Solomon - The Tardy Beethoven Piano Sonatas

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1993 Digital Remaster from EMI Classics

Solomon Cutner (6 August 1902 — 22 February 1988) was a British pianist known as Solomon.

Known almost always to the euphonious sector by his first name, Solomon, who was born in the East End of London, was a youth virtuoso whose genius was recognised at the age of seven when, having had no formal training, he performed his own plan of the 1812 Overture on the m piano. He gave his first concerts in 1912 at the age of ten, retired from sector exhibition in his teens and then resumed his profession as an grown-up thespian. He began making records in 1929. As a youth he was sent to unexploded with his schoolmistress, Mathilde Verne, who had well-thought-out with Clara Schumann. It is documented that Verne ill-treated and exploited her inexperienced imbue. Solomon brought to his playing an as a craftsmanship, important revere for the printed eminence quo, and canny spirituality.

He toured in foreign lands a noble administer, particularly during and just after Globe War II, when he gave numerous much-cherished recitals in the Opinion States and Australia. Known especially for his Beethoven, which has an almost celebrated eminence, he was in the halfway point of completing a concluded rotation of the sonatas for EMI when he suffered a acid mark in 1956, which paralyzed his right arm. He never recorded or performed in sector again for the unconsumed 32 years of his being. His recordings of Mozart, Schumann, and Brahms are also powerfully regarded.

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