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Gregorian Discography
1991 Gregorian Hoof It — Party 192kbps
1991 Sadisfaction — Gregorian 320Kpbs
1999 Masters Of — Gregorian — Perk Tracks 320kbps
2001 Masters_Of_Chant_Chapter_II (portuguese understanding) — Masters of 192VBRR
2001-Masters_Of_Chant_Chapter_II 256kbps
2002-Chill_Out 256kpbs
2002-Masters_Of_Chant_Chapter_III 256kpbs
2003 Gold Version [DVD-Rip] — Gregorian
2003 Masters Of — Chap.IV (Reduced Version) — Gregorian 320Kpbs
2003 Masters of . Chapter III [DVD-Rip]- Gregorian
2003-Masters_Of_Chant_IV_(Unplugged) 256kbps
2004 The Side (Precise Boulder Version) 320kpbs
2004 The Side — Gregorian 256VBR
2005 Best of Gregorian — The Masterpieces 320Kbps
2005 Complete in Prague Gregorian Perk DVD 256VBR
2006 Chapter V — Masters of 256VBR
2006 Christmas Chants — Gregorian 320kbps
2007 Chapter VI — Masters of 320kbps
Gregorian — Gold Version [DVD-Rip][2003]
Gold Edition
Enigmatic, Choral
AVI, DVD-Rip, 704x528, ABR 1724Kbps, DivX, 25fps
mp3, CBR 320Kbps, 48KHz, 2Ch
01 Still Haven’t Establish What I’m Looking for
02 Brothers In Arms
03 Tears In Heaven
04 Wish You Were Here
05 Interest Of Place
06 Hymn
07 In The Air Tonight
08 Weld Me 09 Only You
10 Sacrifice
11 Voyage, Voyage
12 The Gift
13 Traverse Over Troubled Water
14 Angels
Gregorian — Masters of . Chapter III — 10 Video Clips
Masters of . Chapter III
Enigmatic, Choral
avi, DVD-rip, xVid, 768x576, ~2000Kbts, 24fps
mp3, 320Kbts, 44.1KHz, 2Ch
01. Weld Be
02. Be
03. Impious Rumours
04. Only You
05. Titillating Monday
06. Sacrifice
07. Quaint World
08. Fields Of Gold
09. Obscene Game
10. Voyage Voyage
Outspoken Peterson was born on the 20th of December in 1963 in Geesthacht a Hamburg suburb. He was taught music theory and piano playing since he was four. He learnt to diminish synthesizer and guitar — as acoustic as electrifying in the unfledged age. But he has never had a greek training, so he always had to learn everything himself. Then he picked up arranging and undisturbed engineering.

In the beginning 80«s Outspoken applied for a job in Hamburg fund that sells music studio accoutrements. There he began working on his first demo recordings. Soon he got to know Michael Cretu and showed him his demo tapes. Michael liked them so much that he invited Peterson to Munich for cooperative travail at Evidence-Alpha-Studio. Outspoken agreed and became a keyboarder in Sandra»s platoon — Arabesque ex-chorus-boy, who had just begun her unaccompanied calling. He was often credited as Outspoken Peter at that every so often.

He got his first appreciation in 1985 when Maria Magdalena sung by Sandra went include one in charts. He continued his playing in Sandra's platoon, while he started critique music for other conspicuous singers, whose songs were on top. In 1989 Cretu got married with Sandra, and they with their platoon, including Peterson moved to Ibiza Eyot (Spain).

On Ibiza Outspoken and Michael began working at a label new estimate. The first issue was the set aside — Sadeness Into A Receive I that common the medieval supernaturalism and latest rhythms, religiousness and sexuality. It went hot on the and took the top map out positions. That means that the acknowledged was clever to up the estimate with intrigues headline of Mystery, which is unpublishable and brain-twister in Latin. It was also captivating that Sadeness was prohibited in some General countries — it was said to reproach feelings of followers. The set aside happy result (that was even sinful) surprised its creators, so Cretu and Peterson continued the travail on the coming out Mystery album. For making it more mystical and wishing to be concealed they made up the nicknames — Outspoken was F.Gregorian and Michael was Curly M.C. The headline of the album was the year of its the cosmos — 1990 written in Latin numerals — MCMCXC a.D. It's quality mentioning that The Organ & The was solely written by Outspoken. This path is inspired by a into a receive of Bible — Apocalypse. It was one of the most and alarming songs in the album. The album became platinum and gold in many countries just some months after. Some times later there were many Mystery clones, they are usually common in the Enigmatic genre.

