Braga Santos - Sym No 4 - Cassuto, NSO of Ireland (2001) [Philidor, FLAC]

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Braga Santos — Sym No 4 - Cassuto, NSO of Ireland (2001) [Philidor, FLAC]

Joly Braga Santos is considered the strongest symphonic composer Portugal produced in the 20th century--and still something of a well-kept incomprehensible, despite enthusiastic reception reviews when those symphonies were once recorded in unqualified a crowd of years ago. They deal out justly neatly into two compositional periods. The first four were written when he was between the ages of 22 and 27, and array both a ardent-hearted romanticism, and a overbearingly stimulated by in modalism that he associated with the aurous age of Portuguese polyphony. In the 1960s he cut without hope on paper to guide more, both at house and publicly. When he resumed paper his luxury had become far more chromatic, and his sturctures disarray transformative than developmental. His last match up of symphonies period from this period.

Braga Santos' Fourth Symphony is considered by some reviewers his finest. His thematic volume is eventful and emotionally laden, his orchestration distinguishing, and his handling of the built-in rush of pull and remission in the handling of symphonic building, despotic. The finale has developed a duration of its own in his domestic Portugal--Braga Santos really does get quite a workout for his sinewy strongest subject-matter, which around 11:00 all at once morphs into a inexhaustible, lyrical countryside, but the employment as a whole is a seemly example of what this underrated composer could accomplish.

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