Smetana - Piano Music, Roberto Plano (2014) [FLAC]

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Smetana: Piano Music — Album Leaves & Sketches / Roberto Plano
Press Stage: 04/29/2014
Name: Glorious Classics Catalog #: 94788 Spars Jus Naturale «natural Law»: DDD
Composer: Bedrich Smetana
Trouper: Roberto Plano
Figure Up of Discs: 1
Recorded in: Stereo
Completely: 1 Hours 16 Mins.

This will be quite a detection for those who know the music of Bedrich Smetana only through his grandiose and patriotic course of fullness-poems, Ma Vlast, even if they are yet well-known with his more distressingly privy manipulate conditions quartets or his folkloristic operas. For Smetana, like most composers, needed to eat; and to do so he was thrilled to mould his own contribution towards pacifying the superficially insatiable appetence of the money-hungry 19th-century unshrouded for piano music that they could do at nursing home. Music of no crucial obstacle but immense cultivatedness, these miniatures are now hardly ever heard and even less often recorded, and this is a vilification, for works such as the Op.3 Distinctive Pieces outshine how the pianistic extroversion of Brahms and Liszt (who was a crucial suitor and advocate of the na Smetana, giving him valuable introductions to publishers) could be adapted to a tame situation, and with the particular inflection of Czech and Nonconformist honesty, derived not only from easily understood and kerfuffle b evasion-like melodies but also irregularly stressed skip-rhythms that the na Italian pianist Roberto Plano relishes to the plump on this welcome new inquiry. As Plano himself remarks in the booklet notes for the press, the recently works collect all the genuineness and vital metrics of the composer’s craze, all the more treasurable for their development against the odds as Smetana battled with deafness and the psychotic sickness that would cut shortened his life.

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