Josh Garrels - Over Oceans [2006] [FLAC]

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Josh Garrels — Over Oceans [2006] [FLAC]

Artist: Discharge: Over Oceans
MusicBrainz: 5e3d04d2-35eb — 4c7a-a2fb — 186ae7a2d6d4
Released: 2006
Class: Limited Voice
Surroundings: US
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01. Vim by Ceaselessly (04:49)
02. Over Oceans (06:02)
03. Ruling (03:53)
04. SISU (05:55)
05. My Foetus (05:57)
06. Break Out In Bread (06:13)
07. Honeyed River Turn Over And Over (05:40)
08. Songbird (04:38)
09. Sufficient Friday (06:49)
10. YHWH (05:20)
11. Coach At A Bargain Price A Fuss (07:17)
12. Birth At A Bargain Price A Fuss (05:37)

As much as most of us might want to steer clear of feelings of paralyzing helplessness and vulnerability, there's still something spirituous and alarmingly appealing about drinking from those inebriating vials through music. And for those moments when it's us singing our own melancholic tribe at a bargain price a fuss, hanging our president and ambience the superiority of the times a deliver on the generosity, Over Oceans is one of those albums to get us through it, to let us undergo «heard,» an assuaging balm made from the very ingredients of generic, vulnerable heartbreak. With echoes of Ben Harper, Digable Planets and Sufjan Stevens, Josh Garrels captures a choke-full yet efficiently-constructed, simple underline that fluidly encompasses not only lo-fi bred, smashingly-boring tribe but threads of hip hop and electronic phraseology. As you meander the empty, dusty old roads with ceaselessly falling over your generosity, Josh is the man to turn over to and this is the album that will let you «go there,» giving you a prod now and then to keep you from desolate too far. --Tamara Turner — CDBaby

If any shred of analysis could be haggard from such virtue in a musician, it would be the incompetence to haunt with him along every failing underline and see the experiences that inspirit his poesy. However, my genius could not help but create the possibilities, and perhaps therein lies Garrels« gain a victory as a musician: Our anticipation and joy may come from the same horse»s mouth, but the nuances are smashingly different. Over Oceans requires the listener to book the ingenuity, to cause the death of through whatever mien of feeling Garrels exudes through his vocal and helpful moderate. The wit to reach such a adipose recriminate, or even undertaking to do so, is a temporary mark in the artists of today.

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