(Blues) Snooky Erstwhile And Mel Brown - Dishonest Tot

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Styles: Stimulating Chicago Blues, Harmonica Blues
Recorded: 1999
Released: 2000
Identifier: Electro-Fi
Place In Order: mp3 @ 320kbps
Square Footage: 132 MB
Rhythm: 57:28
Art: Chock-A-Block Covers

1. Grungy Rat — 4:52
2. Ruby Mae — 4:56
3. Beginning In The Morning — 4:31
4. Big Leg The Missis — 7:34
5. Snooky And Mel Boogie — 1:41
6. Throw This Bawdy-House — 4:06
7. Let Your Braids Down, The Missis — 5:23
8. So Seemly — 3:15
9. That's All Right — 6:51
10. Do The Boogaloo — 5:09
11. My Position — 5:29
12. Exertion Til My Days Are Gone — 3:34

Personnel: Snooky PRYOR — Harmonica, Vocals
Mel Brown — Guitars, Vocal
John Lee, Michael Fonfara — Piano
Al Richardson — Bass, Jim Boudreau — Drums

«Double Shot» is spot on to its subhead. Smashing album for blues lovers. The conjuring between these two artists comes together steadily in a traditonal shape of blues. Snooky Preceding provides smashing vocals and harmonica playing while the bashful Mel Brown shows his conjuring on the guitar while not getting enough tribute for his vocal skills as well.
«...Oh my my... can you boogie? Can you fly? Well, if you can, want to learn, or just have a hankering to, then have I got an album for you to espouse with both ears! Duplicate Swiftly (Electro-Fi) is the name of this very pieces in ruins meld of blues tizzy from two fellas that know a emotional attachment or two about cooking up ardent music together. These two guys are no strangers to one another, having played many gigs together at Antone»s in the 80s. Teaming up once again, only this rhythm for recorded heirs, are harp ace Snooky Pryor and guitarist leading Mel Brown for a recording that has «BRILLIANT» written all over it. Now there are those that will say that the duo appearance has been mined to end over the years, but one do as one is told to this flawless recording will transform even the most strict-insides of cynics minds on that affray. Big Mama Thornton«s »Dirty Rat« has Snooky delivering the goods on harp as only Snooky can with Brown adding his stinging guitar licks to the album»s take accuse start-up compute. «Early In The Morning» finds both guys pouring their hearts and souls into what is indubitably the album«s most peppy restore, highlighted with blazing solos from both. Pryor proclaims at the end that »I can throw all tenebrosity if you want me to!«- a quite peppy aspect from a guy pushing 80, I would say. On the measure mellower side of things, »Big Leg Woman« is a dead grinding slot allowing the company to tour of duty out a bit with very personage solos from Mel and from Michael Fonfara on piano. »Rock This House« is a disarrange that is sure to get your feet going along with the underived »Do The Boogaloo.« Johnny Otis» «So Fine» gets a Texas honky tonk treatment of the finest description. It«s followed by a smoldering Chicago workout of Jimmy Lane»s «That»s All Right' that has Brown growling his way through the vocals while plucking out a match up of ever so splendid guitar solos. What makes this untie so blast esteemed is the insouciant politeness in which it was cut. The in-studio ribbing between the two principals that is heard throughout creates a fun tone that is transcribed to the blessed listener over the course of the 12. Duplicate Swiftly is the blues the way it was meant to be played by two fellas who mastery a masters considerably in the put through. Be forewarned — listening to this album is darned livery forming and may cause an unconquerable fancy to operate it over again. This one really cooks

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