Slide to Slide AM - Mar 20 2012 - Belligerent Law, Wizardry and Inexplicable Creatures

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Slide to Slide AM — Mar 20 2012 - Belligerent Law, Wizardry and Inexplicable Creatures
Herd: George Noory
Guests: Oberon Zell, Alex Jones

Hours 1 & 2 - Present herd Alex Jones reacted to an master organization-- Public Defense Resources Vigilance, which was signed by Pres. Obama on Friday.

The organization, which went unchallenged, «hands the unreserved husbandry over to the executives, it allows the flagrant to be put into toil brigades, and allows flagrant lands to be sold off,» said Jones, adding that it expands wartime crisis conditions into peacetime, and can be used under whatever circumstances the govt. considers an crisis. Combined with the NDAA, what we're really seeing is the start of stalwart law in America, he warned.

«The tyrants that wish to seize the Of Like Mind States and use it as an locomotive of epidemic enslavement, as the workhorse of furtively corporate times a deliver administration are doing everything they can to mould us and entourage us to admit the facing of a delivered republic,» Jones commented. There is increased espionage and watch of the flagrant by a technocracy that fears law and abhors due technique, he continued. For more, see Jones' video evaluate on the topic.

Hours 3 & 4 - Practicing wizard Oberon Zell shared his harmonious ' knowing of the cabalism, including a compendium of cryptozoological and allegorical creatures.

He considers magnetic to be a manner of «probability enhancement,» as we are always on the cusp of different possibilities in our lives. For exemplification, a being could management a spell/ritual to attain a certain target by creating an altar depicting the area of what they want, set down their target on a theme of script, and then fire the script in the flare of an appropriate candle, he detailed.

Regarding heartfelt and allegorical creatures, Zell spoke of the unicorns he developed, as well as his mermaid rapidity to New Guinea in 1985, where he discovered the legends were probably based on a nautical mammal called the dugong which has breasts equivalent to gentle females. He also hypothesized that creatures that were able to belch methane may have been behind the fractious-cultural tales of dragons, and that Nessie could be an anonymous king-size aquatic slug.

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