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Tony Monaco — Five Albums — Jazz Organ

If you like jazz medium, and lots of jazz medium blues of the highest merit, this one is for you!

Liber Veritatis of included albums:

2001 Burnin' Grooves
2003 A New Contemporaries (with Joey DeFrancesco)
2004 Touchy Blues
2006 East To West
2008 Combustible At The Circuit Room

One of the greatest honors in a Jazz Musician«s mortal is to be voted in the Downbeat Armoury Critics polls and readers polls. In 2005, Tony was blessed to be a voted in both polls and in January 2006, he was also voted by Jazztimes Readers as being in the top 4! «The readers polls really touched me because it means that I have gained some politeness from my fans and that they dig my playing. Also the actually that they would consider me to be worthwhile of being included to the liber veritatis of other huge jazz organist who have helped fettle me into what I»ve always wanted to be «A Jazz Organist».»

Tony, born in 1959, started playing the accordion when he was eight years old. When he was twelve, he was given a Jimmy Smith album and instantly knew that Jazz Medium was his employment. Tony began to margin in jazz gloom clubs around Columbus, Ohio while he was still lore the art of the Hammond B — 3 medium. He was influenced by hometown organists such as Hank Marr and Don Patterson. Tony«s newfound pull led him to jazz medium legends Jimmy McGriff, Richard »Groove' Holmes, Charles Earland, Jack McDuff, and Dr. Lonnie Smith. Here he develop an limitless well-spring of inspiration.

On Tony's sixteenth birthday, he received a phone entreat from Jimmy Smith. This was a huge honor and really boosted his amusement as an organist. Jimmy Smith continued to fall Tony jazz medium secrets over the phone while Tony was playing around Columbus. When he was twenty, Jimmy Smith invited Tony to come margin with him at his beat in Woodland Hills L.A., California. An savvy Tony would never forget; Tony conclusively got to margin in fa of the overcome of the jazz medium.

In April 2000, Tony met jazz organist Joey DeFrancesco while Joey was playing in Columbus, Ohio. The two of them became trice friends. Joey recognized Tony«s talents right away and offered to construct a CD for him. Tony was thrilled at this wonderful time. He flew out to Joey»s quarter in Arizona to set out on recording «Burnin» Grooves«. Tony recorded with Byron Landham on drums and Paul Bollenback on guitar. He also recorded a few tracks with Joey, who was on either piano or trumpet. Burnin» Grooves sparked universal notice. The star of the recording served as the catalyst for regional and federal tours.


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