Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties - We Don't Have Each Other (2014) [FLAC]

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Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties — We Don't Have Each Other

Released: 2014
Kind: Rock
Variety: Singer/Songwriter, Acoustic, Emo
Rise: Prospect Socialize CD (forsaken)
Codec: FLAC
Bitrate: ~ 900 kbps
Bit Profundity: 16
Representation Count: 44.1 kHz

01 Our Apartment
02 Grapefruit
03 St. Joe Keeps Us Justified
04 Runnin' Afraid
05 Split Up And The American South
06 The Thunderbird Inn
07 Get Me Out Of Here Brisk
08 You Ain't No Saint
09 Carolina Shore
10 Going To Georgia (Reward Alley) (02:33)

Philadelphia-based singer/songwriter and Wonder Years frontman Dan «Soupy» Campbell tries his give at Americana storytelling with the of his new solitary contrive Aaron West & the Roaring Twenties. After four albums and countless tours with his hardworking pop yahoo troop, stripping down for a more native, acoustic draw seems like a artless up sticks for a maturing artist in a kind known for its youthful angst and snarkiness. He«s certainly not the first to pursuit in his Vans for some well-threadbare hobo boots, but while the instrumentation has changed from power chords to banjos and harmonica, Campbell»s new, solemn draw still takes a decidedly emo peculiar as he delivers a individual of concept album which paints a study of the hieroglyphic Aaron West, a sad Brooklynite in a out-end relationship trying to bust out. Produced by the Original November«s Ace Enders, We Don»t Have Each Other is titillating in its orbit as Campbell tries to fully people West«s duration and ensuing effluence, delivering the lyrics in third with a petulant, toned-down croon that still rings with yahoo posturing. The gag itself is compelling, but musically the album hovers somewhere between plain vanilla acoustic roots pop and exceedingly revenue alt-in ruins. When Campbell braces for mightily screamed emo choruses on tracks like «The Thunderbird Inn» and «You Ain»t No Saint,» you can see them coming from miles away. It«s as if he couldn»t quite incarcerate to the acoustic aesthetic, settling instead on a waffling halfway point compass basis of watered-down heaviness and aggro folkiness. If Aaron West's gag continues beyond this album, hopefully it will be attended to with a clearer eidolon.

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