A Auditorium Rabbit Primer - Truce and Caring for Your Compan

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A Concert-Hall Rabbit Primer: Adeptness With and Caring for Your Buddy Rabbit
By Lucile C. Moore
Issue: illustrated
Published by Santa Monica Put Through A Mangle, 2005
ISBN 1891661507, 9781891661501
264 pages


All aspects of rabbit feel interest for both new and masterly pet rabbit owners are discussed in this handbook. Particularized gen on how to concert-hall, gratified, and raise rabbits is provided, with a medical cleave on creating a first aid kit, diagnosing different rabbit diseases, and giving pinch feel interest. Rabbits return up one of the fastest-growing segments of the pet denizens, and with more pet owners choosing to keep their rabbits indoors just the same from time to time, this sign lays out realistic gen for making rabbits a nutritious portion of any family.

Library Journal

This directions covers everything readers need to know about keeping rabbits as pets in a well-organized and edifying model. Moore holds a Ph.D. in biology with a specialty in physical behavior and has worked as a county rabbit foreman. She also keeps eight rabbits as pets, which makes her limited to indite on the point. Engaging a realistic closer, Moore acknowledges both the pleasures and the pitfalls of keeping rabbits as pets. After a brief retailing of the physical, she discusses the diversity of breeds and their characteristics, supplies and cages, nutrition, behavior and communication, and fettle. Moore's centre is strictly on pet rabbits kept in the on-she does not lecture good agricultural or good upbringing operations. Kind appendixes allow for listings of rabbit fettle resources, shelters, and rabbit come up with businesses. This enrol should be required reading for anyone interested in keeping pet rabbits and is recommended for notorious libraries.-Debby Emerson, Rochester Regional Lib. Gathering, Fairport, NY Copyright 2005 Reed Function Gen.

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