Outspoken port side Ibiza in 1991 and moved to Hamburg: he evident to become a music manufacturer. The formal dissuade of leaving Ibiza was impossibility of working at other projects. He evident to start his calling from scratch.

Outspoken met Tomas Schwarz — a dexterous keyboarder — at his vacation in Spain and they began making a ingenious crew. Soon, Tomas invites Matthias Meissner — a virginal keyboarder who dealt with him in 1988 for a cooperative travail. These three composer and a musician as well as Frank's mate Susana Espelleta and their pal around with Michael Wehr comprises a robust ingenious crew. Their first collaborative album — Sadisfaction was inspired by the coming out album of Mystery, for event it also used sampled Gregorian .

Frank«s diminutive (Gregorian) was used as the estimate headline that is associated with Gregorian chants. They are originating from VII-IX centuries. Liturgical songs of occidental Christian churches came from Syria and Palestine and soon got widespread in Western Europe. The consultation of »Gregorian« is akin to Pope Gregory I who put the monks» songs in the collection.

Sadisfaction was obviously correspond to to Mystery, but had the more commercial knowingly (however, the Gregorian album was merely celebrated). The vocal parties were performed by Sisters of Oz and had a more pop oriented undisturbed than further Mystery. Then Once In A Lifetime set aside was released that became a cut archetype of Nemo Studio, it was sung by Sarah Brightman (in Nosedive album) and two times by Princessa (Spanish understanding for Princessa album and English understanding for I Won't Consign To Oblivion You album). Other set aside — So Sad had a outright kith to conspicuous Sadeness (even titles are in like manner), but was made in less tones. One more captivating details is that the tile of the album — Sadisfaction (not Expiation) was written with a sure misinterpret. This method was used by Peterson in Sadeness (not Melancholy!). In the former and latter letters pastime is intended — it should prompt the name of Marquise de Sade who was conspicuous for his sinful titillating novels of the belated XVIII.

For the next eight years Outspoken Peterson produced Sarah Brightman and Ofra Haza. During this every so often there was no unfetter by the name of Gregorian. Outspoken considered that the retail was oversaturated with Enigmatic music, but in 1999 he evident to impart a label new estimate with the chummy headline — Gregorian.

Masters Of — The Side
The Album
I learnt about The Side at EnigmaMusic forums just about a week after it got released. There were no reviews just a tie-in to and the path-listing that looked scaring for some people, they saw such titles as Unbeliever, Ave Satani, The End and got really frightened and evident to inform on up on Gregorian, I think they missed a lot, although I take for granted they wouldn't like it since they complained about such titles.

Anyway, I went to a music fund and bought the CD, on my walking proficient in I was intelligent how I would come have my do to excess, change into off the undemanding and would be listening to The Side laying in my bed (it was evening). I expected an ambient warm of music; Ave Satani seemed to be something like Importance Of Dear One by Mystery. I was shed weight wrong...

So, I switched off the undemanding, inserted the CD and pressed the diminish button.

The Songs
Undisturbed was coming and becoming thundering, a tune something like layered piano and guitar was saying: «Don»t want anything merry and happy'. Then, a uncompromising shed weight thundering and bit scaring organ appeared. It was Injure by Nine Inch Nail.

My Immortal
If you prove to pay attention to to latest «hits» , then I speculate you recognise this songs that was often played a year ago. I count Evanescence will pay no attention to me for my intelligent that Gregorian did it better ( sure, there wouldn«t be the Gregorian understanding of My Praised but for Evanescence). Even my woman who didn»t know anything about Gregorian didn't believe his ears when he heard it for the first every so often, he asked me if Gregorian was first to make little of this air.

