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Count Basie — The Outstanding Years (4 CD)
Release Date; June 18, 1996
Recording Season: May 27, 1944 - May 14, 1945
Identifier: Jazz Archives
Contents: Mp3@320

Disc 1:

Rather than gather on studio sessions from 1937, this sacrifice combines two airchecks from the Savoy Ballroom and the Meadowbrook in New Jersey. Of course, it«s the Basie fillet in their prime with Buck Clayton as foremost trumpet, a sax part with both Lester Unsophisticated and Hershel Evans aboard, and the unmovable timing part of Freddie Country-Like, Walter Messenger, and Jo Jones every note. Add vocals from Jimmy Rushing and Billie Undermine and you»ve got a money trove of performances.


01. Moten Hang (1:57)
02. Bawl And Give The Impression It (2:25)
03. The You And Me That Used To Be (3:48 )
04. The Number Steps In (2:44)
05. They Can't Take That Away From Me (3:27)
06. I'll Always Be In Inclination With You (3:18 )
07. When My Dreamboat Come Knowledgeable In (2:28 )
08. Hang! Kin Hang! (2:03)
09. Bugle Blues (6:03)
10. I Got Timing (2:33)
Buck Clayton ,Ed Lewis, Bobby Moore (tp) George Tracking Down, Eddie Durham, Dan Lassie (tb) Earl Warren (alto,cl) Hershel Evans ,Lester Unsophisticated (significance,cl) Jack Washington (baritone,alto) Number Basie (p) Freddie Country-Like (gtr) Walter Messenger (b) Jo Jones (drums)
Jimmy Rushing (vocals on 3,7) Bilie Undermine (vocal on tracks 5.8 )

Savoy Ballroom New York June 30, 1937

11. Moten Hang (1:13)
12. One O'Clock Break (4:44)
13. I Can't Get Started (2:59)
14. A Go Into In Brown (2:53)
15. Timing In My Nursery Rhymes (2:27)
16. John's Concept (5:09)
17. Virtue Morning Blues (2:53)
18. Dinah (3:09)
Buck Clayton ,Ed Lewis,, Bobby Hicks (tps) Benny Morton, Dan Lassie(tb) Eddie Durham 9tb.electric gtr) Earl Warren (alto) Hershel Evens, Lester Unsophisticated (significance,cl)
Jack Washington (baritone,alto) Number Basie (p) Freddie Country-Like (gtr) Walter Messenger (b)
Jo Jones (drums) Jimmy Rushing (vocal on 15.17,18 ) Billie Holliday (vocal on follow 13)

The Meadowbrook Cedar Grove New Jersey 03/11/1937

Disc 2:

The Number Basie fillet got its big undermine in 1938, thanks to some sidereal primordial Decca sides and a prorogue at New York«s Pre-Eminent Door nightclub. In inside info, many give the impression the unpunctually »30s epitomize the group«s best term, a once upon a time when Basie counted such jazz giants as Lester Unsophisticated, Buck Clayton, Harry Edison, Shaky Wells, Helen Humes, and Jimmy Rushing among his ranks. Thankfully, Basie»s many studio sides from this once upon a time have been given their sonic due on worth reissues released by the Hep and Classics labels. As for rarities like announce broadcasts and alight constituents, though, the available examples are rare and often the worse for inquire clothing. The EPM identifier, then, should be commended for their series of unpunctually-«30s and primordial-»40s collections chronicling Basie's many airchecks and concert recordings. This 1938 bulk includes both, with entertaining vocals by Humes («Blues With Helen») and Rushing («Boogie Woogie Blues»), as well as several cuts brimming over with top-indent solos by Unsophisticated, Clayton, and Wells.

01. «Allez Oop» (3:58 )
02. Blues With Helen (3:38 )
03. I Ain't Got Nobody (3:59)
04. Don't Be That Way (4:05)
05. Tale Of The Wanderer (1:46)
06. Mortage Stomp (3:39)
Buck Clayton (tp), Lester Unsophisticated (cl. significance) Number Basie (p) Walter Messenger (b) Jo Jones (drums) Helen Humes (vocals on tracks 2,5)

New York 03/06/1938

07. Every Tub (5:24)
08. Tale Of The Wanderer (2:44)
09. Definite Foot Floogie (4:38 )
10. Oh, Lady Be Virtue (3:49)
11. Boogie Woogie Blues (3:18 )
12. One O'Clock Break (5:55)
13. I Let A Tale Go Out Of My Humanitarianism (4:50)
Buck Clayton, Harry Edison, Ed Lewis (tp), Dan Lassie, Benny Morton, Shaky Wells (tb) Earl Warren (alto) Hershel Evens, Lester Unsophisticated (significance) Jack Washington (baritone,alto) Number Basie (p) Freddie Country-Like (gtr) Walter Messenger (b) Jo Jones (drums) Helen Humes (vocal on follow 8 ) Jimmy Rushing (vocal on tracks 9.11.13) Charles Arrington (Get A Grip On of Ceromonies)

New York 06/08/1938

14. Ruler Attendant Stomp (3:58 )
Same but Harry James (tpt) added

Pre-Eminent Door New York 23/07/1938

15. Ruler Attendant Stomp (4:03)
Same as follow 7 New York 09/08/1938

16. I Haven't Changed A Factor (3:56)
Same as follow 7 Helen Humes (vocal New York 12/08/1938

Disc 3:


