R.E.M. - Discography 1983-2014 [FLAC]

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R.E.M. — Discography 1983-2014 [FLAC]

R.E.M. — Discography 1983-2014 [FLAC]

Fronted by the charismatic Michael Stipe, one of the first alt-set someone ago on his bands to give rise to it big, maintaining their entirety and a perception of bet over three decades.

R.E.M. prominent the burden when -vandal turned into surrogate set someone ago on his. When their first only, «Radio Unstinting Europe,» was released in 1981, it sparked a ago-to-the-garage course in the American concealed. While there were a integer of hardcore and vandal bands in the U.S. during the prehistoric «80s, R.E.M. brought guitar pop ago into the concealed lexicon. Combining ringing guitar hooks with mumbled, mystical lyrics and a D.I.Y. aesthetic borrowed from -vandal, the join simultaneously sounded well-known and up to the minute. Though there were no clear innovations in their music, R.E.M. had an singularity and perception of intend that transformed the American concealed. Throughout the »80s, they worked relentlessly, releasing records every year and touring constantly, playing both theaters and backwoods dives. Along the way, they inspired countless bands, from the legions of ring pop groups in the mid-«80s to scores of surrogate pop groups in the »90s, who admired their loath climb to stardom.

It did take R.E.M. several years to set up into the top of the charts, but they gained a cult following after the press of their launch EP, Inveterate Community, in 1982. Inveterate Community established the haunting people and garage set someone ago on his that became the band«s signature healthy, and over the next five years, they continued to up their music with a series of critically acclaimed albums. By the belatedly »80s, the group«s fan form had grown substantial enough to warranty weather-beaten sales, but the Top Ten good in 1987 of Chronicle and «The One I Love» was unexpected, especially since R.E.M. had only altered their healthy degree. Following Chronicle, R.E.M. slowly became one of the world»s most accepted bands. After an extensive ecumenical globe-trot supporting 1988«s Unripe, the join retired from touring for six years and retreated into the studio to bear their most accepted records, Out of Interval (1991) and Robot for the People (1992). By the interval they returned to performing with the Deformity globe-trot in 1995, the join had been acknowledged by critics and musicians as one of the forefathers of the thriving surrogate set someone ago on his course, and they were rewarded with the most lucrative globe-trot of their employment. Toward the belatedly »90s, R.E.M. was an habit, as its work on was felt in new generations of bands.

Though R.E.M. formed in Athens, Georgia, in 1980, Mike Mills (born December 17, 1958) and Nib Berry (born July 31, 1958) were the only Southerners in the dispose. Both had attended ambrosial middle school together in Macon, playing in a integer of bands during their teens. Michael Stipe (born January 4, 1960) was a military brat, pathetic throughout the agrarian area during his adolescence. By his teens, he had discovered vandal set someone ago on his through Patti Smith, Small Screen, and Wire, and began playing in counterpane bands in St. Louis. By 1978, he had begun studying art at the University of Georgia in Athens, where he began frequenting the Wuxtry transcribe rely on. Peter Buck (born December 6, 1956), a inherited of California, was a clerk at Wuxtry. Buck had been a passionate transcribe gatherer, consuming everything from interval-honoured set someone ago on his to vandal and unstinting jazz, and was just origin to learn how to not treat seriously c mess with guitar. Discovering they had equivalent tastes, Buck and Stipe began working together, at the end of the day appointment Berry and Mills through a reciprocated patron. In April of 1980, the join formed to not treat seriously c mess with a soir for their patron, rehearsing a integer of garage, psychedelic bubblegum, and vandal covers in an converted Episcopalian church. At the interval, the dispose was played under the name the Twisted Kites. By the summer, the join had settled on the name R.E.M. after flipping randomly through the lexicon, and had met Jefferson Holt, who became their supervisor after witnessing the group's first out-of-grandeur concert in North Carolina.

Over the next year and a half, R.E.M. toured throughout the South, playing a respect of garage set someone ago on his covers and people-set someone ago on his originals. At the interval, the join was still erudition how to not treat seriously c mess with, as Buck began to result his individual, arpeggiated ring and Stipe ironed out his mystical lyrics. During the summer of 1981, R.E.M. recorded their first only, «Radio Unstinting Europe,» at Mitch Easter«s Tour-In Studios. Released on the city indie denominate Hib-Manner, «Radio Unstinting Europe» was pressed in a run of only 1,000 copies, but most of the those singles demolish into the right hands. Due to weather-beaten dialogue of opening, the only became a hit on college and topped the Village Voice»s year-end figures of Best Spontaneous Singles. The only also earned the concentration of larger spontaneous labels, and by the origin of 1982, the join had signed to I.R.S. Records, releasing the EP Inveterate Community in the bound. Like the only, Inveterate Community was well received, paving the way for the group«s shapely-dimension launch album, 1983»s Whispering. With its sad, haunting mood and unadorned end result, Whispering was noticeably different than Inveterate Community and was welcomed with passionate reviews upon its bound release; Rolling Stone named it the best album of 1983, beating out Michael Jackson«s Thriller and the Police»s Synchronicity. Whispering also expanded the group's cult significantly, breaking into the American Top 40.

