Exivious Discography (2001 - 2013) (MP3 + FLAC) - ∞.

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Band — Exivious


Exivious Discography (2001 — 2013) (MP3 + FLAC) — ∞.
The solid of Exivious is ardent to define; it operates in a place where metal meets fusion meets propagate-dumfound and still is none of the above. The join blends a astray range of tuneful genres into a intelligible, unified solid that’s driven by the tremendous chemistry shared by the join members. The of service quartet consists of Tymon Kruidenier (ex-Cynic) and Michel Nienhuis (Dodecahedron) on guitars, Robin Zielhorst (ex-Cynic) on fretless bass and Yuma van Eekelen (ex-Blight, The New Realm) on drums.

Exivious was founded by Tymon Kruidenier as the culmination of an unlikely hallucination – to advance together two disparate genres, jazz fusion and metal, in a in the old days unexplored way. It was in 2005 that a unwavering blarney-up came together, with Tymon Kruidenier, Robin Zielhorst, Michel Nienhuis and Stef Broks (Textures). The present-day era Exivious was born.

Exivious’ critically acclaimed was released independently in 2009. The self-titled album instantly captured the ingenuity of fans and critics showing, with reviewers blarney it “a type-defining album” (Sputnikmusic.com), “an tremendous album which emanates type and skill” (Avant-gardeMetal.com) and “easily…one of the top releases of 2009” (Prog-sphere.com).

But in 2010, Tymon and Robin’s commitment to US prog metal join Cynic calculated Exivious to take a frustrate. The depart to the Collective States meant that they couldn’t cede Exivious the ease it rightful and the join went on an indistinct hiatus. A year later, though, both Tymon and Robin relinquish Cynic and moved towards the rear to the Netherlands and Exivious picked up where they left side off, but with a greater quick-wittedness of principle and vigor.

This renaissance of the join brought about a new quick-wittedness of commitment and commitment, with plans for new album releases and much touring. Unfortunately, Stef’s immersed-ease commitment to Textures led to him separation ways with Exivious. He was replaced by longtime boyfriend of the join, Yuma van Eekelen.

In 2011, Exivious played their first dominating open-air fete at Pitiless Hold-Up in Czech Republic. The following year the join joined Obscura, Father Of Custody and Gorod on their first European round. The join has received many unmitigated comments about their survive performances, often mentioning the immersive tuneful experience.

At the end of 2012, Exivious kicked off a press-funding compete for their upcoming album, Liminal. The ambition of 8,000 Euros was reached within a week and by the end of the compete, the amount cool was more than replica the ambition. Afterward, recording for Liminal kicked off in November 2012 and the album was completed in April 2013. Liminal is produced and mongrel by Tymon Kruidenier and is expected to manumit in November 2013.

Liminal draws not from tuneful influences, but from spirit itself, capturing emotions, conveying feelings and experiences in a way that of service music seldom explores. It’s speculative, genuine and most importantly, immersive, depiction the listener into a to the max of solid that is at once challenging and intriguing.

Exivious Discography (2001 — 2013) (MP3 + FLAC) — ∞.
1. Demo (2001)
2. Exivious (Demo) (2002)
3. Exivious (Immersed Extensively) (2009)
4. Liminal (2013)

Genre — Leftist Decease Metal, «Jazz-Metal»

Note: The 2 Demos are in MP3 plan (128-192kbps) and the 2 Albums are in FLAC.

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