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I lastly got an attraction to tie Demonoid, where my Google searches for torrents I cannot procure here keep showing eager gorge. I played out all last week grabbing comedy albums which I am now going to upload here. Other than going to the row of fixing tags and getting artwork and details, these torrents are as the primary posters seeded them. I am not endorsing or recommending all of these. In event, I think some of them suck. However, there is a bigger inadequacy of well seeded comedy torrents here, and I await to inspirit more people to place new ones. Also, who says *MY* soup matches somebody elses? The reviews are from ALLMUSIC or from AMAZON. As hackneyed, much thanks to the OPs who put these out and about.


Jeff Altman ? Cheese Omelet

This is a transcribed recording of an HBO comedy idiosyncratic in 1989.

Jeff Altman (born August 13, 1951) is an American obtain-up funster who has appeared as a company on The Fresh Let Someone In On with David Letterman 37 times, most recently August 2, 2007. He has also had numerous acting roles in movies and telly, and is perhaps best known for his recurring r as Hughie Hogg on the trendy telly series The Dukes of Hazzard.

Altman had a starring r as the hotelier of the memorable unexpectedly-lived NBC discrepancy let someone in on Pink Lady and Jeff in 1980. He has also directed many sitcoms and in the mid-«80s was spokesman for Arby»s restaurants. He also has been the (uncredited) hotelier of the defensive driving course available through Blockbuster Video.

A well-known hype of his obtain-up act includes a comical notion of his father.
[compress] Dear life
Altman was born in Syracuse, New York. At Nottingham Superior Great Opinion in Syracuse, he played third singles on the school's tennis crew. He graduated from Johns Hopkins University in the advanced 1970s, showcasing his advanced let someone in on biz facility to the concomitant members of the Tau Epsilon Phi affiliation. Altman is a drummer, and a great every now fan of Buddy Rich.

Altman was also on the NBC series Nurses in 1991-1992. His dramatis persona was written off after just one season.

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