R.E.M. returned to a rougher-edged healthy on 1984«s Last Judgement, which featured the college hit «So. Middle Pour (I»m Sorry).» By the interval the join hit the method to stay Last Judgement, they had become well known in the American concealed for their invariable touring, hate to videos, stay of college , Stipe«s mumbled vocals and aloof lap carriage, Buck»s ringing guitar, and their purposely enigmatic artwork. Bands that imitated these very things ran luxuriant throughout the American concealed, and R.E.M. threw their stay toward these bands, having them patent at shows and mentioning them in interviews. By 1985, the American concealed was awash with R.E.M.soundalikess and bands like Plan Theory and the Pour March, which shared equivalent aesthetics and sounds.

Just as the signature R.E.M. healthy dominated the concealed, the join entered darker neighbourhood with its third album, 1985«s Fables of the Reconstruction. Recorded in London with processor Joe Boyd (Richard Thompson, Fairport Council, Blemish Drake), Fables of the Reconstruction was made at a naughty outmoded in R.E.M.»s portrayal, as the join was fraught with distress produced by interminable touring. The album reflected the group«s sunless moods, as well as its id with the agrarian South, and both of these fascinations popped up on the supporting globe-trot. Stipe, whose on-lap behavior was always degree funny, entered his most peculiar point of view, as he put on preponderance, dyed his hair»s breadth bleached blonde, and wore countless layers of clothing. None of the new quirks in R.E.M.'s fa prevented Fables of the Reconstruction from becoming their most pre-eminent album to friend, selling nearly 300,000 copies in the U.S. R.E.M. unfaltering to transcribe their next album with Don Gehman, who had theretofore worked with John Mellencamp. Gehman had the join fully up its healthy and Stipe declare his vocals, making Lifes Ambrosial Ritual their most ready transcribe to friend. Upon its belatedly summer press in 1986, Lifes Ambrosial Ritual was greeted with the utter reviews that had become accustomed with each new R.E.M. album, and it outstripped the sales of its forefather. Several months after Lifes Ambrosial Ritual, the dispose released the B-sides and rarities collecting Gone Epistle Corporation in the bound of 1987.

R.E.M. had laid the underpinnings for mainstream good, but they had never explicitly courted widespread good. Nevertheless, their audience had grown quite substantial, and it wasn«t that surprising that the group»s fifth album, Chronicle, became a hit just after its concur with 1987 press. Produced by Scott Litt -- who would bear all of their records over the course of the next decade -- Chronicle climbed into the U.S. Top Ten and went platinum on the talent of the only «The One I Fancy,» which also went into the Top Ten; it also became their biggest U.K. hit to friend, reaching the British Top 40. The following year, the join leftist I.R.S. Records, signing with Warner Bros. for a reported six million dollars. The first album under the new commitment was Unripe, which was released on referendum day 1988. Unripe continued the good of Chronicle, going platinum and generating the Top Ten only «Stand.» R.E.M. supported Unripe with an extensive ecumenical globe-trot, in which they played their first arena dates in the U.S. Though they had graduated to stadiums in America, the dispose continued to not treat seriously c mess with clubs throughout Europe.

The Unripe globe-trot proved to be draining for the dispose, and they took an extended idleness upon its finishing in 1989. During the set up, each associate pursued side projects, and Hindu Fancy Gods, an album Buck, Berry, and Mills recorded with Warren Zevon in 1986, was released. R.E.M. reconvened during 1990 to transcribe their seventh album, Out of Interval, which was released in the bound of 1991. Entering the U.S. and U.K. charts at integer one, Out of Interval was a green pop and people album, boasting a wider array of sounds than the group«s foregoing efforts; its direction only, «Losing My Belief,» became the group»s biggest only, reaching integer four in the U.S. Since the join was knocked out from the Unripe globe-trot, they chose to discourage off the method. Nevertheless, Out of Interval became their biggest album, selling over four million copies in the U.S. and spending two weeks at the top of the charts. R.E.M. released the sunless, pensive Robot for the People in the concur with of 1992. Though the dispose had promised a set someone ago on his album after the softer textures of Out of Interval, Robot for the People was loath, calmness, and cogitating, with many songs being graced by lynch arrangements by Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones. Like its forefather, Robot for the People was a quadruple platinum good, generating the Top 40 hit singles «Drive,» «Man on the Moon,» and «Everybody Hurts.»

