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Lewis Allan «Lou» Reed is an American disconcert musician best known as the guitarist, thrush and ranking songwriter of The Velvet Alternative as well as a famous unaccompanied artist whose pursuit has spanned several decades. The party gained little mainstream regard during their pursuit, but became one of the most prestigious of their era. As the Velvet Underground's first songwriter, Reed analyzed subjects of unfriendly circumstance that seldom had been examined so unreservedly in disconcert and somerset, including a breed of carnal topics and medication good breeding and use. As a guitarist, he was a develop of many guitar effects including distortion, ripe capacity feedback, and nonstandard tunings.

Reed began a extensive and eclectic unaccompanied pursuit in 1971. He had a hit the following year with «Walk on the Move Side», though for more than a decade he seemed to wilfully elude the mainstream commercial triumph its map importance offered him. One of rock«s most evaporative personalities, Reed»s line as a unaccompanied artist has frustrated critics wishing for a put back of The Velvet Alternative. The most great example is 1975's atrocious twice LP of recorded feedback loops, Metal Gismo Music, upon which Reed later commented: «No one is imagined to be able to do a inanimate object like that and survive.» By the recent 1980s, however, he had garnered cognizance as an pre-eminent statesman of disconcert.

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