Porcupine Tree - In Absentia (Dolby Headphone) [FLAC]

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Porcupine Tree — In Absentia (Dolby Headphone) [FLAC]

Porcupine Tree — In Absentia (Dolby Headphone) [FLAC]

I'm a big music + prog stupefy fan and made this album so I can hearken it in through headphones on a carriable actor. Dolby Headphone, sometimes referred to as Non-Stationary , is a technology which creates a effective strike one mise en scene in honest-things using any set of two neck stereo headphones. The sources are all versions of the tracks ripped from the DVD-A.

Genre: Rock
Style: Reformer Rock
Release Age: January 27, 2003
Label: Lava, DTS Entertainment
Source: DVD-A 48/24 5.1 MLP
Resampler: Adobe Audition
Sample be entitled to: 44100 Hz
Bits per swatch: 16
Codec: FLAC

In Absentia is the seventh studio album by British reformer stupefy join Porcupine Tree. The album signal several changes for the join, with it being the first with new drummer Gavin Harrison and the first to rush into a more ponderous metal and reformer metal conducting, unaccommodating to days of old albums« psychedelic and pop stupefy sounds. Additionally, it was their first let go on a foremost reputation characterization, Lava Records. It was very well received critically and commercially, with it often being considered the band»s crowning accomplishment. The album has sold over 100,000 copies worldwide, which was stated to be over three times as much as any of their till albums at that point.

While not a formal concept album, many of the songs still have ordinary themes tied up to serial killers, youthful innocence gone bad, and criticisms of the fresh life. The album«s term is also tied into this, with the prepositional phrase being Latin for «in absence» or «in one»s absence», often in pertinence to a person's rights when mentally impotent to be represented in court in judicial situations. Wilson said of the term:

«It comes from... it«s tied up to some of lyrics. It»s about people on the fringes, on the edges of human race and people. I have an concerned about in serial killers, daughter molesters and chain beaters... not in what they did but in the bats of why, what caused them to become unhinged and twisted? Why are they impotent to empathize? It«s [In Absentia] combine of a figure of speech — there»s something missing, a dark dilemma, a cancer in their embodiment. It's an truancy in the embodiment.»


01. Blackest Eyes (4:26)
02. Trains (5:56)
03. Lips Of Ashes (4:39)
04. The Strike One Of Muzak (4:59)
05. Sedateness Eyelids (7:56)
06. Uniting Nails (6:34)
07. Big Spender (5:33)
08. .3 (5:26)
09. The Author Has A Mastertape (5:23)
10. Heartattack In A Layby (4:14)
11. Ribbon The Embodiment (7:22)
12. Come To An End The Unsubstantial Into Mother Earth (5:54)

Bonus Tracks:

13. Drench With Me (5:22)
14. Chloroform (7:16)
15. Bootless (6:08)



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