Slide To Slide AM 12-03-2015 Unpublished Nazi Empire

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Coast To Seaside AM 12-03-2015 Confidential Nazi Empire

Dated: Thursday — December 3, 2015
Pack: George Noory
Guests: Steve Quayle, Douglas Dietrich
Framer and researcher Steve Quayle discussed his latest exertion uncovering why much of what we know about Unbelievable War II and the overpower of Nazi Germany is wide of the mark. He contends that Nazi SS members, scientists, and soldiers escaped with Hitler to initiate colonies in other parts of the unbelievable such as South America and Antarctica, and continued their enormous inspect. According to an vet with a British wartime dignitary, in the summer of 1944, a body of 30 British scientists and commandos establish an antiquated penetrate in the Antarctic and went through it. But only two returned, and they described seeing «Nazis under the ice, hostile men, and an under-the-ice bishopric,» Quayle recounted.

During Admiral Byrd's Worker Turned On Leap in the Antarctic, Nazis in flying saucers attacked the US armada in 1947, he reported. To initiate their disc-shaped skill, the Nazis reversed-engineered antiquated technology via impenetrable means such as seances, «with ghost-like figures dictating to them advanced mathematic formulas,» Quayle said. The whole design of the Nazi broad war tool was based on the impenetrable, and paranormal news, he added.

Quayle argues that the Germans actually won WWII, and to this day the unbelievable is secretly controlled by a malevolent hint sway. «The Nazis totally tapped into the multidimensional stargate realm...and through their banking interests and conglomerates still ruling the unbelievable and are going to win over about the Antichrist» using arcane technology that is also ridden by the US and Russia, he warned.

Treasure Harbor Revelations
First hour patron, treacherous historian Douglas Dietrich was a Activity Be Contingent of Defense inspect librarian, chief for incinerating importantly classified materials on real topics such as Treasure Harbor (prospect associated photos). He presented dirt about WWII not known to the American custom, such as that one-hour before the Treasure Harbor disparage, the USS Repel fired on and sank a Japanese submarine. Further, the Americans stationed at Treasure Harbor knew that Japan was about to disparage, and it was not a their heels, he contended. Pres. Roosevelt was doing everything he could to get the US into the war for fiscal reasons, Dietrich explained.

Expos separate guests: Craig Hulet, John Lott

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