines.»

Songs of Leonard Cohen 1967 (reissued 2007)

Songs of Leonard Cohen is the 1967 coming out album of Canadian musician Leonard Cohen. It foreshadowed the subsequent technique of his craft, with less sensation in the Allied States and far better in Europe, reaching #83 on the Billboard table but achieving gold pre-eminence only in 1989, while it reached #13 in UK and consumed nearly a year and a half in the UK album charts.


1. «Suzanne» – 3:48
2. «Master Song» – 5:55
3. «Winter Lady» – 2:15
4. «The Outlander Song» – 5:00
5. «Sisters of Mercy» – 3:32
6. «So Large, Marianne» – 5:38
7. «Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye» – 2:55
8. «Stories of the Street» – 4:35
9. «Teachers» – 3:01
10. «One of Us Cannot Be Wrong» – 4:23
11. «Store Room» – 5:06
12. «Blessed Is the Memory» – 3:03

Songs From A Room 1969 (reissued 2007)

Songs from a Dwell is the second album by Canadian musician Leonard Cohen, released in 1969. It reached #63 on the US Billboard 200 and #2 on the UK charts. Cohen reportedly said he chose organizer Bob Johnston to attain the rigid earshot he considered appropriate for his songs, after the disputes he had with John Simon during the mixing sessions of Songs of Leonard Cohen. The album also features some prestigious (if strictly embellishing) jaw harp. This reckon was first begun in Hollywood in May, 1968 with David Crosby as organizer.[1] That didn't exertion out, and the album was at the end of the day produced in Nashville with Bob Johnston. Two of the tracks from the Crosby sessions are included as perquisite tracks on the 2007 remaster side.


1. «Bird on the Wire» — 3:28
2. «Story of Isaac» — 3:38
3. «A Clutch of Deserted Heroes» — 3:18
4. «The Partisan» — 3:29
5. «Seems So Large Ago, Nancy» — 3:41
6. «The Old Revolution» — 4:50
7. «The Butcher» — 3:22
8. «You Know Who I Am» — 3:32
9. «Lady Midnight» — 3:01
10. «Tonight Will Be Fine» — 3:53
11. «Like a Bird (Bird on the Wire)» — 3:21
12. «Nothing to One (You Know Who I Am)» — 2:17

Songs Of Regard & Animus 1971 (reissued 2007)

Songs of Regard and Animus is Canadian choirboy-songwriter Leonard Cohen's third album. It was mainly recorded in Columbia Studio A in Nashville from September 22–26, 1970. «Sing Another Flap, Boys» was recorded at the Isle of Wight Feast on August 30, 1970. Further recording took lay at Trident Studios in London. The album reached #145 on the US Billboard 200, but was his most commercially well-fixed album in many other parts of the fabulous, reaching #4 in the UK and #8 in Australia.


1. «Avalanche» — 5:07
2. «Last Year's Man» — 6:02
3. «Dress Run-Through Rag» — 6:12
4. «Diamonds in the Mine» — 3:52
5. «Love Calls You by Your Name» — 5:44
6. «Famous Downhearted Raincoat» — 5:15
7. «Sing Another Flap, Boys» (Persevere at the Isle of Wight Feast, August 31, 1970) — 6:17
8. «Joan of Arc» — 6:29
9. «Dress Run-Through Rag» (Perquisite trail, at daybreak side, an outtake recorded during the Songs From a Dwell sessions, 1968) — 5:37

New Strip for the Old Proprieties 1974

New Strip for the Old Proprieties is the fourth studio album by Leonard Cohen. On this album, he begins to evolve away from the rawer earshot of his earlier albums, with violas, mandolins, banjos, guitars, percussion and other instruments giving the album a more orchestrated (but nevertheless modest) earshot. The album is silver-toned in the UK, but never dented the Billboard Top 200.


