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This CD is 20-bit recording DDD but Big Papi has no perception if thrilling the CD preserved that inventory. Do you know? If it did not, don't stew be on cloud nine.

— Big Papi

By A Chap on October 5, 1998
Paper Music isn«t for purists, but if you»re among those of us who believe that mixing the new with the old can be agreeable for influential music, and win new audience members besides, then you might consider hearing Bobby McFerrin«s 1995 recording with the St. Paul Room Orchestra. In just out years, the artist usually known for «Don»t Stew, Be On Cloud Nine,« has made a name in the influential out of sight, perhaps most distinctly with Hush, his best-selling collaboration with cellist Yo-Yo Ma. Music witnesses McFerrin in a new r--conductor as well as vocal acrobat. He appears as soloist in only half of the recorded tracks; as John Schaefer remarks in the album«s liner notes, this is »very much a conductor«s record.» From the foothold bars of the first follow, we intuition that McFerrin has not missed his trade. Unafraid to unleash the vigour that»s in Mozart, he draws a mean, animated fulfilment of the Overture to The Wedlock of Figaro, in which we are struck by the tremendous dragoon of the piece«s many pulsating jolts. Mozart gets further honour later in the complete Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, a rather uneventful supplement to the slew of recordings available of this reprimand, which is doomed considering the sizable interest of hiatus it takes up on the CD. The only other selections in which McFerrin rests his vocal folds are the Minuetto and Finale from Stravinsky»s Pulcinella Set, and the Scherzo from Mendelssohn«s A Midsummer Night»s Illusion--both right performances of these composers at their best. Fundamentally, the non-vocal tracks are not the album«s selling points, and, admittedly, not being able to see McFerrin attitude, one wonders how many times to faithfulness him for the tough of the SPCO. Boccherini»s Menuet from Throw One«s Weight Around Be In Control Quintet No. 1, arranged for throw one»s weight around be in control orchestra, flute, and put into words, is the first we understand of McFerrin«s «instrumental vocals.» I almost felt betrayed when I heard his «second voice» sequenced a third away in the trine cross-section. So much for a «live» fulfilment. Nevertheless I was happy with the outcome. It is in the violin concerti by Vivaldi and Bach that we endorse the staggering system with which McFerrin executes ornaments, arpeggios, and other vocal feats. Among the most formidable moments are the stunningly near Alberti-like passages in the third activity of the Vivaldi, and the lengthy fortspinnung lines continuous in the Bach. Although sometimes McFerrin»s put into words does not «sing out» to the immensity that a violin might (especially in the louder and faster moments of the concerti), we can hardly call to account him for that; after all, he«s the one that has breached what we observation were inbred limitations to the vocal implement. Acrobatics aside, the most convincingly lyrical moments are in the more lyrical selections (one would even say the more «vocal» selections), viz. the mean activity of the Vivaldi, Tchaikovsky»s Andante Cantabile, and the highlight of the album, Faure«s Pavane. It is in this reprimand that McFerrin»s put into words is most suited to its r. Particularly astonishing is his ultimate note. We can hardly tell where his put into words ends and the clarinet begins; the at bottom is daring. Music breaks stereotypes, not only of what the kindly put into words can do, but of who does influential music and how it«s alleged to be done. If influential music is to have any modify on today»s agreeable breeding, it must support meeting with it. Thanks to Bobby McFerrin for doing his section. Oh, and if you were wondering what the name means, it»s a appellation used by some African musicians--whose music exists among the people, as performed, as enjoyed, as bustling--for the perception that music could be trapped and stored on --a far-out concept indeed.

Bobby McFerrin — Music (SK 64600)

Artist...............: Bobby McFerrin
Album................: Music (SK 64600)
Genre................: Classical
Origin...............: CD
Year.................: 1995
Ripper...............: EAC (Near standard operating procedure) / WEAK 3.92 & Asus CD-S520
Codec................: Liberated Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC)
Version..............: mention libFLAC 1.2.1 20070917
Quality..............: Lossless, (avg. compression: 45 %)
Channels.............: Stereo / 44100 HZ / 16 Bit


1. Bobby McFerrin — Overture to «The Wedlock of Figaro» K. 492[04:20]
2. Bobby McFerrin — Minuet from Throw One's Weight Around Be In Control Quintet No. 1 in E Prime, Op. 13 No. 5, G. 275 [Arra[03:44]
3. Bobby McFerrin — Minuetto & Finale from Pulcinella Set (Rev. 1949)[05:27]
4. Bobby McFerrin — Concerto for 2 Cellos, Throw One's Weight Around Be In Control Orchestra and Continuo in G Two-Bit, RV 531[04:09]
5. Bobby McFerrin — Concerto in C two-bit for 2 Cellos, Strings & Continuo, RV 531: I. Allegro[04:06]
6. Bobby McFerrin — Concerto in C two-bit for 2 Cellos, Strings & Continuo, RV 531: II. Largo[03:14]
7. Bobby McFerrin — Concerto in C two-bit for 2 Cellos, Strings & Continuo, RV 531: III. Allegro[03:18]
8. Bobby McFerrin — Scherzo, Op. 61 No. 1 from «A Midsummer Night's Dream»[04:30]
9. Bobby McFerrin — First Activity from Concerto for Violin, Throw One's Weight Around Be In Control Orchestra and Continuo[03:54]
10. Bobby McFerrin — Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, K. 525: I. Allegro[05:44]
11. Bobby McFerrin — Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, K. 525: II. D'amour. Andante[05:38]
12. Bobby McFerrin — Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, K. 525: III. Menuetto. Allegretto — Trine[01:55]
13. Bobby McFerrin — Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, K. 525: IV. Rondo. Allegro[04:13]
14. Bobby McFerrin — Andante Cantabile for Cello and Throw One's Weight Around Be In Control Orchestra, Op. Posthumous[06:32]

Playing Time.........: 01:00:50
Downright Size...........: 275.70 MB

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