Warren Haynes - 2015 - Ashes & Dust (Deluxe Printing) (HDtracks) [FLAC@96khz24bit]

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Warren Haynes — 2015 - Ashes & Dust (Deluxe Issue)

(HDtracks) [FLAC@96khz24bit]

Warren Haynes — 2015 - Ashes & Dust (Deluxe Printing) (HDtracks) [FLAC@96khz24bit]

Warren Haynes

Warren Haynes — 2015 - Ashes & Dust (Deluxe Printing) (HDtracks) [FLAC@96khz24bit]
Warren Haynes in 2015

Warren Haynes (born April 6, 1960) is an American musician, minstrel and songwriter. Haynes is best known for his m as longtime guitarist with The Allman Brothers Keep and as founding colleague of the jam keep Gov't Mule. Ancient in his employment he was a guitarist for David Allan Coe and The Dickey Betts Keep. Haynes also is known for his associations with the surviving members of the Appreciative Obsolete, including touring with Phil Lesh and Friends and The Obsolete. In over, Haynes founded and manages Knavish Teen Records.

Ashes & Dust (Deluxe Issue) (HDtracks)

Warren Haynes — 2015 - Ashes & Dust (Deluxe Printing) (HDtracks) [FLAC@96khz24bit]

Artist: Warren Haynes (Featuring Railroad Mould)
Head: Ashes & Dust (Deluxe Issue)
Make-Up: 18 × Chronologize, FLAC, Album, Remastered, 24bit 96kHz (HDtracks)
Farmer: Warren Haynes, Stefani Scamardo
Rescue Epoch: July 24, 2015
Stamp: Concord Music Group
Fashion: Rock
Duration: 1:44:38
Website: http://www.hdtracks.com/ashes-dust-deluxe-edition

Ashes & Dust is the third studio album by American musician Warren Haynes. The album was released on July 24, 2015, by Concord Music Group.

Ashes & Dust was met with broadly unequivocal reviews from music critics. Jonathan Frahm of PopMatters said, «Someone most universally known by a off the target border for his m as a rocker, Haynes shows off his Americana side in just as seamlessly mammoth a behaviour as he had any other bringing off in the days of old. In doing so, he simultaneously proves his doughtiness as a okay musician given any tenets to toy with, and that labels in the first improper might just be rather confounded.» Matt Bauer of Cry Out! said, «Overall, Ashes And Dust is undeniable lean of Warren Haynes' expansion as a songwriter and an affirmation of his continuing eminent eclecticism.»

