Christopher Jaros - Nabra-Sync 4D Quality Meditation Aggregation [FLAC]

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Christopher Jaros — Nabra-Sync 4D Quality Meditation Aggregation [FLAC]

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Nabra-Sync = Genuine Brainwave Synchronization (genuine synchronization of genius waves).

Nabra-Sync is a serious concept, according to which the synchronization of cerebral hemispheres occurs by character and staunchly with the visual put, which raises perceived rosy array. If something is pleasing and soft inserted — by character leads to mitigation, mitigation or forty winks. If something is pulsating and distinct — by character stimulates the r and concentration, resulting in eg. The national of centeredness or trance.

Nabra-Sync is a way of selecting rosy and set up one array (with precise properties in rosy-aesthetical) — right for definite needs. The development in the aftermath of Nabra-Sync due to the picky and weigh group of the rosy, and its measurability lies in the contrivance of utterance. The aftermath Nabra-Sync can be cadenced by a statistical method. For example, if 9 out of 10 people is estimated (in community or for example. On a go up of — 5 to +5) recorded as «relaxation and the relief», with a colossal behave of certitude assuredly we can say that when listening — synchronization and amplification occurs in the genius waves the fluctuate corresponding to such feelings (theta). In addendum — you may settle the specialized disinterested irrespective of measurements (eg. EEG).

Using the thinking of Nabra-Sync, developed are recordings whose role is to inspire the synchronization of cerebral hemispheres in various areas of habitual biography — using genuine sounds, or valuable music. There is no need to add predefined sets of frequency to «set» the genius waves according to some theory. The aftermath of synchronization results from targeted artistic creation.

The series «4D», this spatial recordings made ​​with the sounds of features (group of top shelf); harmonized intentional rosy techniques (eg through contiguousness method based on fractal reconstruction of the sub-harmonics and reconstruction of the eerie markers creditable for array) — yield the parody of living an fabulous realism and intensity, making the aftermath Nabra-Sync is strengthened. Recordings Nabra-Sync 4D fasten where unpretentious means disappoint, or if you need additional support.

quotation libFLAC 1.2.1 20070917

Nabra-Sync Furuncle 4D 55:20
Nabra-Sync Nothing 4D 52:20
Nabra-Sync Brook 4D 47:20
Nabra-Sync Stream 4D 52:20
Nabra-Sync Use 4D 56:20
Nabra-Sync Use II 4D 50:20
Nabra-Sync Conflagration 4D 50:20
Nabra-Sync Movement 4D 48:20
Nabra-Sync Salute 4D 48:20
Nabra-Sync Ice 4D 51:20
Nabra-Sync Lake 4D 49:20
Nabra-Sync Tons 4D 54:21
Nabra-Sync Precipitation 4D 48:20
Nabra-Sync Precipitation II 4D 48:20
Nabra-Sync Precipitation III 4D 48:20
Nabra-Sync Precipitation IV 4D 52:20
Nabra-Sync Precipitation V 4D 52:20
Nabra-Sync Precipitation VI 4D 48:20
Nabra-Sync River 4D 52:20
Nabra-Sync Sea 4D 44:20
Nabra-Sync Shore 4D 45:20
Nabra-Sync Snow 4D 47:20
Nabra-Sync 4D 49:20
Nabra-Sync Sun 4D 59:20
Nabra-Sync Rumoured 4D 46:20

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