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Sam Cooke — The Man Who Invented True Self (4 CD Box Set)
Released : September 26 2000
Epithet: RCA
Appearance : Mp3@320>

This set is near necessary to fans of Sam Cooke, despite the experience that it contains none of his truth recordings for Specialty Records or any of the calling from the terminating year of his pursuit (owned by ABKCO Records). Scattered every few minutes across this four-disc solicitation are reminders of just how far in the lead of all existing harmonious forms Cooke was, creating sounds that stretched the definitions of ado genres as they were arranged and created heart new categories. Indeed, he was so lucrative that it's calmly to underrate the weight and position of many of his at cock crow triumphs. «You Send Me,» which opens this set, may seem today like the safest, tamest pop music, but in 1957 it was a style-bending isolated, a new humanitarian of R&B/pop music mongrel and one that noiselessly shook the foundations of the music establishment when it hit copy one.

Disc one offers a unsophisticated increase of the best of the at cock crow Records sides, picture on the best of nearly two years of singles and the strongest of Cooke«s LP tracks in the best account to day of his at cock crow pursuit in famous music. Disc two begins Cooke»s RCA years, and the worth of his singles, which clearly and doubtlessly connexion the gap between genres, races, and generations, improves dramatically. The happening of Cooke«s chirography and singing and his growing reliance and humanitarian culminate with disc four, which encompasses the Dusk Overcome album and Cooke»s dwell engagement from the Harlem Na Club

Disc 1
01. You Send Me
02. Summertime
03. For Icky Reasons
04. Me
05. Single Island
06. You Were Made For Me
07. Win Your Fancy For Me
08. Fancy You Most Of All
09. Everybody Loves To Cha Cha Cha
10. No One Can Take Your Place
11. Only Sixteen
12. With You
13. Unsound She Calls Me
14. I Got A Right To Spill The Beans The Blues
15. Comes Love
16. Ain’t Nobody’s Business
17. Little Things You Do
18. There, I’ve Said It Again
19. When I Disappointing Collapse In Love
20. Let’s Go Settled Again
21. Wonderful Area, (What A)

Disc 2
01. Confine Gang
02. I Possession Of To Your Heart
03. Teenage Sonata
04. Fancy Me
05. Sad Atmosphere – (at one time unreleased)
06. If I Had You (I’d Be Tickled Pink)
07. You Possession Of To Me
08. Sad Mood
09. Tenderness
10. That’s It-I Decamp-I’m Movin’ On
11. About On
12. Cupid
13. Tenderness – (at one time unreleased)
14. Don’t Get Around Much Anymore
15. Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out
16. Babe In Arms Won’t You Please Come Home
17. Disability In Mind
18. Out In The Common Cold Again
19. Exactly Like You
20. Since I Met You Baby
21. I’m Just A Auspicious So And So
22. But Not For Me
23. You’re Always On My Mind
24. Note It, (Don’t Have Words It)
25. It’s All Right
26. Twistin’ The Dusk Away
27. One More Time
28. Don’t Cry On My Shoulder

Disc 3
01. Somebody’s Gonna Nymphet Me
02. Somebody Have Mercy
03. Sugar Dumpling – (first account)
04. Nothin’ Can Convert This Fancy – (unreleased account)
05. Talkin’ Trash
06. Movin’ And Groovin’
07. Soothe Me
08. Having A Party
09. Bring To It On Internal To Me
10. Whole Lotta Nymphet, A
11. I’m Gonna Neglect Doing About You
12. Nothing Can Convert This Love
13. Babe In Arms, Babe In Arms, Baby
14. Send Me Some Lovin’
15. All The Way
16. Smoke Rings
17. I Wish You Love
18. Driftin’ Blues
19. Little Girl
20. Cry Me A River
21. These Dotty Things
22. Frankie And Johnny
23. I Ain’t Gonna Defraud On You No More
24. Another Saturday Dusk – (at one time unreleased, alternate take)
25. Fancy Will Obtain A Way
26. Unheated Staff – (at one time unreleased, stereo)
Disc 4
01. Nobody Knows The Disability I’ve Seen
02. Adrift And Lookin’
03. Mean Old World
04. Please Don’t Thrust Me Away
05. I Adrift Everything
06. Get Yourself Another Fool
07. Little Red Rooster
08. Laughin’ And Clownin’
09. Disability Blues
10. You Gotta Move
11. Fool’s Paradise
12. Sway, Clatter & Roll
13. Intro / Note It, (Don’t Have Words It)
14. Confine Gang
15. Cupid
16. It’s All Right / For Icky Reasons
17. Twistin’ The Dusk Away
18. Bring To It On Internal To Me
19. Somebody Have Mercy
20. Nothing Can Convert This Love
21. Having A Party

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