1. «Is This What You Wanted» – 4:13
2. «Chelsea B & B #2» – 3:06
3. «Lover Lover Lover» – 3:19
4. «Field Commander Cohen» – 3:59
5. «Why Don't You Try» – 3:50
6. «There Is a War» – 2:59
7. «A Choirboy Must Die» – 3:17
8. «I Tried to Resign From You» – 2:40
9. «Who by Fire» – 2:33
10. «Take This Longing» – 4:06
11. «Leaving Na Sleeves» – 2:38

Death Of A Ladies Man 1977

Liquidation of a Ladies« Man is the fifth studio album by Leonard Cohen. Produced and co-written by the storied Phil Spector, it was a amaze to some fans when the give utterance of typically minimalist Cohen was surrounded, some critics said submerged flatly, by Spector»s Try of Earshot, which included multiple tracks of whatnot overdubs. The album was from the first released by Warner Bros., but was later picked up by Cohen«s longtime pigeon-hole, Columbia Records. Fifteen songs were written by the two over a course of three weeks, and Spector described it as «some faithful fuckin» music«. Not everyone agreed with this assessment, preferring Cohen«s earlier acoustic nation music to the jazz-, penniless- and even funk-influenced arrangements. Among the seven unidentified outtakes is probably »Do I Have to Trip The Light Fantastic Toe All Night«. A persevere recording was released in France as a celibate in 1976. Bob Dylan and Allen Ginsberg sang backup vocals on the chorus of »Don»t Go Dwelling-Lay with Your Earnestly-on».


1. «True Regard Leaves No Traces» – 4:26
2. «Iodine» – 5:03
3. «Paper Slight Hotel» – 5:42
4. «Memories» – 5:59
5. «I Liberal a Cleaning Woman Waiting» – 3:28
6. «Don't Go Dwelling-Lay with Your Earnestly-On» – 5:36
7. «Fingerprints» – 2:58
8. «Death of a Ladies' Man» – 9:19

Recent Songs 1979

Up To Date Songs is the sixth studio album by Leonard Cohen, released in 1979. Produced by Leonard Cohen and Henry Lewy, it was a renewal to Cohen«s acoustic nation music after the Phil Spector experimentation of Liquidation of a Ladies» Man, but now with many jazz and Oriental influences. The album included Gypsy violin competitor Raffi Hakopian, Armenian oud competitor (located in Los Angeles) John Bilezikjian and even a Mexican Mariachi ensemble. Large-everything Cohen collaborator Jennifer Warnes prominently appeared in vocal tracks. Members of the ensemble Rider, whom Cohen met through Joni Mitchell, played on four of the songs. They also served as his jaunt ensemble later that year and in 1980. Mitchell had also introduced Cohen to her perfect earshot plan Henry Lewy, who produced Up To Date Songs. Garth Hudson of The Ensemble also appeared on the album. The painting of Cohen on the album dress is by the artist Dianne Lawrence.


1. «The Guests» — 6:40
2. «Humbled in Love» — 5:15
3. «The Window» — 5:56
4. «Came So Far for Beauty» (Cohen, John Lissauer) — 4:04
5. "The Down The Drain Canadian — 4:42
6. «The Traitor» — 6:16
7. «Our Lady of Solitude» — 3:13
8. «The Gypsy's Wife» — 5:13
9. «The Smokey Life» — 5:19
10. «Ballad of the Gone Mare» — 6:26

Various Positions 1984

Various Positions is the seventh studio album by Leonard Cohen, released in December 1984 (and February 1985). It conspicuous not only his eventuate to the up to date earshot and use of synthesizers (particularly on the crevice trail), but also, after his exertion on harmonies and investment vocals on the one-everything Up To Date Songs (1979), an even greater contribution from Jennifer Warnes, who is credited equally to Cohen as chorus-member on all of the tracks.


1. «Dance Me to the End of Love» — 4:38
2. «Coming Rearwards to You» — 3:32
3. «The Law» — 4:27
4. «Night Comes On» — 4:40
5. «Hallelujah» — 4:36
6. «The Captain» — 4:06
7. «Hunter's Lullaby» — 2:24
8. «Heart with No Companion» — 3:04
9. «If It Be Your Will» — 3:43

I'm Your Man 1988

I«m Your Man is the eighth studio album by Leonard Cohen,[4] released in 1988. The album conspicuous Cohen»s further stir up to a more up to date earshot, with many songs having a synthpop setting. «First We Take Manhattan» had been released the one-everything year by Jennifer Warnes on her album of Cohen songs, Conspicuous Downhearted Raincoat. The flap «Everybody Knows» was one of Cohen«s first chirography collaborations with Sharon Robinson, who would become a attend regularly collaborator in the subsequent. Most conspicuously, Robinson co-wrote every flap on Cohen»s 2001 junket Ten New Songs. In «Tower of Song», Cohen discusses songwriting and acknowledges the pull of Hank Williams («a hundred floors above me»).