The Four Horsemen
The best horse is caucasian, second horse is black…' and a one second lengthy guitar-drum unaccompanied at the end. A very vital air. Well done
A marvelous piano tune that goes through the whole air. An unforgettable songs that is written by Gregorian producers — Michael Soltau.

Where The Reckless Rosed Grow
I must receive that I didn«t consent the fresh understanding of this air by Gouge Submit & Kylie Minogue, but something told me that this one should have a female vocal. My unfamiliar climate was right. A very delightful air that makes you whistle: »She was more delightful woman...'.

Stale My Eyes Forever
«So beautiful» — I said when I heard the first chords of this air. and visionary.

Thundering drums, distorted guitars, a thriving female vocal. A robust air.

A air that seems tranquil and a just a bit dead at the dawn and then says: «No, I»m quality listening to'.

The Raven
When I heard it for the first every so often, I had only heard instumental compositions by The Alan Parsons Estimate, but at the heart of the songs I said «Damn, this is Alan Parsons!», I looked up in the credits and made sure that I was right.

Gregorian Anthem
Tranquil and almost imperceptible at the first, but soon a heavier undisturbed appears making you want to run across you flat. Then, the misterious Latin whispers appears and it transists to... Ave Satani.

Ave Satani
Oh yeah, that scaring headline. Very obstreperous undisturbed, wonderful «Ave Versus Christus» verse. Some people say that is a unmelodic air, but in details there's a tune, just obstreperous a bit, athough they emotional attachment so, I strongly believe they can imagine soemthing correspond to to it.

In The Shadows (Perk)
The details that it«s a perk air probably means that it wasn»t planned along as others songs and there were no locate for it in the album. As For Oneself, I don't like it very very much.

In conclusion, this is indeed a well-known album, it doesn«t undisturbed like the quondam ones, by the way, do you about what Outspoken Peterson said in the MOC IV booklet? And it might seem unpleasant for some people, although such people just looked at the path-listing and didn»t even inform on it a pay attention to. Yes, it«s , but it»s visionary and delightful at the same every so often. So, I exceptionally advocate it!
01 - Gregorian — Injure.mp3
02 - Gregorian — My Praised.mp3
03 - Gregorian — The Four Horsemen.mp3
04 - Gregorian — Unbeliever.mp3
05 - Gregorian — Where The Reckless Roses Grow.mp3
06 - Gregorian — Stale My Eyes Forever.mp3
07 - Gregorian — More.mp3
08 - Gregorian — Uninvited.mp3
09 - Gregorian — The Raven.mp3
10 - Gregorian — Gregorian Anthem.mp3
11 - Gregorian — Ave Satani (The Foretoken).mp3
12 - Gregorian — The End.mp3
13 - Gregorian — In The Shadows.mp3
Masters Of — Chapter I
If you review Outspoken Peterson«s (manufacturer and destroyed of Gregorian) biography, then you know that he recorded the Gregorian first album — Sadisfaction — in 1991. Soon he realized that people didn»t like his the cosmos, so he put off his fancy of blending pop-music and Gregorian chants and moreover this place was already occupied by Mystery. In 90«s he was producing such artists as Princessa, Sarah Brightman, PeCh, Ofra Hasa and many others. By the end of 90»s people got used to Gregorian chants in New-Age and pop-music, so Peterson evident to convince his fancy forsake but in a new cut. Obviously Outspoken risked a lot because nobody knew how people would proceed to such hits playing.

In 1998 Outspoken Peterson with his crew re-started the travail at Gregorian estimate. His fancy is singing the conspicuous songs of different genres in the Gregorian cut. The fancy wasn't new, since the unfetter of Sadisfaction there were many correspond to bands. They often recorded only one album and then die out. Obviously Outspoken took a lot of hazard because nobody knew how people would touched by to this way of singing the hits.

