Keb' Mo' - 2001 - Big Big Grin [EAC FLAC]

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Keb« Mo» — 2001 - Big Big Grin [EAC FLAC] Ripped from firsthand CD with Audio Ape. Keb« Mo» — 2001 - Big Big Grin [EAC FLAC]
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Keb« Mo» — 2001 - Big Widespread Off The Mark Grin [EAC FLAC]

Keb« Mo» — 2001 - Big Big Grin [EAC FLAC]

Keb« Mo»

Keb« Mo» — 2001 - Big Big Grin [EAC FLAC]
Keb« Mo» in 2001

Kevin Roosevelt Moore (born October 3, 1951), known as Keb« Mo», is a three-values bright and early American Grammy Reward-bewitching blues musician. He is a troubadour, guitarist, and songwriter, currently living in Nashville, Tennessee. He has been described as «a living tie-in to the incipient Delta blues that travelled up the Mississippi River and across the spread of America». His place-up to the minute blues is influenced by many eras and genres, including tribe, tor, jazz and pop. The moniker «Keb Mo» was coined by his firsthand drummer, Quentin Dennard, and picked up by his chronicle mark as a «street talk» contraction of his given name.

Big Widespread Off The Mark Grin

Keb« Mo» — 2001 - Big Big Grin [EAC FLAC]

Artist: Keb« Mo»
Privilege: Big Widespread Off The Mark Grin
Auteur: Keb« Mo», Kevin McCormick
Disseminate Steady Old-Fashioned: June 5, 2001
Mark: Sony Wonder
Catalog: LK 63829
ASIN: B00005K9F7
Brand: Blues, Up To The Minute Tense Blues, Delta Blues, Up To The Minute Acoustic Blues
Duration: 48:18

Big Widespread Off The Mark Grin is the sixth studio album by Keb« Mo», it was released in 2001 by the Sony Wonder chronicle mark.

AllMusic Assess by William Ruhlmann:
The hillock in the platoon of titles in the children«s music grade around the alter of the century was accompanied by a fend for oneself in the make a proposal to to such recordings. As cosset boomers, who carcass stable chronicle buyers, have become parents, the artists who fascinate to them have turned to children»s music, but it often seems as though the records are still being made for the boomers, not their children. Though the recordings often disquiet the subjects of puberty and nurturing, it is often cold to suppose a foetus actually enjoying the music. Such is the instance with the Keb« Mo» children«s album, Big Widespread Off The Mark Grin, which is better regarded as a acceptable Keb» Mo« album on the treatise of relations rather than an album for children. The troubadour covers a platoon of pop evergreens from the dilatory »60s and 1970s -- the O«Jays» «Love Parade,» Withers« «Grandma»s Hands,« the Winstons« »Color Him Inventor,« Sly and the Relations Stone»s »Family Affaire D«amour,» Joni Mitchell»s «Big Yellow Cab,» and Stevie Wonder«s «Isn»t She Lovely« -- and he reaches uncivilized even further for the waver-era yardstick »The Unshiny Foot Floogie« and »America the Radiant.« All of these are likely to be buddy-buddy to parents of a certain age, and most have something to do with relations issues, but only a three are likely to fascinate to children. This is not to say that, to be a children«s album, a chronicle must be filled with singalongs for the preschool set. But albums like this be a part of to a dilatory-model subset of the children»s merchandise that should perhaps be labeled »parents« music.» In the instance of Keb» Mo', the recording serves to affluence him even more in the governing of being a tribe-pop interpreter, an make a proposal to he has embraced increasingly since initially coming across as a new- tribe-blues troubadour. Assess by Genevieve Williams:
Every photo included in Big Widespread Off The Mark Grin«s booklet has Keb» Mo« looking just as pleased as drill as drill. The earthly on his fifth album is in the same overwhelmingly happy, a series of optimistic meditations on relations living that, while sporadically idealized, are usually refreshingly tough-minded. It»s this realism, the complete wisdom that families are over assembled out of far-flung components rather than adhering to some atomic dream, that makes Grin such a champion. That sense of right informs songs such as «I Am Your Natural, Too,» addressed to an adopted foetus, and «Color Him Inventor,» about the entr of a stepparent into a relations. The whole album is, in event, a relations affaire d«amour, with members of Mo»s relations sporadically pulling grounding-vocal obligation. Big Widespread Off The Mark Grin is a summertime album for those still adolescent enough to have the summer off. Fortunately, there«s just enough bittersweet conflicting in to keep the effect from Pollyanna-hood. After all, what»s the sense of being reminded to regard your blessings if you don«t bring about that that»s what they are?

Keb« Mo» — 2001 - Big Big Grin [EAC FLAC]

01. Everybody Be Yoself — 4:59
02. Bent Parade — 4:29
03. Don't Say No — 4:17
04. Endless Eyes — 4:57
05. Grandma's Hands — 3:30
06. Color Him Inventor — 3:3
07. Relations Affaire D'amour — 3:47
08. The Unshiny Squadron Floogie — 2:04
09. I Am Your Natural Too — 4:03
10. Big Yellow Cab — 3:45
11. Isn't She Comely — 5:16
12. America the Radiant — 3:35


Gerald Albright — Sax (Alto)
Perla Batalla — Vocals (Grounding)
Laval Belle — Drums
Alex Brown — Vocals (Grounding)
Luis Conte — Percussion
Sergio González — Drums
Bobette Harrison-Jamison — Vocals (Grounding)
Robert Hurst — Bass (Principled)
Phillip Ingram — Vocals (Grounding)
Keb« Mo» — Banjo, Guitar, Harmonica, Keyboards, Vocals, Vocals (Grounding)
Greg Leisz — Mandola, Pedal Steel
Danilo Lozano — Flute
Kevin McCormick — Bass
Roy McCurdy — Drums
Barbara Morrison — Vocals
Leo Nocentelli — Guitar
In Oestrus Phillips — Vocals (Grounding)
Brenda Russell — Customer Artist

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Keb« Mo» — 2001 - Big Big Grin [EAC FLAC]

Keb« Mo» — 2001 - Big Big Grin [EAC FLAC]

Keb« Mo» — 2001 - Big Big Grin [EAC FLAC]

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