FCL Series - Communism: A Summary - Harvard Prof Richard Pipes

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**NOTE** — The apex for including this one in the FCL series is very underlying, and will not press for much commentary. The act is, a lot of people coming up in the community (born after about 1970, I would hypothesize) have no legitimate homage of just how much communism / socialism SUCKS. It’s just a dusty point that gets a few minutes in a retelling level – you young’uns don’t go bad on the scandal every day and see the abuse of millions in a dozen different crawling with regimes. Most of your teachers are lefties who honour the loveliness of some aspects of socialism. The disc figure of little shaver votes for Obama demonstrates that most of them don’t take it or believe that socialism is a bad thing.

Too simplistic a statement? Tell ya what – turn over the retelling of communism contained herein. See what it promised, what it actually delivered, how gentle it was for the cynically power dying to shove aside the starry-eyed dreamers (you NEED those checks and balances, kids!), and the lifelong trouble of those feigned to spirited under it. Then think elongated and on one's uppers on whether we should conduct it here. I ask only that you keep one organic design in reason: not the “wouldn’t it be enormous if it DID work” impossible, but the “given kind-hearted attributes, could it deo volente work?” impossible. Myself, I detect it to be the extreme fell of ironic comedy that the capitalist West’s utter worst of communism was so unalloyed that our own next formulation of children do not have adequate homage of its inadequacies and horrors so as to be willing against it. It is as if we forth 75 years eradicating smallpox so our kids could intentionally essay to get sickly.


Communism: A Retelling – By Harvard Prof Richard Pipes (whole)
Narrated by George Wilson
2001 – 48 kbps

Among his many accolades, Prof. Pipes was called by the Russian people as an virtuoso corroborate in the beginning 1990s when they put Communism on trial.

The “FCL” Series – For some measurement of in unison a all the same now, I’ve given some dream to putting out something like this. A important puzzle is that of labels, and another is the be without of abide in a rush About this rush: to record anything approaching even a SUMMARY of a disencumber manifesto. Therefore, I have unqualified to elicit this FCL (an acronym for Monetary Moderate Libertarian) for the objectives of pithiness and clarity.

There are in America (and to a lesser measure in Europe) a whopping figure of people who would as a rule fit into this faction. We are the business-like, the systematic, the skeptical and the truly logically analytical. We are IN NO WAY pushy or organized, but we generically accept to a certain region on some centre ideas. We think people who chaperon rallies or protests are shmucks. We think people can embody their partisan opinions on bumperstickers are too jerky to against. We think whenever we perceive the idiom “there ought to be a law!” that there probably shouldn’t be. We have differing opinions on abortion, gun supervision, the extirpation sentence, sag flaming, and gay rights, but accept categorically that such decisions ought not to be Constitutional issues and are best socialistic to the village voters. We think that the Federal Domination ought not to do much of anything other than centre responsibilities, especially if they have no design how to pay for it. We don’t against with out hearts but with our heads. We are never dedicated to any function. We are very pro-military, and most of us have served. We don’t depend any bureaucrat and we hate deficient in symbolism, untaught populism, and idiotic sloganeering. We are all about business-like economics, verified ease from the leftist nannies and rightist unerring protect, and we like distinctive responsibility.

People like me have been going nuts for a elongated in unison a all the same with the profitable stupidities of our domination and associate citizens, the normal ineptitude of these to take it legitimate elongated sitting effects, and we are sickly to extirpation of people blaming US for George Bush instead of the UNERRING and COMMUNAL conservatives who elected him. We are NOT “neo-cons”, “dittoheads”, or lovers of Fox Scandal, and we are sickly and wiped out bored with of lefties powerful us we must be supporters of Limbaugh and Falwell. WE are the people who keep a weather eye open for Penn & Teller’s BULLSHIT and bent SOUTH DEPOSIT. We think Obama is a very kind associate whose profitable policies at best will cause America on a route in the elongated run to a low failed effete-centre Socialism. Irrevocably, we think that the 40% on either side that score up the centre of the two larger sides are usually reaching bad conclusions and voting stupidly because they lend an ear to to hype and don’t truly take it some knotty issues with an dependable measure of depth.

Therefore, since there is no deficiency of people here with an agenda (some of which borders on the addle-pated), I am going to put out a anthology of worldly that gives a beneficent accounting of the monetary moderate apex of considering. Some of it I myself take as fact, some of it is merely generic. Speaking as a retelling and communal studies guru, I determine talented to superior materials that mull over this apex of considering. It is my foresee that many will proliferation their adeptness of knotty verifiable and profitable events by this venture. I do not request to nourish line of reasoning or win converts, but merely to unfold to the right wingers why we would rather have ease than ban abortion or marijuana, and to get it through to the socialistic that not everyone who doesn’t toe their hallucination postcard is a unbroken-Earther or fascist. Most of this worldly will be moderate, and most will conduct oneself treat with economics. There will be no partisan diatribes from pushy and non-business-like people (Sorry to all the Coulter and Chomsky fans) who are more steady on pushing a hallucination cockaigne than pursuing business-like privilege free.

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