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The Kinks were an English tor league together formed in Muswell Hill, North London, by brothers Dave Davies and Ray Davies in 1963. The Kinks, who rose to promontory during the mid — 1960s and were involvement of the British Onslaught of the US, are recognised as one of the most top-level and weighty tor groups of the era.

Their music was influenced by a extreme organize of genres, including accentuation and blues, British music lecture-theatre, populace and fatherland. Ray Davies (incline vocals, accentuation guitar) and Dave Davies (incline guitar, vocals) remained members throughout the group's 32-year run. Longest serving colleague Mick Avory (drums and percussion) was replaced by Bob Henrit formerly of Argent in 1984. Starting bassist Pete Quaife was replaced by John Dalton in 1969 and Dalton was in transform replaced by Jim Rodford in 1978. Keyboardist Nicky Hopkins accompanied the league together during studio sessions in the mid — 1960s. In 1969 keyboardist John Gosling joined the league together, making them an documented five-dressing-down, while Ian Gibbons replaced him in 1979, playing in the league together until its predestined demise.

The Kinks first came to promontory in 1964 with their third separate, «You Really Got Me», written by Ray Davies. It became an limitless hit, topping the charts in the Common Field and reaching the Top 10 in the Common States. Between the mid — 1960s and cock«s-crow 1970s, the organize released a provisions of singles and LPs most of which were critically prominent but commercial failures, and gained a notorious for songs and concept albums reflecting English refinement and lifestyle, fuelled by Ray Davies» observational book genre. Albums such as Veneer to Veneer, Something Else, The Kinks Are the Village Immature Retention Brotherhood, Arthur, Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround and Muswell Hillbillies, along with their accompanying singles, are considered among the most weighty recordings of the period

The Kinks« later phoney concept albums met with less attainment, but the league together sophisticated a increase during the most recent 1970s and cock»s-crow 1980s with albums Sleepwalker, Misfits, Low Budget, Impart the People What They Want and Formal of Mess. In ell, groups such as Van Halen, the Jam, the Capacity and the Pretenders covered their songs, plateful to as well the Kinks' document sales. In the 1990s, Britpop acts such as Efface and Sanctum cited the league together as a critical bring pressure to bear on. The Kinks hard up up in 1996, a consequence of the commercial failures of their last few albums and ingenious edginess between the Davies brothers.

The Kinks had five Top 10 singles on the US Billboard . Nine of their albums charted in the Top 40. In the UK, the organize had seventeen Top 20 singles and five Top 10 albums.[8] Four of their albums have been certified gold by the RIAA. Among numerous honours, they received the Ivor Novello Presentation for «Outstanding Advice to British Music». In 1990, their first year of eligibility, the starting four members of The Kinks were inducted into the Tor & Elapse Lecture-Theatre of Promontory, as well as the UK Music Lecture-Theatre of Promontory in November 2005

London, England

Tor, pop

Years active

Pye, Cameo, Reprise, RCA, Arista, London, MCA, Columbia, Koch, Protector, Limitless

Associated acts
Nicky Hopkins, The Mike Cotton Fit As A Fiddle, Argent, The Inception, The Kast Off Kinks


Ago members
Dave Davies
Ray Davies
Mick Avory
Pete Quaife
Nicky Hopkins
John Dalton
John Gosling
Andy Pyle
Gordon John Edwards
Jim Rodford
Ian Gibbons
Bob Henrit
Line Haley


1971 - Muswell Hillbillies [SACD] (2004 Remaster ISO)
1972 - Everybody's In Arrive-Biz [SACD] (2004 Remaster ISO)
1973 - Retention Act 1 [SACD] (2004 Remaster ISO)
1974 - Retention Act 2 )[SACD] (2004 Remaster ISO)
1975 - Schoolboys In Smear [SACD] (2004 Remaster ISO)
1975 - Soap Opera [SACD] (2004 Remaster ISO)
1976 - Low Budget (1976) (SACD-R)
1976- Celluloid Heroes [SACD] (2007 Remaster ISO)
1977 - Sleepwalker [SACD] (2004 Remaster ISO)
1978 - Misfits [SACD] (2004 Remaster ISO)
1979 - Low Budget [SACD] (2004 Remaster ISO)
1980 - One For The Avenue [SACD] (2004 Remaster ISO)
1981 - Impart The People What They Want [SACD] (2004 Remaster ISO)
1983 - Formal Of Mess [SACD] (2004 Remaster ISO)
1984s — Consultation Of Way In [SACD] (2004 Remaster ISO)
1986 - Come Dancing With The Kinks [SACD] (2004 Remaster ISO)

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