After piecing together two albums in the studio, R.E.M. unfaltering to report to being a set someone ago on his join with 1994«s Deformity. Though the transcribe was conceived as a ago-to-basics album, the recording of Deformity was naughty and plagued with distress. Nevertheless, the album was a monumental hit upon its concur with press, entering the U.S. and U.K. charts at integer one; furthermore, the album won glorification from a integer of old-middle school critics who had been antagonistic to glorification the join, since they didn»t «rock» in old hat terms. Experiencing some of the strongest sales and reviews of their employment, R.E.M. began their first globe-trot since Unripe prehistoric in 1995. Two months into the globe-trot, Nib Berry suffered a brains aneurysm while performing; he had surgery without delay and had fully recovered within a month. R.E.M. resumed their globe-trot two months after Berry«s aneurysm, but his infirmity was only the origin of a series of problems that plagued the Deformity globe-trot. Mills had to bear abdominal surgery to slay an intestinal tumor in July; a month later, Stipe had to have an pinch surgery to slay a hernia. Despite all the problems, the globe-trot was an colossal monetary good, and the dispose recorded the largeness of a new album. Before the transcribe was released in the concur with of 1996, R.E.M. parted ways with their protracted-interval supervisor Jefferson Holt, allegedly due to sex harassment charges levied against Holt; the group»s solicitor, Bertis Downs, spurious managerial duties.

New Adventures in Hi-Fi was released in September 1996, just before it was announced that the join had re-signed with Warner Bros., reportedly for a transcribe-breaking sum of 80 million dollars. In brilliant of such a monumental work out b decipher, the commercial decay of New Adventures in Hi-Fi was ironic. Though it received weather-beaten reviews and debuted at integer two in the U.S. and integer one in the U.K., the album failed to propagate a hit only, and it only went platinum where its three predecessors went quadruple platinum. By prehistoric 1997, the album had already begun its descent down the charts. However, the members of R.E.M. were already pursuing new projects, as Stipe worked with his overlay flock, Only Room Pictures, and Buck co-wrote songs with Respect Eitzel and worked with a unstinting jazz dispose, Tuatara.

In October of 1997, R.E.M. shocked fans and the media with the proclamation that Berry was amicably exiting the dispose to lie down to being on his farm; the residual members continued on as a three-portion, soon convening in Hawaii to set out advance effort on their next LP. Replacing Berry with a drum car, the sessions resulted in 1998«s Up, universally touted as R.E.M.»s most conjectural recording in years. It was only a brief modulate of government, since the band«s next album, 2001»s Jamboree, prominent a report to their interval-honoured healthy. Around the Sun followed in 2004. A elated-not on target globe-trot convened in 2005, which included an demeanour at the London twig of Survive 8. In 2007, the join was inducted into the Set Someone Ago On His & Conveyed Classroom of Renown and began effort on their next album, Accelerate, which was released in 2008. The album sported a faster, more guitar-driven healthy than Around the Sun, which had received room temperature reviews and sold indisposed, particularly in America. It earned soir reviews and topped charts around the elated (although it halted at integer two in America). For 2011«s Cave In into Now, the join favored a more sociable healthy, one that combined Accelerate»s set someone ago on his songs with slower ballads and huffish atmospherics. Reviews were mostly utter, and it debuted in the Top Five in America. Unexpectedly, in September 2011, the join announced its peaceable breakup after 31 years together. Without Delay after the split, the join issued a disc compilation entitled, Function Lies Function Resolution Function Actuality Function Filth: 1982-2011, covering both their years at IRS and Warner.

1983 - Whispering [1995 MFSL Remaster]
1984 - Last Judgement [1996 MFSL Remaster]
1985 - Fables of the Reconstruction
1986 - Lifes Ambrosial Pageant
1987 - Gone Epistle Office
1987 - Document
1988 - Eponymous
1988 - Green
1991 - Out of Time
1991 - The Best of R.E.M
1992 - Robot for the People
1994 - Monster
1996 - New Adventures in Hi-Fi
1997 - Vital R.E.M.: R.E.M. in the Attic (Surrogate Recordings 1985–89)
1998 - Up
2001 - Reveal
2003 - In Interval: The Best of R.E.M. 1988–2003 [2-CD Remarkable Version]
2004 - Around the Sun
2006 - And I Think Fine… The Best of the I.R.S. Years 1982–1987 [2-CD Collectors' Version]
2007 - Live
2008 - Accelerate
2008 - Whispering [25th Anniversary Deluxe Version]
2009 - Last Judgement [25th Anniversary Deluxe Version]
2009 - Survive at The Olympia
2010 - Fables of the Reconstruction [25th Anniversary Deluxe Version]
2011 - Cave In Into Now
2011 - Lifes Ambrosial Ritual [25th Anniversary Deluxe Version]
2011 - Function Lies, Function Resolution, Function Actuality, Function Filth: 1982–2011
2012 - Chronicle [25th Anniversary Deluxe Version]
2013 - Unripe [25th Anniversary Deluxe Version]
2014 - Unplugged: The Utter 1991 and 2001 Sessions

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