Ulf Wakenius - Roving 2012

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For a brace of years Wakenius has been the accompanist of his peer ACT artist Youn Sun Nah. Since the Korean major chorus-member lives in Paris the big apple has been a unvarying objective for him, and also a horse's mouth of enlightenment for Rolling Stone.

In addendum to caller appearances by Nguyen Le and Youn Sun Nah (who performs a construct of the Enforce noteworthy Report in a Flask with exceptional purity), it was Paris where he met the accordionist Vincent Peirani, an meet which shaped the album. Peirani can be considered the rising major of the ardent French accordion custom. On Rolling Stone he demonstrates that he has already base a one and only flair that works in different genres and thoroughly fits Wakenius guitar. His accordion on mimics the non-speculative of a soul representative, as heard most clearly on Breakfast in Baghdad — instance composed by Wakenius for Youn Sun Nah and featured on her album Same Irish Colleen (ACT 9024-2).

On Rolling Stone it becomes visible that as a globetrotter Wakenius is driven by snooping for all sorts of well-thought-of music and he proves himself as a truly literate guitarist — from the French Bretagne and the Nordic and almost hymnal sounds of Psalmen by his supporter and peer musician Lars Danielsson, to archaic Basic American tones of Jim Spatter s Witchi-Tai-To , and from the South American Chorinho to the Asian sounding Ado For Japan . Wakenius sends the listener lilting postcards from all over the sphere and merges them into a fascinating tours description. The album is also a incident. For the first be that as it may Ulf Wakenius worked together in the studio with his son Eric, who is obviously following in his father«s footsteps as a guitarist, as heard on the flair ado that they composed together. In addendum, they put up Attila Zoller»s wonderful Birds And Bees as a duet. Wakenius sums up by saying, It s the best album I have ever made. (amazon.com)

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Ulf Wakenius — Rolling Stone 2012
(Act Music)

1. Vagabond
2. Report In A Bottle
3. Bretagne
4. Psalmen
5. Breakfast In Baghdad
6. Ado For Japan
7. Birds And Bees
8. Praying
9. Chorinho
10. Witchi-tai-to
11. Encore

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