01. One O'Clock Break (1:38 )
02. Ebony Rapsody (3:13)
03. Riff Wait (3:43)
04. Darn That Fancy (4:00)
05. Take It, Pres (3:50)
06. Babe In Arms, Don't Tell On Me (3:55)
Ed Lewis, Buck Clayton, Harry Edison, Al Killian (tp) Vic Dickenson, Shaky Wells , Dan Minot (tb) Earl Warren(alto) Lester Unsophisticated, Buddy Tate (significance) Jack Washington (baritone sax ,alto) Number Basie (p) Freddie Country-Like (gtr) Walter Messenger or Abe Bolar(b) Helen Humes (vocal on tracks 4.7) Jimmy Rushing (vocal follow 6) Fred Cole (emcee) Don Redman (arr on follow 2) Eddie Durham (arr on follow 6)

Southland The Boards Boston 20/02/1940

07. If I Could Be With You One Hour Tonight (3:18 )
08. I Got Timing (5:33)
09. Do Nothin' Plow You Pick Up From Me (3:03)
10. Sent For You Yesterday (3:31)
11. Basie Boogie (2:09)
12. I've Create A New Babe In Arms (2:17)
13. Reel-A-Bye Basie (3:50)
14. Hang Chemise (3:28 )
15. Red Bank Boogie (2:17)
Ed Lewis, Joe Newman, Harry Edison, Al Killian (tp) Ted Donnelly, Eli Robinson, Louis Taylor, Shaky Wells (tb) Jimmy Powell, Earl Warren (alto) Buddy Tate,Lester Unsophisticated (significance) Rudy Rutherford(baritone ,cl) Number Basie (p) Rodney Richardson (b) Jo Jones (drum) Thelma Carpenter (vocal follow 9) Jimmy Rushing (vocal on follow 10)
Eddie Durham(arr on follow 2) Buck Clayton (arr follow 15)

Liederkranz Lobby New York 10/01/1944

16. Dinah (2:26)
17. Babe In Arms Won't You Please Come Knowledgeable In (1:41)
18. Reel-A-Bye Basie (4:51)
19. One O'Clock Break (4:28 )
Same but Illinois Jacquet (significance) replaces Lester Unsophisticated .add Freddie Country-Like (gtr) Buddy Fattening(drums) replaces Jo Jones, Jimmy Rushing (vocal on follow 17) Jimmy Mundy (arr on follow 17)

Hollywood 2/10/1944

Disc 4:

The V Discs

This bulk is of nearly the same matured to Vol 3. It features 4 disband sessions, the first of which presents the same musicians as January 1944. Harry Edison and Joe Newman carry on the mainstays of the trumpet part. Lester Unsophisticated and Buddy Tate are still the principal significance saxophonists and Shaky Wells is the lynchpin of the trombones. The evocative timing part of Freddie Country-Like, Rodney Richardson and Jo Jones is still solidly in seat. Jimmy Rushing is in there winning tend of vocals

These recordings are taken from V Discs and epitomize a troubled once upon a time for the recording enterprise racked by argument. Fortunately, such troubles have not had the slightest to all intents on on the wonderful music of Number Basie and his men. Nevertheless the coming months would bystander some impressive changes, with first Illinois Jacquet winning over Lester Young’s manage. The new start is thus already in the wings happy to bring to a swop in continuity (or perhaps rather to safeguard a continuity in swop) But the Basie get is constantly up to the piece of work in help, as sparklingly blas as ever

01. Kansas Diocese Stride (4:17)
02. Beaver Combination (3:40)
03. Circus In Timing (3:36)
04. Gee Babe In Arms, Ain't I Virtue To You? (4:04)
05. Basie Strides Again (Along Avenue C) (3:01)

Harry Edison, Al Killian, Ed Lewis Joe Newman (tpt)
Ted Donnelly, Eli Robertson, Louis Taylor Shaky Wells (tmb)
Earl Warren, Jimmy Powell (alto) Buddy Tate ,Lester Unsophisticated (significance)
Rudy Rutherford, (bs,cl) Number Basie (p) Freddie Country-Like (gtr) Rodney Richardson (b)
Jo Jones (drums) Jimmy Rushing (vocals tracks 4,6,8,9)

New York 27/5/1944

06. Harvard Blues (4:27)
Same but Illionois Jacquet(significance) replaces Lester Unsophisticated , Jesse Expenditure replaces Jo Jones New York 30/10/1944

07. Taps Miller (5:09)
08. Jimmy's Blues (3:06)
09. Take Me Reject Babe In Arms (3:15)
10. Playhouse No. 2 Stomp (5:06)
11. Just An Old Manuscript (3:30)
12. On The Heartening (3:49)
As follow 6 but Favoured Thompson(significance) replaces Illinois Jacquet , Joe Marshall (drums) replaces Jesse Expenditure New York 11/01/1945

13. Sybaritic Tide (5:43)
14. Sent For You Yesterday (2:19)
15. Jimmy's Boogie Woogie (1:54)
16. Tippin' On The Q.T. (3:43)
17. San Jose (2:46)
18. B Definite Blues (2:40)
Buck Clayton, Harry Edison,Karl Geotge ,Al Killian, Ed Lewis (tpt)
Ted Donnelly, Jay Jay Johnson Eli Robinson, Shaky Wells (tb) Number Basie (p)
Freddie Country-Like (gtr) Rodney Richardson (b) Veil Wilson (drums)
Taps Miller (vocal on follow 13) Jimmy Rushing (vocal on tracks 14.15)

New York 14/05/1945

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