(Blues) Robert Pete Williams - Independent Again

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Once Upon A Time: 44:52
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Categorize: Distinction Autochthonous Blues Classics
Styles: Sticks blues
Year: 1961, CD in 2007
Art: Face

[5:00] 1. Unencumbered Again
[4:02] 2. Almost Extinct Blues
[4:47] 3. Rolling Stone
[4:48] 4. Two Wings
[5:14] 5. A Thousand Miles From Nowhere
[4:36] 6. Thumbing A Ride
[2:47] 7. I've Grown So Ugly
[5:13] 8. Finish Blues
[4:07] 9. Hobo Ill At Ease Blues
[4:13] 10. Hay Scion Song

In 1959, blues singer/guitarist Robert Pete Williams was residing in Angola Oubliette, serving a human being rap for a fit with a concrete overcoat he claimed he committed in self-defense, when he was discovered by blues researchers Harry Oster and Richard Allen. Forthwith struck by the power of Williams« blues, the set of two commenced the recordings that would appear on the collections Robert Pete Williams, Vol. 1 & 2 (including the lovely «Prisoner»s Talking Blues«). Succeeding efforts by Oster and Allen led to Williams' disseminate. No longer surrounded by the bars of Angola, the caroller initiate himself trapped instead by the finicky rules and regulations of his inharmonious parole. Thus on Unencumbered Again, the caroller walks the streets like a foreigner with finish on his dislike. »You know I patrol along and talk to myself,« he declares in »Death Blues,» remembering his confinement.

«Sometimes I have a dislike to fly this place/But they say, you know you«re doing once upon a time.» In «A Thousand Miles From Nowhere,» Williams finds himself alone on the streets of a «one horse town.» Settling down for the unendingly, he sings with a «tombstone for my pillow and the fairground for my bed.» Sitting on the roadside in «Thumbing a Deceive,» he finds that the cars just out of date him by as if he didn«t survive. Despite the unremitting, on tenterhooks relocation of Williams» guitar lines, these recordings have a stillness to them, as if the reverberation of his inconsiderate, dense mug might be the only seem for miles around. Intimately recorded by Oster himself, these ten unaccompanied guitar and vocal performances act for present oneself some of the finest of Williams» livelihood and some of the best the blues has to .

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