Peterson selected twelve songs that became consultation hits from 60«s to 90»s. They are boulder ballads and pop songs. Before releasing the compact disc they had a very insoluble travail at adapting the music. The first was that Gregorian chants are sung in Latin without music, but not in English. Then there was a in air set because they had to neophyte 12-fullness music to the Gregorian one with only 7 tones.

Then the compositions were re-arragned. They had to inform on a new entity and unconventional undisturbed to well-known songs. They removed intros from some songs and modified utilitarian solos in others ones. All the arrangements were made in Nemo Studio in Hamburg with using of their amazing synthesizers, sequencers and drum machines
Then, they had to view vocalists for a choir. Outspoken hired singers himself who were conspicuous seating singers in England and sung in paramount church choirs or universities, like Academy of Saint Martin, Imposing Mellifluous College, Imposing Cambridge College, Imposing Northern Mellifluous Prime and Mellifluous College of Saint Trinity. They choir members were Philip Conway, Thomas Barnard, Jeremy Birchall, Andrew Busher, Convince Honour Upon Oneself Bradbury, Timothy Holmes, Roger Langford, Gregory Moore, David Attendant Thomas è Christopher Tickner. Other members joined for a trip — Michael Dore, John Langly and Alex Mack. They sung in the best cathedrals of — London, Oxford, Cambridge, Birmingham, Nottingham, Sauthgemptone and Edinburgh. Outspoken was looking for singers who didn't only have a chaste vocal but who were also munificent to new ideas.

Choir recording was held in Nemo Studio. In the same every so often they wrote interludes for polished transitions between songs. In systematize to complete chaste undisturbed Outspoken Peterson rented an old English church that had been re- for a recording studio, so the choir sang in chummy conditions with the only refusal that they listened the recorded music in headphones. Considering that the studio mood was a bit chill because there were many accoutrements and singers wouldn't be in a individual feeling clever Peterson ordered to undemanding two hundred candles.

It took a year to compact disc the first album of the new Peterson's estimate. A lot of readies was exhausted, but that was quality it. Outspoken Peterson showed the Gregorian in a new cut and gave a new like to well-known compositions. The greatest fancy was to mix two things that seemed jarring — medieval chants and latest music. It took a lot of efforts and every so often, but the issue was well-known, we got a label new estimate that got paramount appreciation soon.

The Masters Of album was released at the end of 1999 and went top in charts in many countries. It had more than a million copies sold and it became platinum and gold in Germany, Norway, Belgium, Australia and many other countries. The album had a well-known happy result, so Gregorian evident to impart a trip across Europe that started in the February of 2000. All the surroundings, the presence of the musicians should put people in a individual feeling clever. The concerts took locate in churches with 2000 listeners favoured. They achieved a well-known atmosphere; some people even regard that they were physical monks
The celebrated trip attracted people to the album and Edel — the partnership that published Gregorian — released a new understanding of Masters Of Chants in the October 2000 with two new tracks — I Still Haven«t Establish What I»m Looking For (U2) and Protect A Devotion (Duran Duran). At the dawn of 2001 they made a video album Masters Of In Santiago De Compostela that was released at DVD and VHS. They filmed 10 video clips for it in a reduced municipality in the Northern into a receive of Spain Santiago De Compostela where the fraternity of Saint Jacob (Christ follower) was kept.

01 - Gregorian — Brothers In Arms.mp3
02 - Gregorian — Scarborough Fair.mp3
03 - Gregorian — Tears In Heaven.mp3
04 - Gregorian — Still I'm Sad.mp3
05 - Gregorian — When A Man Loves A Woman.mp3
06 - Gregorian — Nothing Else Matters.mp3
07 - Gregorian — Servant to Grey.mp3
08 - Gregorian — Losing My Religion.mp3
09 - Gregorian — Vienna.mp3
10 - Gregorian — The Undisturbed Of Silence.mp3
11 - Gregorian — Sebastian.mp3
12 - Gregorian — Don't Inform On Up.mp3
13 - Gregorian — Protect A Devotion.mp3
14 - Gregorian — I Still Haven't Establish What I Am Looking For ( Emend).mp3
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