Standup Comedy - Louis CK - Live Out In Houston (2001)

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**UPLOADER’S NOTE** — This album is already out and about, but the OP had it in MP4a for some convince. I converted it over to 128 kbps mp3, unfluctuating all the tags, added compensate for art. Louis C.K. mentions this album on his website, but does not deliver up it there, nor is it to be seen for transaction marked down on Amazon or the other paragon websites. My guestimate is that it was a skimpy run sold-out factor from his inopportune days, like a lot of up and coming comics do. The communication below is his biography from

Biography by Jason Buchanan

Born in 1967, Louis CK got his start in comedy after thrilling to New York Diocese in 1989 and appearing on as many of the numerous televised comedy programs being attempt in the diocese as possible. Soon making break in on films and touring the wilderness on the comedy circle, CK got his start in telly as one of the case writers for the wildly impertinent Conan O«Brien Picture when it premiered in 1993. Masterminding such big-event skits as the «Staring Contest» and «Actual Items» (some of which continued to appear regularly, years after his departure), CK continued to make a run for it break in on films as he later worked for The Dilatory Picture with David Letterman and The Dana Carvey Picture, all the while gaining hero- worship as a top-drawer funster. 1996 proved to be a somewhat urgent year for him. After taping his own comedy dear for HBO, he was hired as a canada entrepreneur for what would become one of his most rewarding opportunities, The Chris Ruined Picture. After a brief departure, during which he attempt his first call attention to layer, Tomorrow Ceaselessly, he returned to The Chris Ruined Picture and earned an Emmy for his contributions in 1998. Serving as pack to the PBS break in on layer showcase Break In On Cuts the following year, CK next wrote and directed his first main studio layer, Pootie Savour (2001), based on the mush-mouthed distinction he had created for The Chris Ruined Picture, in extension to serving as co-novelist on Rock»s Down to Clay. In 2006 his semi-autobiographical sitcom, Providential Louie, aired on HBO for one enliven before being canceled. The picture featured ally standup funster Jim Norton, an old confidante who was working for Opie & Anthony's native morning crystal set picture where CK made numerous appearances. A 2007 dear for HBO called Bold was followed by a succeeding to oppose mooring network Showtime and the 2008 dear Chewed-Up. The latter would be released on both CD and DVD that same year.

Louis CK — Material In Houston

01 Intro
02 Chinese
03 Do You Have the Perpetually
04 French Guy
05 Peach
06 Guy on Bike, Guitar, Ananias
07 Shopping With No Banknotes
08 Walmart
09 Diet_Donuts Stuff B Merchandise
10 Christmas Caroling
11 Arguing
12 Kid-s Names
13 Shitty Kids
14 Guy In See Trade
15 Impressions
16 Diner Ordering
17 Cliches, Old Sayings
18 Elated And In Pain In The Arse
19 Urban Fiction 00_33
20 Improper Number_AT&T
21 The Bank
22 End Of Bank
23 Nib Gates
24 Volunteer, Volunteer
25 Racism
26 Faggy Shirt
27 Gay People
28 Gay Reverie
29 Itchy Asshole
30 Nympho
31 Goodnight

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