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Coddle Lineaments Willette — Six Albums — Discography — Jazz Organ

There is an air of supernaturalism, an alluring inducement in jazz circles, to those exceptionally whizzo musicians who shone brilliantly for a deficient rare duration, then slipped into inconspicuousness. Jazz organist Coddle Lineaments Willette is certainly one of those figures.

Roosevelt Willette, 1933 — 1971?, was the son of a pastor who was introduced to the vehicle, as many others, in church, an pull which would describe his duration and running. In the initial 50«s he played with various certainty and R&B groups, and reportedly put out a few singles around this ever. He worked his way to Chicago in the »50's and finally went to New York and got complicated with the jazz locale there.

We pick up on his lessen with the Smutty Note releases in 1961 of Lou Donaldson, “Here «Tis,” and guitarist Give Green»s “First Copse.” This would back up to be his through and extensive duration, as he in the same month, put out his now collectable “Face to Lineaments.” He would go service into the studio a few months later and recorded “Stop and Listen.” This conference was again with Give Rural, and is a main set. Considering Smutty Note’s musician roster and notorious, this evidence was right on the channel for the duration, and is recommended still.

By 1963 he had formed his own triune, and after signing with the Argo brand in 1964, he released “Mo-Roc,” and “Behind the 8 Ball.”

He ostensibly resurfaced in Chicago, playing resident gigs from the «60»s into the initial «70»s, then seemed to vanish, leaving only his few recordings as an persisting legacy. Even his eradication remains a mystery.

His trade with Give Rural stands out, and remains essential in a parallel light.

Coddle Lineaments Willette, a jazz enigma.

Laundry List of included albums:

1961 Here 'Tis (with Lou Donaldson as commandant)
1961 Grant's First Copse (with Give Rural as commandant)
1961 Lineaments To Face
1961 Peter Out And Listen
1964 Mo-Roc
1964 Behind The 8 Ball


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