1. «First We Take Manhattan»
2. «Ain't No Medicine for Love»
3. «Everybody Knows» (Cohen, Sharon Robinson)
4. «I'm Your Man»
5. «Take This Waltz» (Cohen, Federico García Lorca)
6. «Jazz Police» (Cohen, Jeff Fisher)
7. «I Can't Forget»
8. «Tower of Song»

The Subsequent 1992

The Subsequent is the ninth studio album by Canadian choirboy-songwriter Leonard Cohen, released in 1992. The actress Rebecca De Mornay, who dated Cohen in the at daybreak 1990s, was credited as a co-organizer of the album along with Cohen himself. The album includes Cohen's covers of the Irving Berlin flap «Always» and the Frederick Knight flap «Be For Real.» The Subsequent is also the only Leonard Cohen studio album to subsume an supportive Cohen set-up («Tacoma Trailer»).


1. «The Future» – 6:41
2. «Waiting for the Miracle» (Cohen, Sharon Robinson) – 7:42
3. «Be for Real» (Frederick Knight) – 4:32
4. «Closing Time»– 6:00
5. «Anthem» – 6:09
6. «Democracy» – 7:13
7. «Light as the Breeze» – 7:14
8. «Always» (Irving Berlin) – 8:04
9. «Tacoma Trailer» – 5:57

Ten New Songs 2001

Ten New Songs is Leonard Cohen«s tenth studio album, released in 2001. It was co-written and produced by Sharon Robinson. She played all the instruments except for Bob Metzger»s guitar exertion on «In My Esoteric Life». The album peaked at #143 on the Billboard 200, #4 in Canada (where it went platinum), #1 in Poland[6] (where it went platinum [7]) and #1 in Norway. Ten New Songs was the first Cohen album to be recorded and produced digitally. It was produced in Cohen«s and Robinson»s dwelling-lay studios in Los Angeles.


1. «In My Esoteric Life» – 4:55
2. «A Thousand Kisses Deep» – 6:29
3. «That Don't Mould It Junk» – 4:28
4. «Here It Is» – 4:18
5. «Love Itself» – 5:26
6. «By the Rivers Dark» – 5:20
7. «Alexandra Leaving» (based on «The God Abandons Antony», a lyric by Constantine P. Cavafy) – 5:25
8. «You Have Loved Enough» – 5:41
9. «Boogie Street» – 6:04
10. «The Win of Plenty» – 4:35

Dear Heather 2004

Loved Heather is the eleventh studio album by Canadian choirboy-songwriter Leonard Cohen, released by Columbia Records in 2004. It shows a further departure from Ten New Songs, with more female misguide singing and a conspicuous further in present verse over sung lyrics, two of these being poems by other writers. The album was set to appear under the ownership Old Ideas, but Cohen changed the ownership as he was assured it would give someone a bum steer people to believe that it was a compilation or a «The Best of» album. The scrapped name is now the name of Cohen«s twelfth album that was released in 2012. Again, Cohen recorded it digitally in his and Sharon Robinson»s dwelling-lay studios in Los Angeles, as he did with his one-everything album, Ten New Songs.


1. «Go No More A-Roving» (words by Swagger Byron, lyric «So, we'll go no more a roving») – 3:40
2. «Because Of» – 3:00
3. «The Letters» (Cohen, Sharon Robinson) – 4:44
4. «Undertow» – 4:20
5. «Morning Glory» – 3:28
6. «On That Day» (Cohen, Anjani Thomas) – 2:04
7. «Villanelle for Our Time» (words by F. R. Scott) – 5:55
8. «There for You» (Cohen, Robinson) – 4:36
9. «Dear Heather» – 3:41
10. «Nightingale» (Cohen, Thomas) – 2:27
11. «To a Teacher» – 2:32
12. «The Faith» (music based on a Quebec nation flap, see «Un Canadien errant») – 4:17
13. «Tennessee Waltz» (Redd Stewart, Pee Wee Royal, additional verse by Cohen) [Persevere at Montreux Jazz Feast] – 4:05

Old Ideas 2012

Old Ideas is the twelfth studio album by Canadian choirboy-songwriter Leonard Cohen, released in January 2012. It is Cohen«s highest-charting circulate in the Allied States, reaching enumerate 3 on the Billboard 200, 44 years after the circulate of his first album. The album topped the charts in 11 countries, including Finland, where Cohen became, at the age of 77, the oldest table-topper, during the album»s coming out week.[20][21] The album was released on Janua

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