Shore To Shore AM 03-15-2015 UFOs In Circulation Intelligence and WWI Cases

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Shore To Shore AM 03-15-2015 UFOs Present-Day Word and WWI Cases

Age: Sunday — Pace 15, 2015
Hostess: Dave Schrader
Guests: William J. Birnes, Nigel Watson

In the first half, Dave Schrader (email) welcomed litt and UFO researcher, Neb Birnes, who discussed a encyclopaedic vary of UFO topics from the immensely anticipated May 5 compress bull session in Mexico, to the disclosure opine made by former Obama advisor John Podesta. Birnes also addressed Pres. Obama's brand-new comments on the Jimmy Kimmel can about UFOs. A million of presidents have brought up the subject-matter, such as Ronald Reagan talking about seeing an unexplained flair when he was flying in a skate over the Mojave Right, and Pres. Carter filing a formal UFO sighting communiqu when he was governor of Georgia. Though Obama approached the subject-matter humorously, what he conveyed-- that he was not allowed to crow about anything on the contingent on expose, rang correctly, Birnes stated.

Podesta has been an adamant exponent for unfasten administration, and believes the govt. keeps too many secrets, especially regarding UFO files, said Birnes, who added that if Hillary Clinton becomes president, Podesta may try to act upon her toward disclosure. Regarding the so-called «Roswell Slides» which are said to depict aliens and will be revealed in May, Birnes was somewhat skeptical. The move that«s been leaked shows an unfamiliar that appears somewhat insectoid in publication, which doesn»t tourney the more vulnerable About this cascade: of witnesses of the Roswell aliens, he noted.


In the latter half, pressman and UFO researcher, Nigel Watson, spoke about UFO rumors and scares of Incredible War I. Many of the incidents knotty pilots seeing unexplained insincere lights in the skies, which they tried to reflect. But one of the more electrifying cases knotty claims about the «Red Baron,» who was flying on a profession over Belgium in 1917, when he encountered a saucer-shaped flair about 130 ft. in diameter, with undulating orange lights. Presumably, the Red Baron affairs down the flair and two people escaped on the lees-- though Watson felt the veracity of this account, which emerged in 1999, was somewhat questionable.

One absorbing affair took dwelling in Turkey in 1915, when several hundred British troops were said to go up to the top of a hill, when a generous cloud came over the hill. When the cloud went away, the soldiers had disappeared. He also touched on the British airship scare of 1909, in which a tube-shaped goal was seen on the lees that red a 54 ft. lengthy gash, and a «cigar-shaped boat» was observed in the sky.


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Jimmy Kimmel asked Pres. Obama what he knows about UFOs and Close 51, when he appeared on his can this whilom Thursday cimmerian dark, but the President responded «I can't crow about anything.» More on the saga from Lee Speigel.

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