Whiskey Myers - Primeval Morning Shakes [2014][EAC/FLAC]

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Whiskey Myers — Primeval Morning Shakes [2014][EAC/FLAC]

FLAC / Lossless / Log (100%) / Cue
Label/Cat#: Wiggy Thump / WM 95515
Country: USA
Year: February 4, 2014
Genre: americana,red soil rock
Format: CD, Album

01. Anciently Morning Shakes (03:17)
02. Hostile Row to Hoe (04:27)
03. Dogwood (04:14)
04. Dwelling-Place from the Sprinkle (03:37)
05. Old Folks' (03:31)
06. Headstone (04:19)
07. Where the Sun Don't Smashing (03:29)
08. Retribution (04:30)
09. Unmanageable Pamper Rattle Me (05:53)
10. Lightning (05:48)
11. Need a Little Rhythm Off for Bad Behavior (03:27)
12. Colloquy (06:13)

Early Morning Shakes, the third squarely-span from Tyler, Texas« Whiskey Myers, was produced by old-timer Dave Cobb (who also helmed the sessions for Jason Isbell»s Southeastern). Frontman Cody Cannon and institution hang on to the hostile-edged maker of Southern boulder they«ve pursued from the creation, leaving most traces of the Red Soil scene»s maker of power from 2011«s Firewater and their self-titled enter fading in the rearview. (Firewater actually debuted at figure 26 on Billboard»s Power Albums .) There are power tinges here, especially in the smashing «Dogwood» and «Shelter from the Sprinkle,» but these have more in stale with the music on Dickey Betts« Highway Ring Up than Nashville, and there are two attractive, in proficient part acoustic numbers («Reckoning» and «Colloquy»). These cuts analyse the exceptions on the set. The hit the sack of these songs are constructed of thunderous and proud guitar riffs, popping rim shots, and blues-boulder that nod equally to Led Zeppelin and Lynyrd Skynyrd. (Though they should have known better than to recording «Hard Avenue to Hoe,» which is a loud rip-off of the former»s trademark «Heartbreaker» vamp.) Cobb«s collaboration with the combo unite adds an formidable constituent, and one that Skynyrd used to proficient implication: a soaring, profound, female sponsorship chorus that draws completely on the stimulus of Muscle Shoals-era R&B. It adds another dimension to the associate-guitar start of Cody Tate and John Jeffers (who never stroll off into self-patience here). Dash the set»s first solitary select, «Home,» the slit christen tail find, and «Wild Pamper Rattle Me» for three smashing examples. «Where the Sun Don«t Shine» delves too thoroughly into Texas«s Red Dirt»s wanna-be-brigand songwriting xenophobia. On the other transfer, the reading of David Allan Coe«s «Need a Little Rhythm Off for Bad Behavior» features the swampy, Yawning Purple-esque annual, chugging harmonica, whinnying lap inure, and female sponsorship vocals of the underived while adding canny new textures and a funkier, greasier architecture glyph. Anciently Morning Shakes breaks no new prepare, but Whiskey Myers aren»t trying to. Though the combo unite still needs to blurred more on its songwriting, this set gives the listener a verifiable bear for Whiskey Myers» actual closeness, making this set a kinetic (mostly) enjoyable whole.

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