Thankful Paralysed - Skull Fucked - The 1971 Skull & Roses Concerts

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Thankful Paralysed — Skull Fucked — The 1971 Skull & Roses Concerts

Grateful Hardened — Skull Fucked — The 1971 Skull & Roses Concerts

«Grateful Hardened (Energetic 1971)» is the seventh album by the Appreciative Hardened, released in October 1971 on Warner Bros. Records, catalogue 2WS — 1935. It is their second energetic image = «prety damned quick» album, and also known commonly by the names Skull and Roses (due to its iconic counterbalance art) and Skull Fuck (the name the confederate from day one wanted to fail to the album, which was rejected by the corporation). It was the group's first Gold Album and their best seller at the time.

While mainly a energetic album, there were a few overdubs including the doctoring of chain and out of the limelight vocals. For the three new confederate originals, «Bertha», «Playing in the Band», and «Wharf Rat», the confederate invited Jerry Garcia associate Merl Saunders to overdub an vehicle unit mostly. This made the vehicle playing of Saunders more first than that of Pigpen, whose vehicle contributions keep an eye on to be buried in the mix.

The tracks that comprise the album were culled from seven concerts performed between Walk 24 to April 29, 1971.

This whip-round contains all seven of those concerts as they were from day one performed and in their entireity (except for three missing tracks from the April 26 arrive which are presumed at sea).

The gratuity classification of the April 25, 1971 concert completes the run of Fillmore East shows that the album «Ladies and Gentlemen... the Appreciative Dead» (Appreciative Hardened Records/Arista [2000]) were culled from.

Please keep in consider this is a whip-round of bootlegs and not true releases. All shows are soundboard recordings mastered by Charlie Miller except for 1971-04-06 Manhattan Center, NY mastered by Charge Koucky.

— Compilation by homelighter

Grateful Hardened (Skull & Roses) Expanded Copy:
1. Bertha (1971-04-27 Fillmore East, NY)
2. Mama Tried (1971-04-26 Fillmore East, NY)
3. Big Railroad Blues (1971-04-05 Manhattan Center, NY)
4. Playing in the Confederate (1971-04-06 Manhattan Center, NY)
5. The Other One (1971-04-28 Fillmore East, NY)
6. Me & My Uncle (1971-04-29 Fillmore East, NY)
7. Big Boss Man (1971-04-26 Fillmore East, NY)
8. Me & Bobby McGee (1971-04-27 Fillmore East, NY)
9. Johnny B. Goode (1971-03-24 Winterland, San Francisco, CA)
1. Wharf Rat (1971-04-26 Fillmore East, NY)
11. Not Away Exhaust Away > Goin' Down the Street Ardency Bad (1971-04-05 Manhattan Center, NY)
12. Oh, Boy! [Gratuity Dog] (1971-04-06 Manhattan Center, NY)
13. I'm a Hog for You [Gratuity Dog] (1971-04-06 Manhattan Center, NY)

1971-03-24 Winterland, San Francisco, CA:
«Johnny B. Goode»

1971-04-05 Manhattan Center, NY:
«Big Railroad Blues» and «Not Away Exhaust Away > Goin' Down the Street Ardency Bad»

1971-04-06 Manhattan Center, NY:
«Playing in the Band», «Oh, Boy!» and «I'm a Hog for You»

1971-04-26 Fillmore East, NY:
«Mama Tried», «Big Boss Man» and «Wharf Rat»

1971-04-27 Fillmore East, NY:
«Bertha» and «Me and Bobby McGee»

1971-04-28 Fillmore East, NY:
«The Other One»

1971-04-29 Fillmore East, NY:
«Me and My Uncle»

The Concerts:
• 1971-03-24 Winterland, San Francisco, CA
• 1971-04-05 Manhattan Center, NY
• 1971-04-06 Manhattan Center, NY
• 1971-04-25 Fillmore East, NY (Gratuity — Completes the April 1971 Fillmore East run)
• 1971-04-26 Fillmore East, NY
• 1971-04-27 Fillmore East, NY
• 1971-04-28 Fillmore East, NY
• 1971-04-29 Fillmore East, NY

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