AllMusic by Thom Jurek:
When Warren Haynes released the rocking force and certainty set Man in Travelling in 2011, it was the fulfillment of a day-dream, to make out and platter confidentially songs that reflected the ancient pull strings of those sounds on his lyrical maturing with an all-comet keep. Ashes & Dust is another side of his alibi. Growing up in Asheville, North Carolina, Haynes was equally exposed to bluegrass, mountain people music, and surroundings certainty. Their pull strings is luxuriant here, on originals and covers . He«s chosen New Jersey»s endlessly inventive roots music composite Railroad Mould this prematurely out. Haynes uses moving guitars here; they are involvement and packet of a to a great extent acoustic tapestry that can loosely be called Americana. He wrote or co-wrote eight of these 13 tunes. Among the highlights is «Company Man,» a air that«s been around for more than a decade in his own shows. It was inspired by his father»s pitiless-wrought vital spark and m experiences; though it is essentially undefeated, the song«s revelation poignantly details contend. John Skehan»s mandolin, Andy Goessling«s banjo and strummed acoustic, and Tim Carbone»s fiddle whirl around Haynes« stinging moving playtime, which adds dramatics to his emotional. The cross of Billy Edd Wheeler»s timeless «Coal Tattoo» (he«s the songwriter and visual artist who wrote «Jackson» for Johnny Bread) weds Appalachian mountain music to the moving blues with Haynes coast sneering through the banjo and mandolin. Shawn Colvin and Mickey Raphael support on the approach-impatient surroundings-beyond repair c destitute of «Wanderlust.» «Stranded in Self-Pity» is a jazzy rag blues with a honky tonk piano underscoring Haynes» wily moving guitar, Carbone«s fiddle, and Skehan»s clarinet on one«s own. One can agree the influences of Levon Leadership and T-Bone Wolk on the watch, which is only fixtures. He planned this platter confidentially seven years ago and they were both assumed to be a party to b manipulate on it. The only false step here is the cross of Fleetwood Mac»s «Gold Dust Charwoman,» with Breeding Fribble almost mimicking songwriter Stevie Nicks« r. It»s such a plain set-up that it adds purposes nothing. «Spots of Time» is the set«s longest cut at over eight minutes, co-written with Phil Lesh. It is one of two tracks here to stress drums and percussion by Marc Quiñones. It»s a loping, buoyant rocker with a sumptuous extended jazz guitar solo; it would have been right at digs in the Appreciative Dead«s catalog. Closer «Word on the Wind» is an champion update -- even reinvention -- of Southern rock; it exists in a lapse where Marshall Tucker, Non Compos Mentis Horse, and the (Joe Walsh era) James Band all fuse into one another. While Ashes & Dust doesn»t really add anything «new» to Haynes« lyrical use -- fans already knew this was here -- there are some good benchmarks: his singing has never used such a drift of dynamics before; for once he lets the air prescribe his phrase. Others are strengthen make more rigorous songwriting and arranging expertness -- especially when fleshed out by the almost innumerable creativity of Railroad Mould. Ashes & Dust is a deserving and welcome over to Haynes» catalog.

Warren Haynes — 2015 - Ashes & Dust (Deluxe Printing) (HDtracks) [FLAC@96khz24bit]

01 - Is It Me Or You — 05:15
02 - Coal Tattoo — 07:26
03 - Down In The Mouth Maiden — 07:26
04 - Entourage Man — 04:49
05 - New Year — 04:40
06 - Stranded In Self-Sympathize — 06:37
07 - Effulgence Approach — 06:00
08 - Gold Dust Charwoman (Exploit. Breeding Fribble) — 06:24
09 - Mix Down The Dust — 04:56
10 - Wanderlust — 04:50
11 - Spots Of Prematurely — 08:24
12 - Hallelujah Boulevard — 05:44
13 - Brief Conversation On The Wrap — 06:47

Deluxe Issue Perk Tracks:

14 - Entourage Man (Demo) — 04:52
15 - New Year's Eve (Demo) — 04:19
16 - Effulgence Approach (Demo) — 04:39
17 - Wanderlust (Demo) — 05:03
18 - Hallelujah Boulevard (Dynamic From Angel Orensanz Bottom 2008) — 06:27

Note: Tracks 14-18 are 48kHz@24bit recordings mastered to 96kHz@24bit


Andrew Altman — Bass (Moving), Bass (Incorruptible)
Oteil Burbridge — Bass
Tim Carbone — Fiddle
Shawn Colvin — Vocal Harmony
Andy Goessling — Banjo, Clarinet, Guitar (Acoustic), Chauvinistic Knife Guitar
Carey Harmon — Drums
Warren Haynes — Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Moving), Artist, Coast Guitar, Vocals
Breeding Fribble — Featured Artist, Artist, Vocals
Marc Quiñones — Drums, Percussion
Railroad Mould — Featured Artist, Artist
Mickey Raphael — Harmonica
Todd Sheaffer — Guitar (Acoustic), Vocal Harmony
John Skehan — Bouzouki, Mandolin, Piano

Warren Haynes — 2015 - Ashes & Dust (Deluxe Printing) (HDtracks) [FLAC@96khz24bit]

Warren Haynes — 2015 - Ashes & Dust (Deluxe Printing) (HDtracks) [FLAC@96khz24bit]

Warren Haynes — 2015 - Ashes & Dust (Deluxe Printing) (HDtracks) [FLAC@96khz24bit]

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